Monday, May 25, 2009

A winter holiday...

It seems that yet again my birthday is just around the corner, only a few days after my final day at work in fact.

I had been thinking for a while about what I would like to do for my birthday - I had initially thought about going to Samoa but with Rich and I heading to South Korea so soon that doesn't seem very realistic anymore!

So instead we have decided to do our final trip to the South Island for a while and take a winter holiday and yes, I know it will be FREEZING cold!

The plan is to fly to Dunedin on my birthday (and yes we have booked the flights already) and spend a couple of days there, then take the bus to Oamaru and spend a night there head on up to Christchurch by bus and take a day trip over to Akaroa and finally head back to Wellington via train and ferry.

Should cold but it should be a whole lot of fun - I can hardly wait!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miserable Wet Wellington Weekend

Yesterday Nat, Fiona and I thought we would try skating out in Kilbirnie for a change, instead of heading ALL the way out to Lower Hutt to skate. This didn't work out for us at all - even though it was a public session the rink was full of skateboarders and ramps and basically it looked like it would have been damn near impossible to skate in there without having a collision with a skate board within moments of entering the rink!

Given the fact that the weather was so so awful we couldn't skate outside either and it was too later to head to Lower Hutt so we decided that we'd go out for something to eat instead. We decided to head to the Maranui Cafe - the view from the cafe was really amazing with HUGE waves and seagulls being blown backwards (yes - it was that windy).

Unfortunately, by the time I got home I wasn't feeling so well. I think that being out and about in the nasty weather wasn't so good for me (plus half my team at work has been sick with a bug). So I decided that I best say in and keep warm for the rest of the weekend - which isn't too difficult given how nasty the weather is!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chocolate Swap - Version 2.0

A while ago I took part in a chocolate swap on craftster - however - my swap package was lost in the mail which was a real pain! I re-crafted a new package for my partner a couple of weeks back and I am so happy to hear she has now received it! Here's some photos of the items I made - a lot of chocolate themed jewellery, a cake softie and an ice cream sandwich softie, a altered box and a set of vintage look magnets.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ouch! That Hurts!

I've never been one to be too scared by vaccines and just as well really given the number of vaccines we need to go to South Korea. Yesterday I had to have my first South Korea related vaccination for a total cost of $105 - yes it's not the cost of the vaccine that hurts but the effect it has on your wallet.

The nurse at the travel doctor suggested I might like to have a couple of vaccines as well, given the length of time I will be away and the fact I may be traveling to places like China. So I also have to have a vaccination for typhoid ($50 for a vaccine) and Japanese Encephalitis ($200 for a vaccine!).


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Search of a Visa to South Korea

Now Rich and I have decided we will move to South Korea (still working on an actual job - but I am sure that will happen soon!) there is so much we have to do! Like dealing with our "stuff", visiting the travel doctor for vaccinations and having interviews with prospective employers.

But one thing I didn't think about too much when starting down this path was the fact that I would need a visa, I've applied for a visa once before, but that was for my trip to China and it wasn't too difficult as we were only going to be there for about a week.

Seen as we want to spend a whole year in South Korea the Government (understandably) requires a lot more information from us. But happily I think we are nearly there - I have arranged to see a notary public on Thursday and he will notorise our degrees (we can then arrange for them to be apostilled), we are still awaiting our criminal records from the Ministry of Justice but we should have these soon and we also need some passport sized photos but everything else on the visa front is under control! Phew!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Horror Swap - My Creations

So if you follow my blog you'll know a while back I posted about the items I had received in a horror swap.

Well my partner has now received the items I made for her so I thought I'd post some pictures on here. I crafted quite a lot of stuff for her but then making creepy horror themed stuff kind of comes naturally to me.

So here's what I made, firstly, an "artwork" for her house - made from a photo frame, paint, glitter, plastic skull hands, charms.
Next up is a couple of "altered" dolls - I made one of these last year for a Halloween party and thought this was the perfect chance to have another go at it. This time I made a Mummy Doll and a Zombie Doll.

Next up some wine charm made from vintage witch and devil charms.I also made a set of note cards from shiny metallic cardboard and a set of Hammer Horror trading cards which I bought from trade me - I don't usually do many paper crafts so I was pretty happy with the way these came out.
The final item I made was a jewelery box filled with horror themed items - the box itself I bought from the salvation army store (and yes it is shaped like a book), I then did a lot of work to make it looked "horror" themed and then I filled it up with Jewelery items I made myself.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

South Korea here we come!!

So here's some news I'd like to share with the world, now I've resigned from my job and it's all "out in the open" so to speak.

