Wednesday, August 29, 2007

knit one, purl two, knit one, purl two

My crafty geeky-ness knows no bounds - I've recently added two new crafts to my life!

The first is embriodery! I've admired "Sublime Stitching" online for some time now - I was even signed up for Sublime stitching classes - but then never ended up going along. But one Friday night recently Kat and I were walking home, talking and having a nose in various shops and we came across "sublime stitching" patterns. Kat decided to buy a pattern and I thought - well bollocks I'm finally going to give this a go (I figured if Kat was doing it as well I could always call on her for help if it all went a bit "pear shaped").

As it turns out - basic embriodery is crazy easy! I'm partway through a skull pattern (after all - what else would I embrioder) - only problem is - I was making my "skully" in bright pink. I ran out of bright pink embriodery floss - I tried to get more at Goldings last weekend but they were all out which means it's time for the major trek out to Spotlight before I can finish skully *sigh*

I have also learned the "joy of knitting" - I've been inspired by my friend Karyn to knit for sometime as she's the most amazing knitter and makes the coolest things.

I knew another friend Jaimee was also wanting to get her knit on so on Saturday the two of us headed to knit world. I have to say that the people at knit world are absolutely lovely!

This fantastic man with all the patience in the world taught Jaimee and I to cast on, and knit and purl! He was so fantastic!

He also said if we need any help with anything knitting related to come down to knit world and someone will help us out.

So I am now in the rather early stages of knitting myself a "skinny" pink scarf, after that I shall knit a chunky scarf for Rich.

I've also bought a fantastic book called "stitch and bitch" - with very funky patterns - Karyn is also going to give me some skull related patterns.


Here's something I thought I'd never say - The Simpsons Movie is totally lame

I am a Simpson's uber nerd - just ask Rich - he'll tell you that I can watch an episode of the Simpsons 10 times over and never get bored of it. In fact - if he didn't drag me away from the TV I could watch 10 episodes of The Simpsons I had seen 10 times before and not get bored.

I start far too many sentences with "that's just like that time on The Simpson's when..."

I'm not a big TV fan - I've never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives, Grey's anatomy or whatever the hell else all the cool kids are watching, but I know what I like and I like the Simpsons (oh yes I also like Dr Who - especially the new Dr - but we can talk about him another time).

When I heard there was going to be a Simpson's movie I was SO friggin excited - it has been a long time coming - and there was a slight bit of fear that it may be total pants but I figured if they could keep the Simpsons going for 10 years or however long it's been and still keep it funny then the movie would have to be funny - right?

Wrong! My first major gripe is the digital stuff - I'm a child of the 80's - when it comes to animation I like mine lo-fi. The lo-fi animation is one of the reasons I loved The Simpsons so much!

The next thing is they tried to put in just too much! There were too many lame story lines (like Lisa's love interest being the son of an Irish musician but not Bono).

Plus there wasn't nearly enough of Moe or Apu!! But a fair wack of comic book guy?

Hummm....maybe I have actually become a little like comic book guy myself in writing this blog?

But I do have to say one thing was pure Simpson's genuis - two words - Spider Pig.

Every vote makes a difference!

Well this isn't about anything deeply political - but it damn well deserves your vote anyways!

In a world that is obsessed with the whole "Idol" thing, (in case you don't know - it's the website containing all that's worthwhile in NZ news, if you're a kiwi and don't know about stuff you clearly don't have an office job where you can waste your time reading the latest crap story about Britney, Linsey or Paris) has launched "Blog Idol".

Basic premise is that the good folk at Stuff have chosen 10 finalists for "Blog Idol" - the finalists will get voted off one by one (well at least the person with the least votes at the end of the day gets the boot) until only one "blog idol" remains. The prize? Their own column in stuff for the next year.

You may be asking yourself - why the hell do I care so much about this? Well I am no blog idol myself - however - one of my best friends in the world ever Carolyn is! She is writing a blog about the perils of dating, love and life in the Naki and has already gotten through to the final 8! You go girl!

So this all brings me back to the title of this entry - "every vote makes a difference!"

Please vote for Carolyn - not just because I implore you too - but because she's actually a bloody good writer!

Anyways - here's the voting link - tell your friends and keep the dream alive!

Bye Bye Mel!

Well last Wednesday was time to say bye to another friend heading off shore (well in Mel's case actually returning home to the UK).

My friend Mel is heading off to live in London (stopping on the way for adventures in London).

