Sunday, March 29, 2009

Richter City Roller Derby - First Ever Bout!

Last night was my Roller Derby League's first ever bout, sadly, I'm not up to scrimmaging yet so I wasn't one of the stars of the show.

I did however get to be a door lady and one of the scoreboard keepers (which gave me one of the best seats in the house).

Rich tried to take a few photo's at the bout, but unfortunatly my wee camera has difficulty capturing the speed of derby.

But I did manage to take a photo's of some of the awesome patches that some of the girls in the league made - they are too cool for words!

Aro Valley Fair

Yesterday it was the yearly Aro Valley Fair and despite being bad weather earlier on in the week it was a lovely day to sit in the park, listen to some music and check out some crafty goodness.

Earth Hour

Yesterday at 8:30pm it was earth hour, basically you were supposed to turn off the lights for an hour at 8:30pm to raise awareness of climate change issues. I'm not really convinced that this will help the worlds problems - maybe I have become a cynic.

But looks like I may be one of the few as yesterday at Manners Mall people were falling over themselves to have the opportunity to sign the WWF earth hour billboard.

The Kills

Last Wednesday night Rich and I headed out to the San Fransisco Bath House to see The Kills. It was a little hard to get any decent photo's with my little camera but here's a couple Rich took!

A cold visit to a Frigate

Rich and I continued our icy Sunday walk into town and decided to head down to the Waterfront, when we got there was saw that the Frigate Te Kaha was in the harbour and also open for viewing.

I'm not really into military "stuff" but when you visit these big ships it is pretty amazing! We even got to see some "secret" stuff (but we weren't allowed to take photos of any secret stuff).

Icy Walk in the Botanical Gardens

Last Sunday was SO icy cold, and it reminded me that summer is actually over! Despite the fact we are still having some lovely sunny days it is now officially Autumn and in Wellington that means sunshine one days and rain and wind the next.

But even though it was icy cold it WASN'T raining at all, so there really wasn't any excuse to laze about home. Instead we decided it was a good time to visit the gardens again - and found them almost totally abandoned, which actually makes a nice change after the craziness of summertime.

Here's a few photo's I took, including some from the top of the Tree House visitors centre - which we visited for the first time despite numerous visits to the gardens!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Shall I Wear Today?

My craft group, the crafty foxes, are having a photo shoot in a few months complete with vintage look dresses.

Here's a few pattern options that I have for my dress (although my dress will be in black - possibly with red accents!).

This first pattern does look quite naff I must admit but the dress I would be looking at having made is the yellow one which could be pretty cute - it will be in black of course, not yellow, I don't do yellow.
The option for this patter in the dress in the forefront - I'm not sure if I am loving this style too much to be honest, but it could be cool.
Third choice is the dress in the back (again in yellow!). I think this is my favourite one to date as long as I can have a huge skirt with lots of tulle.

1950's Sci Fi Weekend

Last weekend the weather turned from autumn to the heart of winter seemingly overnight - it was SO SO cold which made me feel like heading out on Saturday night wasn't a great idea. Luckily one of Rich's workmates has loaned him a couple of 1950's sci fi movies for us to watch so we didn't have to go anywhere.

I love old 1950's movies like these - the covers alone are incredible! We watched "Them" first and it was full of all the monster style hype that you'd expect. I have to say I think "Night of the Lepus" borrowed heavily from the ideas in this film - except of course in that film it was giant rabbits not giant ants, I have to say giant ants are much scarier.

The second film we watched was "The Incredible Shrinking Man" , I have to admit to start with I wasn't too excited by this film but it's a really amazing film - it's not as "cheesy" as many other sci fi movies I've seen from this era but it is pretty amazing. I would watch this one again for sure.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Week - Another Swap

So I already have two swaps on the go on Craftster and a tee shirt swap on for my craft group but when I saw a psychobilly/horror craft swap come up on Craftster - especially when I received some encouragement from the organiser of the swap.

