Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have a new Stockist!

It's been a while since I've had a stockist for any of my stuff - Rich and I used to stock at Kat's shop until it was shut down. Since then we've been selling stuff at markets like Craftwerk, Aro Valley and Craft 2.0 but haven't really bothered to find another stockist.

But then I heard about this shop called Formation in Christchurch and decided it was time to find a stockist for my Barbie bling seen as so many people seemed to like it and it was selling well at markets.

I contacted Formation and yesterday my first package of Barbie Bling was sent to Christchurch - fingers crossed it sells well!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Olivia and Jonathan's Wedding

Last Sunday was my friend Olivia's wedding at the "Boatshed" on Taranaki Street Wharf - it was a really cool place for a wedding and I had a fantastic time:) Here's some photo's I took on the day in no particular order...

Firstly some views from the boatshed - looking out to sea...

Then looking out onto the city by night

The back of Olivia's amazing wedding dress - I loved this dress on her - it was amazing!

A general "snap shot" of the reception

A "post ceremony" shot of Olivia and I
Some of the fantastic table settings...
....and the very very lovely cake (complete with a wee bride and groom on top!)
Current and ex OTS people! Miriama, Aradhna and myself
Assorted bridal party photos....

Rich and I shortly after the ceremony

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who is stealing all the cats in Aro?

So for those of you who don't know, the suburb I live in is called the Aro Valley and I absolutely love living here! It's the best place I've ever lived and the only place I've ever lived with any real sense of community - I also love the hippy/boho vibe going on in Aro.

But there's one bad thing about Aro and that's the high number of cats that go missing - that's right I said cats.

It seems like a whole bunch of Cats go missing around here, which is really sad, some people keep putting posters up for months and months at a time hoping that their cat will be returned to them.

So I'm not sure what happens to the cats in Aro - maybe someone is stealing them? Maybe a lot of them get hit by the bus?

But I'm not the only one who is wondering where all the missing cats in Aro go - today I noticed this really cool piece of street art which asks the question that many of us Aro types have been wondering for a while now - "who is the Aro Valley Cat Burglar?"

Heart Shaped Soap!

Today is my friend Olivia's wedding - and I really wanted to give her something handmade. I thought quite hard about what to make her and then decided on some nice soap - this was a bit of a gamble as the last time I tried to make soap things went horribly badly wrong.But I decided I'd try again and see how it goes and if worst came to worst I could by a store bought (**gasp**) gift instead. But thankfully for me - last night's soap making adventures were a total success! Here's a photo of the soaps I made - they are orange scented too...mmmm...

A day at Paekakariki Beach

Last weekend was Wellington Anniversary weekend and it was an absolute stunner!(as you can see from these photo's).

On the Sunday of the long weekend Rich and I decided to go to Paekakariki for the day and it was VERY hot and there were a whole bunch of people on the beach.

But we had a good day - how could you not have a good day when the sun is shining like this!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A day at the races for Celia's Birthday!

Last weekend Celia arranged a day at the races to celebrate her birthday - the only time I'd ever been to the races before was to work in a pie cart during my university days - so I was very excited to have a chance to dress up posh, wear a floppy hat, drink wine and sit in the sun for a day!
The girls enjoying a wine in the wine village - can you believe we bought a whole bottle of french champers for $25 - what a bargain!
The lovely Mr & Mrs Black....awwww...

These next few photo's need some explaination - they had a wine grape crushing competition in the wine villiage - here's my friend Henri trying her luck out squishing some grapes

Celia enjoying a high quality lunch - nothing like a wine and a hot dog;)
Everyone a bit later on - sitting on the grass, having a picnic and watching some horses!

Glasson's Breast Cancer Tee's

I do realise I'm suppose to be doing the whole "buy no new clothes for 6 months" thing but well some things are bigger than craft even!

Some things like supporting breast cancer - so yesterday Kat, Sonia and I went to get our annual breast cancer tee's from Glassons.

I got the very cute Kate Sylvester racer back t-shirt - which I love! There's more info about the shirts on the Glassons websites.

I think most of my friends buy Breast Cancer tees each year anyways to help their sisters in need - but if you don't buy them - well it's time you got out there spent some coin and bought yourself one!

PS - The doubly nice thing is that they actually go up to a size 20 too for all the bigger girls out there - if only all Glassons clothes went up to a size 20 for all the bigger girls out there **sigh**

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Polehill Reserve to Brooklyn Wind Turbine Walk

A couple of weekends ago Rich and I decided it was time to go for a decent walk, before Christmas Kat and Fiona had done a walk from Polehill Reserve in Aro to the wind turbine and said it was pretty cool - so we figured - we live right down the road from the Polehill reserve - lets give this walk a go!

So part way through the way we got off the beaten park a bit and came across some old bunkers which was really cool - some of them had some very cool sencil art in them which was just amazing!

Part way through our walk we also came across this lovely white horse - he was really friendly and came right up to the gate so we could pat him (I really wish I'd had an apple to give him). I really love this photo too - looks so whimsical like something out of Princess bride.

Finally the wind turbine! Although it was so foggy you couldn't see too much!