Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jar of Whimsies Swap

Early this week I recieved a package from my swap partner for the "Jar of Whimsies" swap on Craftster. A whimsies swap is pretty simple - you just fill a jar with a whole bunch of crafty goodies and send it to your partner.

My partner made me a pretty awesome jar - filled with a whole bunch of things I love - cupcakes, Kuromi, skulls, Hello Kitty. Here's my stash.
First of all this cute cupcake postcard - I like cupcakes a whole bunch and this one is super sweet. First up, I recieved a wee mummy lego man. I think I might try my hand at turning him into a necklace of some type. Not quite sure how to do it yet though.
The lego man came in this wee mystery package - its a lego man lucky dip!
I also recieved these wee puzzle pieces - I think I could turn these into some rad brooches or necklaces. They are made from wood instead of heavy cardboard.
Here's more of the supplies from inside the jar - all kinds of things - keys, ribbon, beads and other whimsies.
This picture is a bit rubbish - but its a cupcake keyring and a Hello Kitty Charm.
A whole bunch of Kuromi Charms - Kawaii cute! I have some ideas of what I can make with these already.
I also recieved this skull patch - its creepy cute. I am not sure what to sew it onto yet though.
I recieved these cuties - a Hello Kitty and a zombie stuffie.
Finally, my favourite things of all - these skull beads. I've noticed quite a few stores around town are selling necklaces made of these for a pretty penny, I have been considering buying one. But now I can make a necklace of my own.

Finally heres the jar itself - complete with Hello Kitty and Kuromi.


Unknown said...

awwwe the mummy lego man ^_^
so cute!
Rosie xo

Meghan Edge said...

OMG the skull beads. I wanted this necklace at the Punk Rock Flea Market over the weekend made from those beads but I just couldn't shell out the money. So cute!

* said...

very cute :)

What Sadie Did said...

Ahhh awesome!! I love those skull beads too, you could make some earrings from them to match the necklace you make!

So many cool things - I like all of the keys. I want to find some old keys for a necklace, that would be funky.

Sadie x

PS Tuesday is fine for me to meet - don't think i replied to your FB msg :)

cb said...

i love all the keys! there is always a lot you can do with those!


Helga said...

ooooooooo,treaties!!! Fun things to play with! i have a necklace made of those skull beads,G bought it for me at Iko Iko,and yes,we payed a pretty penny!

Trees said...

Rosie - How cute is the mummy lego man. The package was totally lucky dip - but I think I got the best one by far. Yah for old school movie monsters:)

Meg - I know what you mean! These kinds of beads are really popular here at the moment, but really spendy too.

Sadie - I would totally love to make a necklace with an old key. I am in love with the tartan key that came with this haul. Maybe I shall make it into a necklace. See you Tuesday:)

Helga - I have admired those same necklaces at Iko Iko - I was thinking of buying one as my birthday present to myself. But now I can make one. Huzzah!