Friday, May 17, 2013

A taste of Philadelphia

Hello World! My tour of the big country continues, I'm now in Whitehall, Pennsylvania hanging out with Alicia and Bear.

But today I want to share with you a brief rundown of the four days I spent in Philadelphia with Meg - so here's an epic photo post!

First up we went shopping at South Street, its such a cute and quirky street with lots of fun stores and art is everywhere!

We visited and amazing mosaic wonderland called "Philadelphia Magic Gardens" - a space where a local artist had created a huge mosaic. It's so beautiful!

We went to visit the Liberty Bell - its actually much smaller than you think!

We also visited a beautiful portraiture gallery.

We also visited Benjamin Franklin's house and post office. 

We visited the Love Park & I took a cheesy photo!
We went to visited the Rocky Statute and posed appropriately!
 We visited the Rodin Museum and I had my photo taken by the "Gates of Hell" and checked out some of the other amazing sculptures.

 Finally we went to the Eastern State Penn and got to see a recreation of Al Capone's cell and check out some amazing old buildings.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A taste of New York City

Hello World! As most of you know, I've been away from the blog world for a while due to my trip to the USA. I've spent some time in New York City and now I'm in Philadelphia, hanging out with Meg. Here's a brief sample of things I did in New York City.
Heading towards Manhattan from Chinatown.
Street Art near Little Italy.
Street Art near Little Italy.
Circle line tour - hanging out with Lady Liberty.

Heading up to the Empire State Building.
Leana and I at the observation deck of the Empire State Building.
NYC Street Shot!
Times Square.
Driving to Coney Island.
Wonder Wheel at Coney Island.
Mermaids at Coney Island.
The Great Zoltar told my fortune.
Coney Island Boardwalk.
Mural at Coney Island
Authentic NYC Pizza
NYC fabric district
Guinea Pigs and cats in NYC
Hanging out with Juanita!
Central Park
Central Park

Federal Hall
9/11 Memorial
View from the observation deck of the Rockefeller Centre
Outside the Rockefeller Centre
Skyline gardens build on a now defunct railway track.