Thursday, July 28, 2011

A return to Swap-Bot

So the bad news is I'm sick, well, actually I've been sick since last Friday which makes it six days of feeling rather sick.

I finally went to the doctor today and he confirmed that my illness was some kind of infectious throat infection and that I should take antibiotics and stay at home for the next couple of days to recover.


I really don't want to be sick - I have too much to do both at work and in my life in general but sometimes your body says STOP and you have to listen to it I suppose.

Moving right along, in today's post I wanted to share with you some recent swap-bot goodies. I am usually more of a Craftster Swap kind of girl - but I have been reading some good things online about Swap-Bot so I thought I'd give it another go and I was very plesantly surprised!

Here are the goodies from two of the swaps I have done recently, firstly a Kawaii Swap. If you didn't already know - I am kind of Hello Kitty crazy - so my partner made a Kitty themed Kawaii package.

My favourite recent swap package, however, has to be the cupcake swap package!
I am especially in love with this package because of this magnet - I love creepy cute and think this is just so amazing. It makes me giggle a little each time I go to open the fridge.

Also - I am rather in love with this little Hello Kitty Cupcake Lolly Tin - I actually have a few Hello Kitty/Sanrio lolly tins from my time in Taipei (which I need a way to display - suggestions?) but nothing like this - its a welcome addition to the collection.

Here's a photo of the lollies that were inside - not sure how well you can see them but they are tiny cupcakes and they smell divine - like vanilla. However, they kind of don't taste like anything - actually they do taste a bit like those hard lollies that lolly necklaces are made from.
Any other fans of swaps out there? Anyone else been swapping on swap-bot or Craftster?


Julia said...

Yay for new goodies, they're super cute!
Hope you feel better soon xo

Unknown said...

oh noo :( i hope you feel better soon!!
but you do have some lovely goodies there! :D
Rosie xo

Meghan Edge said...

Nice swap. I think that you call candy lollies is the cutest thing. I wish I could start doing that. Maybe start a trend of cute NZ slang in America.

cb said...

oh no! i hope you get better soon!!

i love hello kitty! i grew up with it and it is still my favorite. i really want a new wallet from them <3


Kendy P said...

I stay away from SwapBot - or at least I try. It is too much drama at times! You got cute stuff though!

Trees said...

Thanks for all your well wishes - at home again today. Lets hope I can say goodbye to the bug once & for all over the weekend!

Meg - Funny you should say that, when we lived in Korea our friends son came and visited from the US. He loved out slag and told us when he got back to US he was going to use it in his everyday speech to confuse everyone ^^

Cb - I am a Hello Kitty Junkie ^^ Some much cuteness, I currently have a Kuromi wallet I bought in Japan. Occassionally when I bring it out in a store its met with a *squee* and an OMG where did you get your amazing wallet!

Missmuffcake - Agreed. Sometimes I love swap-bot and sometimes I don't and it makes me crazy. But the last few packages have been pretty rad. Long may it last!

Anonymous said...

i used to do swap bot, this totally makes me want to get back into it! i adore hello kitty! :) :)

racheljohnson said...

Thanks for writing about Swap-bot! (I'm the site's admin.) I love the cupcake magnet!!