It's a bit sad to say bye bye to another friend - but on the upside - it's someone else to crash with if Rich and I ever make it to London!

Plus I guess we can always geek out and keep in touch via the wonderful world of facebook.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventures up Mt Victoria and Craft 2.0

So a bit about last weekend started as it has been for a while now going out for a walk with Ange whislt she is working on her weight loss.

This weeks challenge was Mt Victoria - Ange came and picked me up about 9am and we were making great progress climbing up Mt Vic, until we got near the summit because this is when we discovered the summit was "closed for repairs" grrr... nevermind...there will be other chances to make it right to the top!

When I got home it was time for Rich and I to head out to the Hutt - you may ask what would ever possess anyone to go to the Hutt? Well we decided to go to a kick arse craft market know as craft 2.0 which was being held at the new dowse gallery out there. The market was fantastic - so much cool and inspiring stuff (we nearly had a stall out there but were a bit slow off the mark - d'oh! Hoping to get one at the November Craft 2.o).

One of my favourite stalls was a guy who had bought up a whole bunch of WAY too nice nana style plates with frou frou flowes and the like and printed great words on them like "Mutant" and "slapper" and "manus" - they were fantastic!

I was tempted to buy a "mutant" plate but then realised I own far too much pointless stuff already! Instead I bought some very cool buttons - some are shaped like red skulls and some are shaped like white ghosts, seriously cute:)

The only other thing I have to say about the hutt is this - if you're adverse to Malls - you could die at lunchtime!

That night I was suppose to be heading off to Sam's 21st but all my walking during the day, combined with the fact that I never really caught up on my sleep during the week after going to Auckland to see the cure left me feeling utterly exhaused. So I was a bad friend and bailed - I felt so stink about it - but I wasn't really going to be much fun at a party. In the end I just laxed out with Rich and finally watched "Little Miss Sunshine" on DVD. It was so funny - but fact they have beauty padgents for girls that age freaked me out, it's bad enough such horrible things exist at all - let alone pushing poor wee girls into them!

Sunday was a bit of a lax day, I went down and hung out with Kat for a while and then came home and got crafting - turning a lame old business shirt I had into a halterneck and trying my hand at embriodery. I have nearly finished my first embriodery project and no one will be surprised to learn it's of a skull:)

Anyhose, that way my weekend, pretty laxed out - but I really needed a break!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I really couldn't have been more excited about seeing the Cure - they are a band I've loved since I was about 13 and also a band I doubted I would ever actually see in NZ. So when it was annouced that they were going to play in NZ Rich and I got Sue to snap up some tickets for us pretty quickly!

Anyways - heres so pictures from our night out at the Cure - I was pretty happy with the songs they played. Although a little bummed they didn't play "Love Cats" which is one of my all time favourites.

They did, however, play "Boys don't cry" and I now even have an ultra cool "Boys don't cry" t-shirt which I bought at the gig! Yah! The Cure! (even if my ears are still ringing slightly - it was so worth it!).

Whanau Weekend

Last weekend was spend with Rich's Whanau (well actually just his mum and dad) and a fantastic time was had.

On Friday night we all went out to dinner at "The Holy Cow" which is a little India restaurant down in Kelburn - I really love that place but don't got there that often as India isn't terribly kind to the waistline but I figured that once in a while can't hurt.

After our india dinner we headed into Happy, the reason for this was that Rich's parents are huge Bob Dylan fans - and Bob Dylan was playing in Wellington the same weekend that they were visiting. However, we weren't able to get tickets so we decided to take them to the Bob Dylan tribute gig at Happy instead and I we all had a great night. My favourite band would have had to been a group of guys called "The Mighty Faggot" - not the sort of band to be playing high quality Dylan covers you may thing but they were FANTASTIC!

The next morning Rich had work and I was going for a walk with my friend Ange in the morning (who managed to complete the "stairs of doom" next to my flat that day - go Ange!) but in the afternoon we went out for lunch and then went for a bit of a walk about town before we all decided the weather was a bit too miserable and we may as well grab some papers and head home.

So the afternoon was spend reading papers and hanging out and I went and picked up a decidedly cheesy but funny DVD called "Keeping Mum" to watch (I was a little worried about my DVD choice as I'm not big on comedies but it seemed to go down well) and an early night.

The next day Rich and his parents headed off to the Kaori Wildlife Sanctury - but I headed out with Celia to go to the Bookclub 2 year birthday meeting. I can hardly believe the bookclub I started has been running for 2 years!

