Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's the most anticipated day of the week again......

because it's Tuesday - which is Weight Watchers which means weigh in day.......

With being sick and all - and only getting to the gym twice this week - I don't think I will lose the 1kg I was hoping for this week. If I lose one more Kg I would have lost 5kgs since I started going which would have been nice. But that's ok - I'm sure I would have lost something!

Rich is about to disappear for a few weeks - his industry project is due in two weeks which is bound to mean that he will be spending a lot of late nights at the computer labs this week and next week "sigh". Not to worry it's only for a couple of weeks then things will be back to normal.

My auctions on trade-me seem to be going pretty well - ok actually one of my auctions is going well - the other hasn't got any bids yet!! The top I put on there has already gone over the reserve - but no bids on the dress yet. Rich assures me though that quite often all the bidding action happens in the last few days (my auctions don't close till this Sunday) so will see what happens closer to the end of the auction.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Now not only has the sidebar moved to the bottom for what ever reason - the links which allow you guys - the readers of my blog - to leave a comment after each post - have dissapeared from my two most recent posts! Who only knows what may disappear next? I guess the important thing is that you can read my entries - hopefully I can sort it all out soon.

I saw "Walk the Line" finally last night - damn that was a good film - as good as everybody has been saying!

Well off to work..."Tell me why, I don't like Mondays" (It's a line from a Boomtown Rats song for those of you who don't know).

Sunday, February 26, 2006

How Domestic - ew!!

I hate buying things for our house - even if it's stuff we need. There's just something far too grown up about buying stuff for the house. Today we went and bought not only a blender - but also some tea towels - my God - how boring and grow up!

Tonight we have decided to go out on a "Date" - seen as we have hardly done anything all weekend with me feeling sick.

I have to say though it's hard to find things I can actually eat out when I go out seen as I am doing Weight Watchers - I guess it's one of those things that you get more used to over time as you learn more and more how much points everything is worth.

Anyway - Rich and I have decided to go to Coyote - yes they do have lots of high fat Mexican type stuff - but they also seem to have some good food - like warm chicken salad - so we are going to go there.

After dinner have decided to go to the movies - we are finally going to see "Walk the Line" - I have been waiting forever to see this film! I wanted to see it as soon as it came out but then the Fringe Festival came along and most of my nights were taken up with plays and other Fringe type things!

Sunday Sunday

I'm still feeling a bit dodgy - and unfortunatly because of that I missed both Annabel's and Jamiee's parties last night which is not cool:( Rich has suggested that maybe I am low on iron and that's why I have been feeling so tired and dizzy these past few days - so will go to town today and buy some more iron tablets to see if that makes me feel any better because I seriously have to go to work tommorrow - so much to do.

Today has been pretty uneventful so far - Rich & I sold out juicer on Trade Me and we are just waitng for the lady who bought it to come and pick it up - she said she would come some time this morning and get it - well it's 5 minutes to 12 and she's still not here - so starting to get a bit sick of waiting!!

I've decided to put some of my old clothes on trade me - the ones that are now too big for me - got the idea from the weight watchers magazine - I'm not expecting to get much for them but it's better than nothing!

If and when this lady turns up - we are going shopping I think - for a blender - with the money we are going to get for the juicer.

The blog is still acting totally crazy with the profile in the completely wrong place - EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! Rich can't work it out either - I'll ask Ross to help me if he comes over this week - unless any of my other computer minded friends want to make an offer to come and help me?

Friday, February 24, 2006

It's my baby brother's birthday today

I can hardly believe that my younger brother Josh is 20 today - that makes me feel incredibly old (especially considering he is not my youngest brother!).

Apparently he is going out with the family for tea somewhere in Hawera tommorrow (I can't imagine WHERE they are going out for tea in Hawera - any Naki readers have any ideas?) so I guess he will be having a big night on the booze tonight.

I sent him a text to say "Happy Birthday" but didn't get anything back - but that's not surprising.....

I'm still feeling sick - but I have been on the internet for a while now - managed to buy a few clothes offline for work for the new season - where would my work wardrobe be without Ezibuy.


I just made a post a moment ago - and when I published it I found that the sidebar is now at the bottom - not at the top! WHAT IS ALL THAT ABOUT!!!

I'll have to wait for Rich to come home and try and fix this up for me - Yah for Rich!


So I had to cancel going to see Heavenly Burlesque last night as I was feeling sick:(

I think I will have to put my weekend plans on hold as well - looks like it may be a weekend of DVD watching for me:(

I have no sick leave at work which is a bit of a bummer but I seriously needed to take today off as I am not feeling well.

