Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embriodered Cards

Recently I blogged about the rather awesome Stitchable Stationary set I had picked up from Iko Iko. I have now finished all six cards - they really didn't take long to complete and it was kind of fun to make them. I'm now thinking of making up some cards with my own designs. I thought that it would also be fun to stitch onto coloured card.

I really like all these designs but my absolute favourite would have to be the Russian doll - but thats because I've always loved Russian dolls and I would love to own a beautiful set of the real thing one day. Maybe when I pay a visit to Russia in the future - its on my list of places to go.

I have already sent one of these cards off to a friend - so I hope she likes it a lot. As for the rest - they will go to friends and family over the next little while and hopefully be loved.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Aro Valley Fair

I spend a great deal of time this last weekend relaxing and resting, I haven't been feeling too well the last week or so. I think there are just too many bugs floating around my office - I have been "almost sick" for about a week and I was "real sick" with a mighty painful headache/migraine on Saturday night. So my weekend wasn't particulary exciting.

I did have a great Saturday morning though - Rich and I went to the Aro Valley Fair. We lived in Aro Valley before we moved overseas and I kind of miss it. Although I do like living in town a whole lot.

The yearly Aro Fair is a pretty awesome event - lots of stalls and musicians. We watched this band play inside th back of the truck and we watched another band inside the hall - I got to eat vegetarian curry and catch up with my friend Caroline which was pretty rad.

I didn't buy as much at the fair as I thought, but I did buy this freedom fighter and his donkey for my mum (she collects donkey's). Its from the Mexico - I bought it from a table that way half handmade Mexican freedom fighter dolls and half lollies (or candy) from the USA. It was a weird combination. He's kind of a wonkey donkey with funny eyes but hopefully mum will want to add him to her collection anyways.There seemed to be a lot of vintage stuff at the fair but nothing that grabbed my eye too much - but I did buy a couple of goodies from one stall.

Here's the tissue paper my goodies were wrapped in - I think some of my sewing friends may not approve of using patterns as wrapping paper but I thought it was kind of cool. Especially because the pattern included shoulder pads. Here's what was inside - first of all a pretty little apron which isn't REALLY my thing but we are doing another photo shoot and I thought the apron would be perfect. Although I am thinking I could make it more subversive in some way - it is a little bit too pretty.I also bought this wee kitty necklace - Rich says it looks like its eating the bow it's wearing. In retrospect I think he's right but I still think its cute.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Kitty Swap

If you read my blog regulary you'll know that I while back I did a Hello Kitty swap and my partner flaked on me! Which is so not cool. However, the organiser of the swap arranged for me to have a "swap angel" - someone who would send me a package due to the fact my partner didn't bother too and seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. I was annoyed my partner flaked but I was so happy with the package I recieved it totally made up for it. First of all I recieved this chalkboard, which is double sided, this side is themed in My Melody style all pink and super girly. The other side is themed Kuromi style, Kuromi is my favourite Hello Kitty Character - she's a creepy cute rabbit - I like her a lot. I also recieved my intial's in wood coloured red and black - my favourite colours.
Next up are these fridge magnets - featuring Hello Kitty, Kuromi and My Melody. The vampire Hello Kitty one is my favourite I think.
My angel also send me these creepy cute emo looking kid stickers - they are pretty rad. I stuck one of the girls on my cell phone.
The goodies just keep coming! I also recieved a hand painted My Melody coin purse with Hello Kitty sticking plasters. I opened one to see what they look like but I actually think there are a variety of different deigns.
She also send me an extra of peppermint chocolate coffee which sounds great but I don't drink coffee. I am sure that I can find a friend who won't mind taking it off my hands though.
I also recieved some Kuromi/rockabilly earrings and a Kuromi pendant. I especially love the cherry earrings.
She also made these sanrio horror themed brooched - Frankenstein's monster Hello Kitty and Zombie & Devil Kuromi. Devil Kuromi's ear and horn fell off but I am sure they can easily be glued back together.
She also sent me a whole bunch of store bought stuff - which is great because getting Hello Kitty stuff in New Zealand can be hard. I love this little My Melody coin purse. I almost don't want to use it in case I ruin it. She also included so Hello Kitty stickers inside.
I also recieved some packets of Sanrio bubble gum - I love the packaging. Very Cute.
Also a Hello Kitty notebook and pencils - I think I'll keep these at work. Much more interesting than the standard stationary we have at the office.
Finally Hello Kitty lip balm and a lemon avon brand lip balm. I seriously can never have too much lip balm so these are great.
So that's my whole package - its really awesome and I am so stoked with everything I recieved. All I need now is some ribbon so I can start wearing that Kuromi pendant.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming travelling adventures

