Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's just a jump to the left, and a step to the right...

My friend Nats is having a Rocky Horror Picture Showed themed party for her birthday and Rich and I have been invited along - it's not till October but it may take me that long to sort out a costume - fishnets anyone?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Afem meeting was cancelled:(

So it turns out the Afem meeting was cancelled this week which I am a bit bummed out about because I was really looking forward to it - hopefully it goes ahead next week but all signs point to yes for a meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

So I'm at home again tonight which is a bit of a bummer - I was really looking forward to going out tonight:(

I guess I'll just have to look forward to drinks on Friday night...

It's a good week when...

Two of your friends set up a blog in one week - check out the link to Carolyn's blog on the sidebar of my blog and read about her Perth Adventures:)

Some good news...

Here's some good news we had in the weekend but I forgot to write about!

Rich heard from his friend Stu and he and his partner Ande are coming back to NZ from the UK in December for a visit and also to have their civil union in Cambridge - how exciting!!

The Civil Union is about the 17th Decemeber I think - So we're going to spend a week or so up in Hamilton - go to the civil union - go visiting people in Hamilton and also hopefully make it over to Tauranga to see Rich's parents for a bit - I'd like to go up to Auckland to see people - especially Marth, we have to go to Spookers!

Then we are going to catch a bus to New Plymouth to spend Christmas with my family and finally flying out of New Plymouth to head to sunny Nelson for New Years!!

Phew - it's going to be busy busy busy!! Soon as we have booked the tickets I'm going to let peoples know what we're doing for New Years and hopefully others will want to come down and spend New Years with us:)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank You Georgie!!

Yah! I got a postcard from Georgie from her trip to Samoa - yah!!

Ekant, Unicia and Keziah's Blog

My friend's Ekant and Unicia and their wee girl Keziah have just moved to the UK and they have set up a blog - fantastic! Another blog for me to check out:)

Monday, August 28, 2006

About that Fimo Empire...

Well some people have been asking what the fimo brooches that Rich and I have been making lately look like - well - here's some fine examples of our fimo work!

I heard from Kat today and she said two of the Fimo's I took into her on Saturday have already sold - a pencil and and keyboard - go the fimo!

The big news....

So I know you're all wondering....if you've not heard already.....YES! I did get my job!! Which is fantastic news - the first permanant job I've had since I moved to Wellington:) It's a bit of a weight off my mind really - now I won't always be thinking about when I have to look at applying for a new job!!

I'm thinking of having a few drinks this Friday night to celebrate:D

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Time for my 200th Blog update!

Yes this is my 200th blog update - which seems like a hell of a lot of rambling on about my little world.

Anyhose what have I been up to this weekend? Well yesterday I went with some of the girls to check out the Women's Expo and I have to say it was a little disappointing compared to the other times I have been in Hamilton - too many people trying to sell you stuff you really don't want or need and not enough community groups - so it was a little disappointing but I did enter a lot of competitions so who knows I could win an overseas trip, some lifecoaching or a pamper pack out of it? (Or any one of about a million other competitions I entered).

Went out for lunch with the girls at Arizona and had beans on toast - I know that seems lame but the bread was really nice and the weather was just so cold and miserable I felt like some comfort food so go the beans!

After lunch Jess and I went to check out a Kimono show at the Japanese Embassy - could have been really cool except the lady presenting the show didn't speak english and her translator did seem a bit lost at times but the Kimono's were very beautiful - even if the green tea and Japanese sweets did look a tad suspect.

That evening went for a night out with Jess, Andrew and Ross - continued the Japanese theme by having dinner at Hede (I love that place - it's on of my new favourites!) and then went and saw Breakfast on Pluto at Rialto - a bit long and had some sad moments - but all over it was really interesting.

Today so far Rich and I have had an uber cleaning mission and just went and checked out an apartment just down the road a bit - it was a really cool apartment with a fantastic walk in wardrobe - BUT the building was 1930's styles and it doesn't look like it has had any maintenance in the last 20 or so years - cracks showing (quite literally) and needs a really good waterblast and repaint - I don't know what the bodycorp is doing with it really! Could be a fantastic block if it had been as maintained as well on the outside as the inside....we are going to check out another one along the Terrace at 4.

This afternoon I'm going to get into some serious study - my next assignment is due on the 8th September which is coming up SO QUICKLY!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Today's the Big Day!

Well today is the day that I find out whether I got my job!! I think I should get it but it's pretty nerve wracking.

I can't beleive it's Friday already - I'm sure time goes more and more quickly as we go through the year.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I had such a fantastic time last night

Last evening Jaimee and I went to a feminist meeting over on Able Smith Street - I was so awesome - it was just fantastic to meet other people who are passionate about the same things that I am and want to take some action. It's just awesome!!

But this morning I must say I'm a wee bit nervous - got an interview for my job at 10:30 - I hope I get it - everything will turn on it's head if I don't.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a general yarn

So my second day in my new posse - feels like my workload has increased with my move though!! That's ok - makes the day go quickly but it's a bummer when you realise that you have stayed at work much longer than you are suppose too because you're just so darn busy!!