I should be finished both my Easter and Kisch Cowboy swap in the next week (fingers crossed I have chosen a bit of a tricky project for one of those swaps but I should be able to sort it out I hope) and get started on my this swap. This time my partner is from Germany which is pretty cool, I've had a look at her online store and I am really excited to see what she comes up with.

Also on the crafty arty front, Rich has decided to set up his own art/craft blog as I type this he's taking photo's of a whole array of his projects - I'll be sure to put a link up when he's set it all up.

In the meantime I better be off - so many craft projects that need my attention right now!

Midnight Expresso 20 Year Anniversary Street Party

So last Saturday night one of our favourite cafe's, Midnight Expresso, celebrated 20 years in Wellington. Some of the girls in my derby league went down to promote their mad skills and our upcoming bout so Rich and I decided to check it out as well. I think that maybe Wellingtonian's are a little "over" festivals and street parties as there has been SO many over the past few months - so there wasn't a huge crowd there. But it was still a good evening - I managed to catch up with the derby crowd and also a few of my friends who were just randomly about. The fire dancers were pretty amazing to watch and were a highlight of the night - I've never really seen fire dancers at night but have to say it's really impressive!

We followed up the Midnight Birthday Celebrations with a show at Happy Bar. The show consisted of three singer songwriters - my favourite was Groper, although the name isn't so attractive she was a really amazing singer/songwriter from the United States and I really enjoyed her set. We also saw a New Zealand guy called Pumice who was a pretty crazy and amazing "one man band". I'm not sure of the name of the third act but it was a guy with his laptop which was ok for a while but his set was an HOUR long and I thought it would never end...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Knuckle Duster Earrings

So last week my friend Nat played my guardian angel - so I decided to thank her with a handmade present.

She has often admired my hot pink knuckle duster earrings I decided to make her a pair of her own knuckle dusters - I like the sparklies (and I am hoping they remain in place!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Blood

So tonight is the night True Blood starts on Prime - I've heard so much about this show and being the horror fan I am it's pretty exciting to have a vampire based TV show back on (although of course it would be better if it was a zombie based show!).

But I am a bit apprehensive as well - it seems that whenever a TV or movie receives a lot of hype I am always disappointed by it. I guess I will just have to wait till 9:30 tonight to find out - fingers crossed it's awesome.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Some green, on green on green cupcakes I made for my team at work.

Monday, March 16, 2009

First ever attempt at needle felting

Months and months ago I bought a needle felting kit on esty as it seemed like such a simple craft with really cool results but I just didn't seem to find the time to complete the kit. But this weekend I FINALLY got to use the kit and I have to say needle felting is easier than I ever thought it would be - stabbing wool with a needle? It doesn't really get any easier than that.

Here's a couple pictures of the result - a very cute little penguin sitting on my craft table (well my sewing machine to be precise). I've now bought some more felting wool on trade me to create more felted creatures.


So my "prize" from the "put the ball in the freaky animals mouth" at Newtown fair was a packet of bubbles so here's some photo's of bubble fun from our deck on a freezing cold Friday night.

Santa Nankz!

So a while ago, our friends in the UK said presents to our friend Nilanka's house for Rich and I and also for Ross and we have been trying FOREVER to find a time that we can all meet up to hand over the presents. Finally we managed to do this last Thursday and our friend Nilanka played "Santa Nankz" and handed out all of the presents (he couldn't find a Santa had but he did manage to find a stunning wizard hat for the occasion).Ross said it would be fitting to have some "cakey things" for the night - he's a photo of Rich's plate - a cupcake (made by me) , a slice and a piece of cake (made by Nankz I think - or maybe Paul).
Some photo's of the stash that Rich and I received - first of all the card and the unopened silver package.
Next of course come the opening of the package (completed by me) and finally our stash two really interesting books and some very cool badges (including a pack of South Park badges).

Although Nankz and Paul opened their present a while ago I thought I'd include a shot of Nankz with his present anyways a very cool book all about the 1980's.

Finally Ross' present - the most saucy of the night - I think that Conor must have picked this one.