I have some very exciting news, my very lovely friend Lisa is coming to visit us from Auckland and I am so happy to see her again. We taught at the same school when Rich and I were living in Taiwan and we just had heaps of fun together.

I think we have decided to split her visit between Auckland and Wellington. I am pretty excited about our time in Auckland. Firstly because work has been stressful lately and I am looking forward to some time off - I'll have 5 days in total (including a weekend). Secondly I am excited because I have spent a lot of time in Auckland but I have never been a "tourist" there - every time I've been there its been to visit friends, for a show, a wedding or a birthday. I've never actually had much time to explore the city.

So I want to take Lisa to some of my favourite parts of Auckland like K Road for a spot of vintage shopping, there is also a walking tour of K Road I would love to do. I am also keen to check out some things I have always meant to do but never quite got there like visiting Rangitoto Island. I also want to take her to the sky tower - the last time I went there was when my friend Tabitha visited from the Colorado and that was a long time ago!

I have also found a Ghost Tour in Auckland I would love to do with Lisa - I have done one of these before in Dunedin and it was amazing. Its creepy but you learn so much about the history of a city in a tour like this.

The other thing we are planning on doing is taking the overlander from Auckland to Wellington which I am so excited about. I've done this trip a couple of times already and it's a blast. Plus you get to see so much of the North Island.

If anyone out there has any suggestion of "must do" things in Auckland I'd love to hear them.

My other exciting travel news is that Rich and I are going to SYDNEY in June for our anniversary. I am pretty excited as I have never been to Sydney before. So far we don't really have any plans for this trip but we do have flights books and we sorted out accomodation too. So now we just need to work out what we will do when we are visiting - we will of course visit the famous opera house and I have heard there is good vintage shopping at Bondi Beach. Any one have some thoughts on "must do" things in Sydney?

Skull Marshmallows

Here's my first project from my witch craft book - skull marshmallows. They are super easy all you need is marshmallows and an icing pen. I think they would look super cute on cupcakes as well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just another day in paradise

We decided to have a bit of a quiet day on Sunday - I don't think we did anything terribly exciting until around 3 o clock. Before three Rich was studying and I was well "pottering" I guess you'd say. A bit of reading, a bit of shopping, a bit of crafting a bit of washing.

Unlike normal people who usually have lunch or brunch out on the weekend - Rich and I often end up having "linner". Basically we eat breakfast, time gets away from us and before we know it most of the day has past and its too late for lunch but too early for dinner - hence "linner" or I guess you could call it "dunch".

Around three or maybe a bit later we went out to eat at one of our favourite places in Wellington - Expressoholic. I had this rad vanilla drink there which I can't remeber the name of, however, it tastes like warm vanilla ice cream. I had actually asked for a vanilla chai latte but they didn't have any vanilla chai, so the guy serving suggested this instead and it was awesome. After eating we went for a walk in the sunshine along the waterfront. There is a saying "You can't beat Wellington on a good day" and Sunday was a fantastic day! We visited the waterfront at ate fruji's in the sunshine. Fabulous.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RCRD - Wellington vs Sydney