I've just been sleeping, reading and cruising the internet today.....at least the cruising the internet gave me a chance to find a book for bookclub next month from www.fishpond.co.nz

The theme for next month is 1980's and I figure what's more 80's for New Zealand than the whole nuclear debate, so this is the book I choose -


Hopefully it arrives in time for me to finish reading it for bookclub!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


My gym has finally re-opened - It's very flash too!! It's so light and modern - with awesome views of the city. So now you can do your cardio thing and check out an awesome view - it's great!! Plus I feel so much better because I went to the gym last night - I slept a lot better as well:)

We are going to a play type thing tonight at Paramount - it's called "Heavenly Burlesque" - I imagine it's in a sort of Moulin Rouge style - but it is at the Fringe Festival so it could just about be anything! He's the description off the Paramount site anyways -

"What:Enter the seductive world of Burlesque Circus, Dance and Cabaret, showcasing over 100 artists from New Zealand and overseas. Heavenly Burlesque transforms The Paramount into a world of live original performance and music limited to 3 weekends only.

How:The performance world explodes with wild, fruity, ideas, dreams and images that collide and captivate. Reinvestigating Burlesque allows for an exploration and playing with ideas of "body politics" - sex, gender, courtship, media imagery, and social/ cultural expectations.

Where:Once through the front doors the journey into elaborate worlds of performance begins. Firstly in the Bar / cafe' area the audience will encounter installations, music and theatrical antics, then the cabaret show starts as doors open to the main stage which will host an incredible line up of amazing acts incorporating dance, circus, comedy, music and contributions from the best of the fringe. Short sharp acts no longer than 10 minutes means the show is a thrilling roller coaster ride that guarantees something for everyone! When the main stage show ends the party is just beginning in the bar with bands and DJ's till late. All included in the ticket price! A complete festival experience in the one location. Heavenly Burlesque has it all!

Extravaganza !!!."

I saw the apparently super offensive episode of Southpark last night - I wasn't actually that offended by it - it didn't seem more offensive than other episodes of Southpark. Maybe it's just me?


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rich's Exciting News

Rich made a music video for a band called The Greenmatics as part of his course, after the assignment had been marked he finished off the music video and sent it to the band - who loved it!! So now they are going to be using Rich's music video for the promotion of their song!! Check out The Greenmatics website -


Also - last night at Weight Watchers wasn't too bad - I lost 800 grams - not as impressive as other weeks but ok. On the upside it means in the last 3 weeks I have lost 4kgs - which is pretty good:) This week I am back to the gym (it opened yesterday) so I am going to see if I can break the 5kg mark next week.

It's my brother birthday on Friday - I can hardly believe he's going to be 20 - freaks me out a little - I guess it just seems so weird because there is such a big age gap between us I feel old!! Anyways I am off to get him a drinking themed present (The only interest I kne he has is drinking) at lunch time.

Well running late today so better move my but and get ready for work!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weigh In Day

It's weigh in day today - seriously not looking foward to it as the gym is closed all week so the only exercise I have had has been walking and had a couple of slip ups with food this week.

I know I did do around the bays which is good - but normally do 1 hour of cardio 5 days a week so I have not had my usual exercise this week!

I guess if I expect the worse I may be surprised?

I'm not expecting anything as flash as the last two weeks anyways!

Monday, February 20, 2006


I thought that Bitchcraft was on Sunday night - but I was wrong - it was in fact on Saturday and I completely missed out:( I guess it will be on again in a month or so but I love bitchcraft and hate missing it.

I guess being positive it would have saved me some money not going to bitchcraft, plus I think I maybe had heatstroke yesterday? I was feeling a bit tired after around the bays - but then I was feeling a bit sick and had to have an afternoon nap!! I am so not the sort of person to have afternoon naps.

Ross is coming over tonight - and we are going to watch "Metropolis" - it's a very old silent sci fi German film. Rich and I have actually seen it before at a film festival but Ross is keen as a bean to watch it so we don't mind watching it again. It's a really good film - it's a Sci fi film that I actually like so it has to be good!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

School Reunion Dinner

Well - ok it's not exactly a school reunion dinner - but three of my friends from my house school posse where there so that's close enough:) Sarah had come down to visit from Auckland and of course Jo and Nats live in Wellington but not in the central city like us.

Anyway - it was pretty cool to catch up on the old New Plymouth Girls High School Days - seveth form was such a long time ago now!!

Anyways - he's a few of the photos I took.


This morning I did Around The Bays - I managed to finish in a little over 1 hour 30 minutes - which was pretty good. Although I'm actually feeling quite tired now - I think it may have actually had more to do with the sun then the length of the walk - there we so many people doing the walk which was pretty cool.