I've got another big week this week - including a job interview for my own job - it would be so awesome to finally have some job security - so I hope that it all goes well!! Think of me Thursday morning at 10:30...I think if I do get the job I will need to have some celebrations...

Got my first assignment back for my course - the grade wasn't that flash but that's ok - I passed easily and it's the first piece of academic writing I have done in a few years so I can handle the grade...but hopefully my next essay us's coming up fast though - due on the 8th Septemeber. I did quite a bit of study last night and planning to do a bit more tonight as have fallen a but behind with my readings.

Jess and I have been discussing our plans for the horror film night I'm planning at hers in October - should be a fun night but I need to choose some good horror films - SO MANY CHOICES!!

Well best be off....things to do....dinner to eat!

Work Yesterday

At work yesterday I finally got an office like everybody else!! It's awesome!!I now have so much room to spread out....I actually have a place for files and other things so my desk also finally looks tidy.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I had a wicked Friday:)

Because Marth was here I took a half day today to spend the afternoon with her and she wanted to go shopping so we had a fantastic time having a look around all the shops - which was awesome - I guess because I live in Wellington I tend to go to the same shops all the time but Marth and I went to a whole bunch of shops which I hardly ever go to so it was good to have a good look around and also - of course - a lot of gossip.

I took Marth to check out Triangle and it turns out the Fimo has sold pretty well so that's great news - we are working on a few more fimo masterpieces at the moment so hopefully get some new stuff to Kat soon.

I took Marth to dinner at - Harem - where else? Rich met us there and we had a fantastic meal..mmmm...and more gossip - took a couple of pictures which I will put up tommorrow hopefully:)

Marth said next time I go up Auckland ways I am more than welcome to stay with her family which is awesome - I think I will totally take her up on that offer - she also said next time I'm up we have to go to "Spooked" - it's an old mental institution which has been made into a haunted house - sounds scary as hell - I can hardly wait to go and check it out!

Marth was pretty tired after dinner (she'd already been all the way up to Whangarei this week) so she headed off to her mates place for the night as she has a big one planned tommorrow.

Rich and I decided to go and check out a film and ended up seeing "50 ways of saying Fabulous" - I really liked this film - I want to say it was "cute" - but then it did have some really dark moments - maybe whimsical is a better word? Anyway I thought it was pretty "fabulous" (ha ha - lame I couldn't resist though) so I recommend it to everyone!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just a quick note...

Well I haven't slept well most of this week and I have been so busy at work - and to top off my already fantastic week which included both my walkman and my bag breaking...this morning my NEW Doc Martins broke - I went to zip them up and the puller on the zip came right off...awesome...(But I did ring Wildpair and they said to bring them in and they will arrange to have them fixed).

But on the of my colleagues is leaving work tommorrow so on Monday I will have his office...finally an office again!! Also when I got home I had new copy of BUST(A very cool Amercian Feminist Mag I subscribe too) and tonight was Dr Who night so life isn't all bad I guess...but man I really do need to go to sleep already.

I am so stoked though..tommorrow Marth is going to be here and I get to have half a day off - wicked:D

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm feeling so much better

I've been feeling terrible for over a week - but I woke up this morning feeling SO MUCH better - In fact I'm almost feeling my normal self despite a horrible morning during the course of which my walkman wouldn't work (the reasons why it won't work are still a mystery) and the strap of my bag broke when I was walking to the office!

Work is SO busy at the moment too - for the first time ever I bought work home - but I have resolved not to do it now I've actually got it at home. When I got home I reclaimed my sanity and realised that if I start doing a bit of work at home it's just the beginning of a slipperly slope and before I know it I will be doing more and more work at home, which is something I just don't want to do.

I think I've got Marth's visit all sorted for Friday - it involves hanging out with my friends, eating out and a play at Bats - I haven't been to Bats forever so it should be wicked and it will be awesome to see Marth again:)

Monday, August 14, 2006

My pet Monkey

Something I found online tonight

adopt your own virtual pet!


Looking at houses

Had a look at our first few apartments yesterday - one in Mt Vic and a couple in the city.

The one in Mt Vic was ok - I'd rent it but I don't think I'd buy it - the kitchen and bathroom were both a bit old and dated.

The second two apartments in the city were both suicide boxes - so the less said the better really! I wouldn't rent them - let alone buy them and in fact I don't know who would!!

I'm also still not feeling great - after looking at the apartments I felt absolutely exhausted - I hope I can shake this bug soon - it's pretty frustrating - I feel like I can't do anything!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's such a beautiful day here!!

The sun is shining - which is fantastic! Maybe Rich and I can go for a walk prior to checking out the open homes.

Although I have to say I'm still not 100% - I just seem to get exhaused so easily - which really sucks - I'm not doing half the stuff I normally do as I am so tired all the time.

I didn't even manage to stay up late enough to finish watching the DVD last night as I just got so tired/started feeling sick again and started feeling really cold. I'm seriously getting frustrated with feeling tired all the time - I'm used to doing lots of stuff but at the moment I feel like I can hardly do anything - it's frustrating beyond belief!!

