Tuesday, October 27, 2009


One of our friends told us about a experiemental music event in Hongdae called Bulgasari so Rich and I decided to check it out on Sunday night. It was a really cool event - it made me feel like I was back in Happy Bar in Wellington again watching some random performances. We saw all sorts of things but the most impressive were the bellydancers accompanied by a piano acordian. The performers were a mix of foriegners and Korean's.

It's a monthly event so I am really looking forward to heading along next month and I will hopefully manage to get a few more photo's then as well.

We even managed to finish the evening with some pretty good mexican food - we avoided the kimchi taco though, some fusion cuisine shouldn't exist!

Dinner in another random Korean restaurant....

On Saturday Rich and I were at a bit of a loose end after going to the Seoul Folk Flea markets so we decided to head out for dinner in Uijeongbu. It's always an adventure eating out in Korea as you never know quite what you will get, this time we decided on a place called "2nd" it has a really amazing interior - although it did look a little bit like a drug dealers den with all the red lights and beaded curtains!

The menu said that it served "ethnic cuisine" and my quesadilla was surprisingly good, I don't think Rich's burrito was quite as good. We also had some lethal soju kiwifruit punch, tasty.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Halloween Swap - Day 9

On day 9 of the Halloween swap I recieved all sorts of "Day of the Dead"goodness including an amazing candle holder and some bloody candles and some amazing paper cut outs to decorate our apartment.

I also recieved an amazing beaded skull bracelet which must have taken hours of beadweaving to make and is absolutely amazing.

I also recieved a zombie rubber duckie who now lives in our bathroom.

Finally, a really cool zombie image for the walls of our apartment.

Halloween swap - Day 10

For day 11 of my craft swap package I recieved a whole bunch of zombie green goodness - a note pad, two crocheted zombies and a crocheted zombie sheep, three creepy markers, a zombie face candle holder and two zombie candles as well as a whole lot of creepy stickers.

The wored filled with sweet dream - tasty

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Swap - Day 11

Today in my Halloween package I recieved a whole bunch of little pumpkin stuffies - including a zombie pumpkin which is my favourite, they even came with their own little tree. Unfortunatly I didn't take a photo of what I got for my partner for day 11 so I can't post it here - boo!

Pinkest Italian Restaurant Ever!

Last night I organised a girls dinner out with some of my friends here we ended up going to what is possibly the girliest Italian restaurant ever followed up by drinks at Ann Place - so much pink in one night out!

Halloween Swap - Day 12

For day 12 of the Halloween Swap I recieved a whole bunch of amazing paper crafts including six cards and five tags - I think I''m going to use both to decorate our apartment rather than giving away.

I also recieved some very cool Halloween decorations - I'm going to use the skull latern in my class at school about Halloween.

For day 12 I made my partner 12 cards which feature quotes from some of my favourite horror films which I hope she will like as I know she loves her horror films as well.