Well I think I might sign off for now and just chill out for the rest of the day - although - we are going to Bitchcraft a bit later on today.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

32 Flavours

I am so glad I did actually go out and see "32 Flavours" last night - it was such and awesome show - but very random. Basically based around four characters living in a flat above an ice cream shop - but there were heaps of just random and funny moments. Although the manly, rugby, bloke character was from the Naki - argh!! I think Ross may have found that bit especially funny!!

We also got free ice cream at the play - I had a lemon gelato - it was so good - but I hope it wasn't worth too many points.....I'm a bit worried about Tuesday as it is because I haven't been able to go to the gym at all this past week - so if I lose none/only a little bit of weight this week - I will try not to be too disappointed:(

After the play we went to hang out at Expressoholic - which was cool - I haven't been there for a while and it's basically the first cafe I "found" when I moved to Wellington.

Ross and I are going to the "Fricnic" today - which sounds like it will be very cool -

"An afternoon for those who love free entertainment, free happiness and sunshine. Our special guest presenters are, Jerome Chandrahasen (2004 RAW Comedy Quest Winner) and accomplished Matiaha Paku"

Yah - I love the Fringe!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

No Raybon for us:(

As it turns out - we couldn't get tickets to see Raybon Kan - they were all sold out already....

But not all is loss!! We are going to check out another play at the Fringe Festival - it's called "32 Flavours" and it's on at BATS!

I got a description about the play from the BATS website - sounds quite interesting......

"Ice-cream, escapism and stolen panties. 32 Flavours combines a Rum and Raisin accounting student, a Vanilla construction worker and a Gold Rush ice-cream seller who are negotiating their identities in a world where we play different roles for different people. Gender, occupation, family, status and money expose different Flavours within these flatmates."

Hopefully it will be a good night out - it starts at 9:30 - so I will be home a bit later then I wanted to be........but I will survive!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Around the Bays

Jess and I signed up for around the bays yesterday - I've never done anything like that before so it's quite exciting - good views too apparently:) I'm number 3318. Nankz is going to join us as well and maybe Rich depending on how he feels on Saturday (he's working at the shop on Saturday so I guess if it's too busy and he gets too tired he won't come along).

I've also been invited to a South American Fiesta themed party next weekend - I'll have to sort out a costume - I might go to a costume shop and rent a costume this time rather than seein what I can throw together from around home.

I'm also going to see Raybon Kan on Friday after work with some workmates:) The should be wicked - I haven't seen a stand up comediene in so long!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm sorry I couldn't resist the picture - my Hoff obssession is tradgic - my friend Conor asked how long it would be until I bought Rich a pair of red speedos and asked him to run towards me in slow motion.....

The Valentines day did not go according to plan for us - largely due to our friend the Wellington weather - rain again!!

But Rich did make me a lovely dinner and bought me a red rose and a paua pendant - very cute:)

After dinner we tried to go for a walk - but it rained again!! Argh!! So much for exercise (seen as the gym is closed) and romance!

But we have decided to go for a weekend away in Picton in April when Rich's course is all done so decided to spend the night planning that instead - which was pretty fun - neither of us has actually been to the South Island before which is a bit of a sad (especially seen as Rich has been to Kenya, USA and UK - but no South Island!).

Picton actually looks like a cool little place - I want to swim with Dolphins, cruise the sounds and go on lots of walks:)

Also good night from Weight Watchers last night - I am now another 1.4 kgs lighter!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Martha's coming home!!

I just got an e-mail from my friend Martha to tell me she is coming home from Japan (where she is nannying at the moment) in early April - yah! She is going to be living in Manukau with her mum and dad - but that's ok - I can always fly up and see her. She also told me my blog was very cool - so thank you Marth:)

I have so much other stuff I want to write about - my weekend and bookclub last night - but no time! I won't be able to do it tonight either as we are going to have a picnic on Oriental Parade tonight for Valentine's Day....precious....

Also I have WW again tonight - I'm a bit nervous as -

a) My Gym closed on Saturday for more than a week but not doing as much exercise as normally


b) I went out to eat twice during the week - I think I made good food choices - but I'm not 100% sure - well I will know by tonight!!

Although I was able to resist the Chocolates at bookclub last night - yah me!! Thank God for those tiny carrots....but when I thought of the points value of those chocolates - they were a hell of a lot less appealing!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Gym is closing!!

Well for only one week....it's moving back to where it originally was as all the renovations are complete - but it is still very annoying! It shuts this Saturday and opens again on the 21st. In the interim we can go to the gym in some place called Rutherford House - so I guess I will have to have a scout around the varsity during the weekend to see if I can sort out exactly where I am going....very annoyed though!

I went in to get my hair cut/coloured on Wednesday - my original plan was to get my hair coloured a darker shade all over - however - I left with blonde highlights - It like it but not sure how that happens?

