Monday, September 30, 2013

The Monthly Stitch: Vintage Patterns

A few months back a few of my friends from the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network set up a monthly sewing challenge via The Monthly Stitch, which is an ongoing sew-a-long with a new challenge each month.

I didn't quite get around to completing the August challenge, but I decided I WOULD do the September Challenge which is vintage sewing patterns.
I'm sure that many other people doing this challenge will be making patterns MUCH older than mine - I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of patterns from the 1940s and 1950s.  However, whilst I was once rather smitten with the 1950s - really these are not decades I'm crazy about in terms of style. I'm much more of a 1960s/1970s girl (ok I admit it the 1980s was pretty rad) so that's what I made.

First up the pattern is my trusty old Maudella 5619 that was gifted to me by Vix. It had been my intention to make a vintage pattern I had not made before for this challenge, but the month kind of got away from me and I figured I should just make something I was familiar with or I would not have time to  make anything at all.

I could not find any further information about Maudella 5619 online and its not dated, but I'm guessing from the style and the art on the pattern envelope its from the 1960s. I chose to make it in this GLORIOUS stretch sparkly fabric I bought at the last fabric-a-brac.
Action shot of cutting out the pattern - I use novels as pattern weights, because I'm super fancy.
I REALLY wanted to do some dress action shots for this post, because this dress looks pretty sack like if its not on an actual human body (or dress form). I planned to do this after work today as daylight savings started on Sunday. But the weather was pretty grey, dark and rainy today and when I got home it wasn't the kind of weather for outfit posts. So you all will have to cope with sack like photos for now and I'll add action shots at a later date.
Like I said - it looks sack like when its not on a body! But I was determined to do this post before September ticked over to October. 

This is the fourth time I've made this dress pattern (because I'm the kind of sewist that finds a pattern she likes and makes it over and over) and I think the construction on this dress is some of the best I've ever done so feeling pretty pleased with myself about that.

Octobers Monthly Stitch is "Dress it up for frocktober" - I think I can manage that!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Adventures at Rebound in Petone

Yesterday Ria and I headed out to Lower Hutt to go to a Japanese Spring Festival - we were pretty excited as we are both fans of all things Japanese. First up we couldn't find the place, the GPS really wasn't being useful and the event wasn't right in the city centre and neither of us know Lower Hutt very well. We finally found the place where the festival was happening, but when we go there, NOTHING was happening. Then we spoke to a lady who looked like she knew what was going on - she told us the festival was happening, but on SUNDAY not SATURDAY! 

We felt deflated, went to Petone for a coffee and met a friend of Ria's whilst we were there who recommended we head to Rebound for a good shopping time. I remember going to Rebound when I first moved to Wellington, but I haven't been back since so I was keen to check it out. I'm so glad we went, I'm still sad I missed the Japanese Spring Festival - but Rebound is so amazing I can live with it. 

We hit up the vintage and retro section for reasons that should be obvious to anyone that reads this blog.

They had the most fabulous wall of old hats which made me think of Helga - Ria picked up an adorable pink hat. I REALLY loved that orange hat with stripes, but it was WAY too small for me so I didn't buy it. But that kind of hat really wouldn't be too hard to sew. If anyone has any recommendation for vintage hat patterns I would be forever grateful as I really want to make a hat like that.

The shoes were next to the vintage and retro section. They had about a million pairs- but all the nice ones were way too small for me, story of my life when op shopping.
After realising no shoes fit us at all we went to check out the vintage and retro clothes - there were some real gems here, you just don't see this kind of stuff in Wellington unless its in a vintage store and being sold at a ridiculous price.

Look at this giant red thing I'm holding! What do you even call this? Is it a kaftan? It was in perfect condition and the trim was beautiful condition. I did briefly consider buying it for a refashion, but I wouldn't know where to even start and a part of me feels that it should remain just as it is.

There were a lot of amazing vintage labels to be seen - especially in the coat section, this one was on a raincoat and I thought it was awesome.
We also checked out the 1980's section - so many amazing, and often horrible things. The ball dresses were especially epic.
Here's a few more general shots of Rebound - so many clothes, more shoes and they even have a bridal section.

Finally it was time to head to the changing rooms and despite picking up like a million things to try on - I ended up buying only two (very restrained of me really). I bought this simple little frock for work - I usually don't like the matching sash that these kind of frocks come with, but I actually thought this one looked ok.
I've been thinking that I would like a few more maxi frocks for the summer months, especially weekends and I've been looking at my fabric stash and patterns to see what I can make. So with that in mind, how could I leave this amazing maxi behind? I'm sure Curtise would approve of this one.
We were all ready to leave then we noticed a few more treasures at the counter and I couldn't resist picking up a scarf from this box of scarves.

