Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Animals and animal print

Today's wardrobe challenge was "animals and animal print" I decided to make a frock for it - but the shiny fabric I was making the frock from fought with me lots and it's still not finished! When I do finish it I will show you all I promise!Turns out my snake print from from last week would have been perfect for this challenge too - but I couldn't wear the same thing two weeks in a row!I think this scarf is so perfect with animal prints - that's why I wore it last week as well. My friend Grace made this amazing corsage, she has mad craft skills. Sadly she moved back home to Melbourne so we can't hang out and get our craft on any more.
My friend Lisa bought this for me from Taipei when she came to visit last year - its pretty rad!


Dress - Op Shopped, Red Cross Store, Kilbirnie
Slip (worn underneath) - Farmers
Cardi and Tights - Glassons
Scarf - Equipt
Rosette - Made by Grace
Bracelet - Gift from my friend Lisa

You may have noticed, yes I am wearing my glasses again! Honestly this saga just goes on and on. I finally decided it was time to change optometrists - I have been going to OPSM but they have really not been useful. They seem to just want to rush you in and out the door and they feel like they are the McDonalds of opometrists which is something you just don't want when something that's as delicate and important as your eyes is involved.

My new optometrist is WAY better - she gave my eyes a decent examination, it took about 45 minute and has given me LOTS of options for sorting out my dry eye problem which is making my life fairly horrible and at times just painful.

The options include a whole lot of eyedrops and a new type of contact lense solution (preservative free). Here's a picture of what I left the optometrist with today:
I also sorted out my glasses today - they will be ready in a weeks time, I decided on the red frames. I really liked Sarah's idea of hunting down a cute pair of vintage frames on e-bay and I may still do that in the future, but for now I just need a decent pair of glasses to wear so that I can give my eyes a break for a while and clear up all this horrible dryness!


Unknown said...

Oh yay for the red glasses - AND especially for the new optometrist who sounds a LOT more fabulous/interested/helpful than the last one!

Love your outfit - can't believe I missed yet ANOTHER Wednesday challenge and it was my favourite - what is wrong with me!? You look super cute and I hope the eye dramas are sorted out in no time.

Sarah xxx

Meghan Edge said...

awesome outfit! I'm so glad you were able to clear up the eye situation. It's not fun when the peepers are acting up.

Vix said...

I'm loving the animal print and that fab bracelet. They sold those in TopShop last year and they were stupidly expensive.
Glad you've found a better optometrist, those chains are all about the money. x

Curtise said...

Great frock, love the bangle, and the red glasses are the RIGHT choice! Hope your eyes feel better soon. I am trialling some multifocal contact lenses at the moment - the optician said it required some "brain training" to get used to them, at which my heart sank... But I think they are going to be OK. xxxx

cb said...

oh i love your bracelet! kissing zebras!!! so cute!!

Krista said...

You look fab in animal print and that bracelet is so cute!

What Sadie Did said...

That's a lot of stuff for your eyes, bless. Hope this new optometrist works out for you - I had a similar thing with dentists last year, changed and even though it cost more, i was way happier. :)

And you're quite the pro with your sewing skills! Love all the dresses you post on FB - look forward to seeing the 'shiny' one when it's done. AND let me know if you do make the skulls!!

Sadie xx

Julia said...

Perfect for the animal theme!

What Sadie Did said...

PS I've tagged you in a post!

Sadie x

Magical Daydream said...

That bracelet is the best! I would totally wear that & love it :D