We are planning on going to a few Fringe festival things this weekend - yah - I can hardly wait!! Planning on going to a Play called "The Drunk Monologues" and a gig - with a whole lot of local acts - wicked!

I can't believe it's Friday already - the week has gone so fast this week - I guess it's because I'm actually busy at work these days which is great:) But still getting a little tired.

Anyways I should finish getting ready for work....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good News!

Two pieces of good news.....

1) I went to my 2nd Weight Watchers meeting last night and during the course of the last week I have lost 1.8 kg!! Pretty good really :)

2) I finally got PAID!! Yah me!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When Tuesday feels like Monday

Now don't get me wrong - I am always eternally grateful for a day off and a four day week but I now know that I am going to be confused for the rest of the week as to what day it is - I guess that means Friday will arrive earlier though - that has to be a good thing:)

The rest of my Waitangi Day I spend hanging out with Rich - we ended up checking out the markets/concert at Frank Kitts park for a while, where I bought this cute little Russian doll pin - I love markets where there are crafts people selling interesting stuff rather than just markets when half the stuff is imported crap (ie: Frankton Markets in Hamilton).

Then, being as it was Waitangi day and all we decided to go and check out Te Papa and see if there was anything new happening.

We ended up seeing a copy of Burt Munroe's "World's fastest India Bike", which had been made by the Britten motorcycle factory which was too cool!

There was also an exhibition on about the Wanganui river Iwi and the relationship between Pakaha and Iwi in that area which was pretty poignant considering -

(A) It was Waitangi Day, and
(B) We had seen River Queen the day before

Very cool and worthwhile seeing - again - it made me think maybe I should go to Wanganui. Rich was telling me about a kayaking trip you can do down the Wanganui River - but apparently it takes about 5 days. I'd love to do that but I think I would have to be much fitter and used to Kayak's before I try!

I've got my second Weight Watchers meeting today - hopefully I did ok in the last week - the whole program didn't seem to hard to do.......hopefully I have been doing everything right.

I'm going to pick up my little pack at the meeting tonight with the points guide and everything else:) Plus a new recipe book - strangely enough I am actually liking cooking from recipe books rather than can of stuff!!

Well best be off and dry my hair and get to work - even though it's going to be a short week I already know it's going to be another very busy one!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

I Know I just signed off but.....

Did anyone else just think WTF when they heard about this.....


It just seems totally INSANE!

Waitangi Weekend

Yah for Waitangi weekend - three days off work is always good! However, if you do find yourself bored today (or at any time really) check out the blog below - it's too funny!!


So my Waitangi weekend has been a pretty quiet one - but that's not really a bad thing given that I've been pretty tired in these last few weeks since starting my new job. The weekend was spent mostly having coffee with friends and watching movies.

Today I am going to meet friends for coffee and then watching a dvd with Rich in the afternoon (or perhaps going for a walk seen as the gym is closed...grrrr....).

We finally saw River Queen yesterday and it was so awesome, it had the most amazing shots of the Wanganui River - it actually made me want to go and visit Wanganui again! I haven't been to Wanganui since I was a kid and it was actually a treat to go on a day trip to Wanganui.

Last night we went out to a BBQ at our friends Jo and Chris' house which was wicked - my first BBQ of the year! When Rich and I get our next flat I think it will have to have some BBQ type area, and some more room - maybe if we have more room, a BBQ and a BBQ outdoor type area we could actually have a party. That would be wicked.

Speaking of moving flats the people in the flat above us have left - which is a little worrying - they were students but they were pretty quiet as far as student go - Uni is about to start up soon and I have to say I'm a little worried about getting some rowdy first years up there - but hopefully they will be relatively quiet.

Anyhoo - better sign off here as I am heading off for coffee!

I love not being at work on Monday!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006


It has just been one of those weeks where you have absolutely no idea what you have done - but at the same time it has gone super quickly and you are totally exhaused at the end of it!!

I think my general exhaustion may be due to my new job - while it is SO GREAT having a job that I am passionate about again - it is really tiring - learning all of the new stuff I have to learn plus having my own jobs and responsibility again. Don't get me wrong - I couldn't be more happy to be there - but at the same time it's just a bit exhausing getting used to "real work" again.

But on the upside I have a cool friend to hang out with at my new job - yah a tea/lunch buddy - makes things more interesting:)

But the VERY best thing about my new job will be next Wednesday - when I get paid - I've been far too long without any pingers going into the bank!!

Although I could easily write more general ramble - I best get a move on as I want to go to the gym and it closes early on Friday nights so I best get there and get into it before it's too late!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not so scary!!

The good news is last night was not so scary!! and also I am now totally enthusiastic about doing the whole Weight Watchers thing - getting some books off Jess about it today.

Plus I wasn't actually as heavy as I thought I was which is good news:)

Yah Me!!!