Monday, June 24, 2013

Lux Light Festival - Te Ao Marama

Last night Rich and I went out and about to explore the Lux Light Festival - Te Ao Marama. It was out first chance to really get out and about for a few days as Wellington was hit by a very strong storm on Thursday night and the weather in the city really didn't settle down until Sunday. 

I had heard of the Lux festival before, but this was the first year we actually got organised to check it out and I was so glad we did as it was so much fun!
The festival took place in the city itself and also around the Wellington waterfront and there were so many cool light installations to see. This installation was located in a building and was by a Korean artist. 
It's kind of hard to explain - but it was a kind of lit up curtain that was swaying in an (artificial) breeze. It reminded me of the ocean. Also I loved the pattern the lights at the bottom made on the adjoining wall.
Another favourite of the evening were these strings of birds that lit up in sequence that were strung above the alleyway.

We also came across this installation whilst heading toward the waterfront on one of the side streets - it kind of reminded me of something out of a seventies sci fi movie.
We stopped briefly at Te Aro Park where there was one light display - I liked it, but it did seem a bit sad and lonesome all by itself.

In Te Aro Park we met up with some Lux volunteers who gave us a whole bunch of glow sticks for our night time adventure.
Then we headed to the waterfront via Opera House Lane and I wondered the same thing I always wonder about Opera House Lane - why don't I take a shortcut through here more often as the murals are awesome.
I love this photo of Rich with the glow stick -glow sticks are the BEST! I think I need more glow sticks in my life. 
When we arrived at the waterfront there was plenty more art to be seen!

Can you tell its winter time now? I'm actually wearing a second hat under the hood of my jacket!

These flower like lights were one of my favourites of the evening - I think they were a general crowd pleaser  as loads of people were checking them out and taking photos.

This is just Wellington on a calm winters night - but I thought it was worth a picture as the moon was lovely as were all the lights from the homes up on the hills.
This installation was also rather fabulous and this photo does not do it justice at all - there was a projector "writing" words on this tree over and over in different pattern formations. It was pretty amazing.
This was a bit more of an interactive display - these spheres had wings on them and if you made a lot of noise their wings would flap harder and the light would shine brighter!
After this installation we returned back to the city via the City to Sea bridge which had a few more installations including one which was made from stuff that looked like fluorescent yarn.

 That was our adventure at Lux, my only real issue with the festival is that it only runs for three days - I would love to have gone and seen it again! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yesterday I had the best day out I've had in a while - Vintage-orama hit Wellington and so did Helga Von Trollop and G! So Ria and I met up with them, along with Helga's friend Brenda.

First stop was brunch at Duke Carvell's - I had the vegetarian baked eggs and they were amazing.

Then we headed off to Vintage-orama - via the Wellington Fringe Market and a jumble sale at Thistle Hall.

Yes! This is a Hello Kitty Skirt and yes it is my latest sewing creation!
Then it was finally time to hit up the vintage-orama!

Here was our posse for the day - minus G of course - he's our photographer (a pretty fabulous one too!)
I met up with my friend Joy at the fair - wearing a fabulous frock and selling her amazing cushions.
I thought that I would share a shot of the school hall where the event was held, because it was rather lovely.
Here's a final shot of our group before we parted ways for the day.
Ria and I decided to stay on at the market a little bit longer and check out the vintage patterns for sale.

Also - we had to have a cup of tea and some treats before we left for the day!
So what pretties did I buy at the fair? First up is one of "Miss La Belle's Hair Pretties"

I also bought this cute headband from The Electric Honeys - I just have to work out how to wear it now!

Finally I bought a few patterns (of course I did!).

So that was my day this Saturday - its was super fun, if Vintage-orama is on next year I will be keen to go for sure. I really hope it will be an annual event.