Last Saturday evening, Rich and I went to a roller derby bout. Our local league Richter City Roller Derby All Stars (for those reading this not from NZ - Wellington has a lot of earthquakes) vs The Sydney assassins. This was the first derby game I've seen since I've been home and it was awesome. Unfortunately our girls lost but they put up a pretty amazing fight against Sydney. Here's a photo I took at the game with my phone - unfortunately my camera battery ran out shortly before I got to the game and I didn't have a chance to charge it. I did make one mistake on the night though - I didn't have a chance to go home and change before the game, so I was wearing red and black which are my favourite colours. Unfortunately, they are also the colours of the Sydney assassins! I should have been wearing purple and orange for RCRD!

So many people at the game were dressed up in great costumes - next time I will make a better effort with what I wear to a bout and support my league. I already have my thinking cap on - although I think I may be in Auckland for the next game. Plus that game will be between our two local teams Smash Malice and Brutal Padgent and a brand new team will be at that bout as well. If you're in Wellington you should go for sure!

The half time show at the game was a kapa haka group - Ti Tira Whakaau Kapa Haka. The group consisted of less than twenty people but their song filled the whole stadium. There were amazing. Plus they had amazing poi skills - the woman leading the poi could throw one poi in the air, then catch it and keep on twirling. It was so impressive. Are there any other derby fans out there? Any ideas for any great costumes consisting of the colours purple and orange for the next RCRD All Stars game?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bunny Housewarming

If you know me or follow my blog regulary you will know that I have a bit of a soft spot for bunnies. This weekend my friend Trish asked me over to her place as she was have an afternoon tea for a kind of "hutch-warming" I guess. She had recently bought a brand new house for her two bunnies.

She made these cute bunny biscuits for the housewarming and I thought I'd share them - I actually helped to ice some of them too. The bunnies with the big goofy grins and long whiskers are the ones I iced.

Craft Book Goodness

I have recently bought a few craft books - first of all is Sublime Stitching Stitchable Stationary Kit.

I have seen this kit online, but I managed to get mine in town at Iko Iko.I was a little unsure about stitching on cardboard at first, but it's actually pretty easy. I have already completed one card so far but I won't post it just yet as its for a friend and I don't want her to see it just yet! But I will post a picture soon.

The other book I have bought recently is "Witch Craft" this is the first book I have ever bought from book depository - it seems that I am behind the times and everyone knows about this website but me! But I am so happy I have now found it as they have such a great selection of books and they ship free to New Zealand.

Back to the book I bought "Witch Craft" its a creepy cute craft book with all kinds of projects inside. I have shown my three favourite below - bottled potion necklaces (I just need to find some cute bottles), marshmallow skulls and softie bats. I am determined to make these three projects over the next month or so - I will of course post photos when I do.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Zealand Only Swap

I recently did a New Zealand only swap - I recieved a huge stash of things but here's a couple of my favourites.

First of all this bunch of "flowers" - they are made from hershey's kisses.

I also got these cute charms - I really like the keys and dresses. I am planning on using them in an upcoming craft swap.

Sunny Sunday Adventures

Last Sunday was a beautiful day in Wellington, I had been sick on Saturday so I was very keen to get out and about and enjoy the day.

We started out by going to see our friend Nilanka's choir "The Homophones" sing as part of the Pacific Out Games events that where happening in Wellington over the weekend.

The choir was performing at the Wellington Town Hall - I've only been to the town hall to see gigs before so I never realised just how stunning it is. So beautiful.

Here's some photo's from the performance which consisted of a choir from Wellington and a choir from Auckland. The choir's performed individually and together. One of my favourite songs was Dubula, which was a Sotho folksong from South Africa.
After seeing the choir we went to check out the Mygalaxi Art Markets - which was a great little market. There venue was kind of cool as were the stalls.

There was so much I could have bought at the markets - but I decided on these three postcard. My favourite is the "Newlydeads" one.