After all that I spend the evening packing - getting ready to leave for Auckland to see the Cure on Tuesday night.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank God it's FRIDAY!

It's been such a LONG week with work being pretty thin on the ground - one of those weeks where you take ages to do every little thing because you're not sure where the next piece of work is coming from *sigh* It gets very boring!

On Wednesday night I drowned my sorrows by having a few drinks with some of the girls after work - original plan was to go to the General Practitioner but it was packed and we couldn't find a table for 5! So went went to this place in Wellington that has had a million different names - I can't even remember what it's called at the moment - but I remember at one stage it was Spice Island? Anyways that was pretty cool - much wine and gossip and giggles.

Last night was belly dance class - which was cool - got to the stage where we pretty much dance now. I still don't think I am any good but it's fun and it's extra fitness which is all good:) Plus lots of really cool chicks there to hang out with which make all the difference!

Rich's parents also arrived last night for a few days which is cool - tonight we're all off to dinner out and a Bob Dylan tribute gig at Happy. Should be fun:)

Also yesterday I bought that 80's fashion favourite - legwarmers - now the question remains....will I actually wear them or was I just nostalgic?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Docs are in hospital again!!

On Tuesday I had to take my poor docs to hospital again as the zip was coming away at the side - I then decided it was time to go and buy the new pair of red docs I have been promising myself...and they didn't have them in my size! Grrr....

Maybe I am just not destined to wear docs anymore? In the meantime I guess at least I have my cute black shoes with pink poka dots - but seriously wanting my docs for the Cure gig up in Auckland next Tuesday night.

But all is well as my regular docs can leave hospital tommorrow:)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Time for an update....

I've very aware it's been a while since I updated my blog so here's a bit of what I've been up to lately!

Last Wednesday I caught up with Celia and Simon for the first time since they got back from their honeymoon - we picked up some cheap and choice asian food in town and had a gossip about the trip and what had been happening here. Sounds like they had a wicked trip - especially New York - I'd love to see New York.

After dinner with Celia and Simon I met up with Rich and embarked upon what was to become a David Lynch odessy! I like David Lynch as a director - not as much as Rich but I do think his flims are cool...but his latest film "Inland Empire" which was showing at the film festival was just SO SO went for about 40 minutes too long...I got to the stage where I was thinking "maybe this will never end?". It was after midnight by the time we left the city, and whilst that may not be too late for some of you - when you get up at half five to go to the gym like I do it's a killer!!

On Thursday after work I went to bellydance as per usual - but didn't do much else - apart from having an early night to prepare me for Friday night film festival films.

Friday night I meet Rich after work and we headed off and had some yummy Korea food for dinner - I love asian food much food for so little pingers and it's always healthy with lots of vege's.

Anyways - after dinner and a hot drink Rich and I embarked on a night of Japanese Horror by watching "Deathnote" and "Deathnote 2" - these films were awesome and it was totally worth seeing them together. I'd never been to a "double feature" before so that was exciting in itself and I have to say I love Japanese always seems to have just the right level of craziness:)

We had to get up reasonably early on Saturday morning as we had a table at "Aro Valley Markets". Whilst the sales at the markets weren't so flash - it was quite a cool day. Just hanging out near the park and people watching and seeing what other people had to sell. It seems that food was the big seller on the day - so I think next time we shall have to take some fudge or some other baking to help us make a few more pingers on the stall.

During the course of the market though I did buy some poi off one of the other stall holders and she's going to give me some lessons on how to use them. So I am pretty excited about that - always fun to learn new party tricks and I though practicing poi had got to be good for your upper arm muscles?

Last night Rich and I headed out to Ange and Brendon's for the evening for Midwinter Christmas and had a great night - it was almost like being at your parents with the beautiful table set up, snuggly warm house and beautiful food. We all contributed to the food and it was fantastic!!

After the eating had finnished the guys went and started to watch "Black Hawk Down" so Ange came out with the Marjong board - I'd never played this before but Jacqui showed us the ropes. I'm not hugely into games but this was actually quite fun - even though I'm not quite sure that I have the hang of it yet!

Today has been a bit of a quiet day - but I think we needed it - just tidied up our flat (got a bit messy with all that movie watching and not being home much!) and hung out at home. Also finally got a WHOLE BUNCH of washing done as it was the first fine and sunny day in FOREVER!

Anyhose - that's me for the last few days! Best get cooking dinner before The Simpsons starts:)