So it wasn't the Japanese Spring festival - there wasn't any cherry blossoms or delicious Japanese food but it was still a pretty fun afternoon out. Also I think I need more of an effort to head to Petone to go shopping at Rebound, because as you can see its totally amazing.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend xoxo

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dalek Love Quilt

I think my favourite craft projects are Trees and Rich joint efforts and this quilt is one of those joint efforts. I'd like to share with you all our "Dalek Love Quilt".
So the fabric is a little bit crinkled in this photo, but it is a pretty awesome quilt. Rich designed the fabric and we bought it from Spoonflower. Sadly, this is the only "dalek love" fabric that will exist in the world ever as the BBC contacted Spoonflower and asked for the design to be taken down as it was in breach of copyright.

his fabric does include daleks which the BBC does own copyright for - but I thought Rich's design would be far enough removed from the original to cause any issues. There's not much that can be done about it I guess, but it does mean this quilt really is one of a kind.
I used some fake fur for the back of the quilt - I used fleece for my last couple of quilts, but I didn't have enough when I decided I needed to finish this quilt NOW so I used what was in my stash. I think it turned out pretty well.
Here's a close up of the fabric - daleks and love hearts galore! Although you can't buy this fabric on Spoonflower anymore, Rich does have some other fabric in his shop if anyone wants to check it out.

Monday, September 23, 2013

"What's the deal with teal?" dress

So WAY back when I first joined the WSBN it was decided we would all make an outfit, from the same fabric an it would be awesome. The chosen fabric was a lovely shade of teal and it was decided that September would be the month of the great unveiling of our teal outfits at an event called "What's the deal with teal?" Unfortunately I was not feeling my best at the weekend so I couldn't attend the get together which made me pretty sad - but I DID finish my teal creation so I figured I should still share it with the world (particularly the WSBN girls).

So first up both my boots and my belt are wonky - which is what happens when you take your outfit posts after a long day at work. The fabric is also kind of crinkly, I am also blaming work - although it is a pretty magnificent feat to crinkle your frock this much when you stand all day at work. Clearly I have skills.

The pattern I used was the "Magpie Dress" by Sinbad and Sailor a British indie sewing pattern company. It's a very easy pattern - only four pieces and no darts, zippers or anything else to confuse you. If you've been thinking about giving sewing a try but feel a bit nervous about it then I really recommend you try this frock and its SUPER simple to make. My only complain is when I cut it out it was FREAKING HUGE on me! It is a looser style of frock - but honestly I took it in so much. I think next time I make it I will make it a couple of sizes smaller.
To be honest with you all - I wasn't sure I liked this dress at ALL! But I decided to wear it to work today anyway. When Rich took this photos for me after work I decided I do like this dress. I guess its a bit different from my usual style - but I have to admit I did have a crush on this pattern for a very LONG time. I'm happy that I finally got around to making it and that its kind of awesome (and super easy as well).

Have a super week everyone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lady Date: Home Sewn Exhibition

Last Saturday Ria and I caught up for a lady date and went to the Home Sewn exhibition at the Dowse. Geeky sewing excitement!
As the name suggests this is an exhibition of home sewn garments all made by hand, with love here in New Zealand and there was so amazing and inspiring frocks on display.
Look at this one - I would love to make something like this now! That fabric is amazing - so bright.
Look at that fun to tone maxi - I LOVE it - I want to make something like that. The sheer pussy bow blouse is adorable too.

Look at the stunning embroidery on this lovely maxi frock.
The lovely frock on the left was made as a wedding dress - so pretty.
These dresses were both made in the 1980's - I love the tropical look frock, so perfect for a summer holiday.

Here's a back view of that lovely tropical dress and some more details of the sewist who made it - they had one of these for each dress.
I LOVE the 1980s - so all I have to say is "bum bow dresses forever!"
This is another wedding dress - this one is made of kimono fabric for a Japanese lady who was marrying a kiwi guy.
This amazing frock was made by a teenager for her school ball! How incredible - I couldn't sew ANYTHING when I was a teenager.
Look at this lovely dress, it was made by a lady in her nineties for her daughter to wear to a wedding. Amazing.
I love the colour of this frock and the bow and how its all asymmetrical - so amazing (also you can see Ria in the back taking pictures!).

 This was my favourite dress at the exhibition - its a 1950's ball dress and its just so beautiful. If I made a dress this magnificent I would want to wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

More and more and MORE beautifully made handmade frocks - I really love them all. So much hard work and love went into making them all.
The exhibition also had some patterns on display - I loved this plastic way hanging display thing. I wonder where you can buy one of these? It would look rad in my sewing corner (also would help me remember which patterns I actually have).
They also had a box of old patterns to look through - which as we all know, is ALWAYS a good time.

Finally for all of you have ever made a duct tape body form check this out - its quite a simmilar idea, except the tape is SHELLAC! Do they still sell this? If yes - why don't I own one and if no - why the hell not. Surely this is a thing loads of home sewists would buy?