If I'm not better in the next week I guess I will have to go to the Doctor and see if he can work out if anything else is wrong with me over and above a sinus infection...this sucks so much:(

Saturday, August 12, 2006


So what have I been up to far this weekend - not too much actually...

I'm feeling mostly better but I still get tired really so I'm not my normal self.

Had a good sleep in this morning and then Rich and I went for a bit of a walk around town - we had lunch at the Tugboat restaurant - which I have to say wasn't the flashest place in the world...the resturant itself is quite cool because it's in an old tugboat (hence the name!) but the food and the service was not fantasic. I got a whitebait fritter but they put capsicum in it - ew!!

Also bought some more fimo to make some more badges...Rich is working on some right now.

Rich also bought some materials to begin his new animation - so that's pretty cool:)

Later on met up with Jess and Ange and her mum for a walk along the waterfront - which was really good as I haven't done much exercise in the past week because I've been sick but now I feel totally exhaused...which is not cool:(

So I think tonight it will be a DVD night for Rich and I - which isn't that exciting for a Saturday night - but I don't feel up to doing much else and Aro video is just down the road and it has about a million DVD's I want to watch!

For those that don't know - Rich and I have decided to buy an apartment/townhouse - so tommorrow we are going to check out a few open homes and see what's on offer, which will be cool. If not scarily grown up.

Well I'm off now - dinner's ready!

Friday, August 11, 2006

I am still sick but less stressed...

Well I got my assignment and my CV in on I am not stressed anymore...

But I'm still sick - I should have taken a day off yesterday - but I still went in - because I feel guilty taking too much time off work - Pathetic I know! So only one day to go and then it will be a weekend of sleeping and recovery.

I had a bit of good news yesterday though - Martha is coming to visit next weekend - wicked!! I am going to see if I can get next Friday afternoon off so we can spend some time together.

Well I best get organised to go to work now!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So it turns out...

That I have a sinus infection, that's why I am feeling so terrible, but went to the Doctors today and picked up some Antibiotics - he said it may not be cleared up by tommorrow but I should be feeling better on Friday, at least I have some sick leave at work now so I will get paid for this time off.

But it doesn't help my job application for my job is due in on Friday - it's hard to concentrate when you're dealing with sinus pain constantly. But after having a bit of a rest I am determined to get the rest of it sorted today - only have the cover letter to go - but then - that's often the worst part - grr...

Monday, August 07, 2006

I thought I'd done pretty well at escaping winter colds and flu this year...

But it finally caught up with me and now I am sick - gross - feeling a bit better tonight but not my normal self that's for sure...hopefully make it to work tommorrow.

Anyways - bookclub on Saturday night was heaps of fun - so much nice food and Ange even made a birthday pavalova for the bookclub - cute!!:)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

cutie cutie piggy game!

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Saturday Morning...

Well I'm just about to start on my assignment - hopefully I'll get it finished today so I can work on my CV tommorrow.

Turns out the Japanese Horror last night wasn't scary as I thought it would be - In fact I'm not entirely sure what happened in the film...must be a cultural difference or something.

This morning Rich is off to go and get the Southern Cross Tattooed on his arm - hopefully it doesn't hurt too much - apparently the tattoo guy said it's like a bee sting over and over...

We are hopefully going to go and check out another film this afternoon pre-year long bookclub celebrations - it's called "Lonesome Jim" I don't really know too much about it but sometimes the best way with films - that way you have no expectation.

It's our year long bookclub celebrations tonight - hardly seems like a year since bookclub started - I'm going to take along fruit salad and gelato - provided I have time to make it!

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Week

Well I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front this week for some reason - I think it's because I was busy with my assignment - which I hope to have all finnished tommorrow so that I can post it off on Monday...Phew....but I also have to apply for my job...hopefully will be able to get my CV all tidied up on Sunday.

Well apart from study - what have I done this week - to be honest not a heck of a lot...

I went to the movie about the Pixies on Wednesday night which was really cool - always quite funny watching documentaries about Rock bands and realising that by and large their lives are just like ours - except for slightly more disfunctional...

We went and had a quick dinner with Celia and Simon on Thursday night because they asked us to go to dinner with them pre the Pixies movie but we couldn't make it. Went to the cheap and choice Asian place near New World Metro that I used to always go to with Steven and Corey when they were in NZ.

Speaking of leaving NZ - next week is my friend Carolyn's last week in NZ before she heads off to Perth to live while her Fiance is working on a contract over there - I feel like I'll miss her heaps even though she lives in New Plymouth and I live in Wellington. But it's ok because she's awesome at keeping in touch so I know I'll get heaps of e-mails and hopefully a postcard or two as well.

Well I best be off - Rich and I are going to check out a Japanese horror tonight at the film festival tonight (provided they still have tickets!).

All things going well I shall blog more tommorrow!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Finally I'm less stressed!!

I've now finished Ange and Brendon's building contract....yah!

I've also made a major dent in the first part of my assignment - although it's already well over the 600 word limit and I'm not finnished yet but it will be easy enough to edit.

So now I feel like I should be able to go to the 1 year bookclub celebrations on Saturday.

I'm also going to a movie about the Pixes tonight which I'm looking foward too yah!