Rich and I are heading to South Korea - yes that's right - South Korea! It's pretty exciting stuff!

Hopefully we will have a job sorted soon - then we will have to arrange for Visa's and sort out our life here! So much to do - so little time! But if all goes to plan we should be heading to South Korea in July/August.

Very very exciting times ahead!

Art Journal

I have been reading a few different craft websites which suggest keeping an art journal as somewhere to write down project ideas and also somewhere to sketch, draw or whatever you fancy.

Seen as I am a "crafty type" I decided it was time to start keeping a journal of my own and here it is! I bought one of those black journals with thick white paper from Gordon Harris then Embellished it with whatever I found around the house that day - the main postcard I bought from China when I went for a visit there last year. All of the other embellishments are supplies from my craft table (oh and a swallow necklace I picked up from a clothes swap and never wore!).

I'm pretty happy with the result, but as Rich pointed out, it's not that easy to carry around with me as parts of the design may come off! So next step is to make a case to keep my creations safe.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easter/Spring Swap

Over the weekend I received my goodies from my Easter/Spring swap - my partner hadn't been feeling so good so she was a little late sending. But it was worth the wait - here's photos of the things I received.

First a purple scarf which is really cool - it goes perfect with my purple dress but not so well with my winter jacket which is red..hummm
Next is a little fabric covered book, a granny square and a cross-stitched pin cushion.
Finally - my most favourite thing - a zombie Easter bunny! There was of course some chocolate as well. But that's now long gone!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vintage Charm Earrings

I make earrings from vintage charms a lot - but these ones are extra special as they are made from charms that my mum gave me (she found them when she cleaned out her house before she and Dad moved out of their old house). I especially like the fried egg charms!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Alaina's Birthday Stash

My good friend Alaina's birthday is in November - unfortunately I only got around to giving her the birthday presents I made her now. I guess that's the problem with being determined to give only handmade!

Anyways, here's a couple of things I made for Alaina, the first thing is a scarf made from recycled jerseys. When I originally made this for Alaina she was living in London (which is the kind of place I imagine you need to wear scarfs a lot) but since then she has moved back to Melbourne where scarfs are perhaps not much of necessity. However, the scarf is made from old acrylic jersey's rather than wool so hopefully it's not too hot and she will be able to wear it.

The second thing is some handmade notecards - the reason for sending these was simple - so she feels inspired to write me snail mail!

Kreuzberg Summer Cafe

For some time now, I've wanted to visit Kreuzberg summer cafe and now summer is nothing more than a memory Rich and I finally made it along!

The "Cafe" is actually an old style caravan and some bench seats in an empty lot at the far end of Cuba Street - but I find the idea really quirky and appealing.

My favourite part of the cafe is a little parrot vending machine - the parrot talks at random - and when I put my money in he said "I love the sound of money" but the best part of the vending machine is that he gives you poetry rather than food or trinkets.

I would go back to this cafe again - who knows - maybe next time the sun will even be shining!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunny Winter Day View of Wellington from the botanical gardens

Book Crossing

I've heard about "Book Crossing" many times, if you haven't the basic idea is that you leave a book in a place people are likely to find them, like at bus stops.

This weekend I found my first book crossing books dropped near the cable car in the botanical gardens - unfortunately none of the books really interested me but it was kind of cool to see the whole book crossing thing "in action" - I really hope all of the books were adopted into good homes!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Zombie Cupcakes

Tomorrow is "International Zombie Awareness Day" so to celebrate I decided to take some zombie themed cupcakes to share with my team at work.

The first batch were marbled white, red and zombie green and the second batch were red with "blood" (jam) in the middle.

I decided to ice the marbled batch with black icing and mini skull head lollies - the icing left people with black lips, teeth and tongues which added an extra "zombie" dimension to morning tea.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mel's Package!

So here's a package of Crafty Goodness I recently received from my friend Mel in Australia!

Firstly is a whole bunch of fabric and lace - Mel read all about our crafty foxes swap and decided to contribute some fabric for Kat to make my dress which is very sweet. I've now handed the fabric over to Kat and we are thinking that the black silky stuff will be good for the main dress and the lacy flowery fabric will make a great bolero.
Next is this very cute craft zine called Mix Tape which includes not only craft information but also an article on cupcakes and roller derby!
Next is this SUPER cute cupcake note set! I love it! I had just been thinking I didn't have any note cards to send to friends and now I have plenty.

Mel also made me an awesome "Day of the Dead" stamp (that she made herself!) which I am still getting the hang of - I found something to mount the stamp on, now all I need is an ink pad big enough for the stamp!