Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rad Red Ross Feather & Tie Partay

Over the weekend we went to the "Rad Red Ross Feather & Tie" party - here's some of the photos:)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Carolyn!!

It's my friend Carolyn's birthday today! But she's over in Perth so I can't celebrate with her - But I did think she would appreciate this...

Also - we both share an unhealthy Hoff I thought she would appreciate this as well...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello World!!

Hello all just a general catch up on what has been happening over the last week...humm...not much actually!!

I went to Celia's birthday lunch at Chow on Monday but my gums were still sore then and I wasn't feeling well then so I was only able to eat ice cream for my lunch and then I had to bail early and have a nap because I wasn't feeling good:( I'm mostly better now though - although the spots where my wisdom teeth once was is still quite sensitive. So better late than never but I'd just like to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELIA!!"

It's been my first truely "busy" week workwise just getting more and more things on my tray...but that's ok...better busy than nothing to do!

I was suppose to be at my first Sublime Stitching class tonight - but it's been postponed till 22 Feb due to a lack of interest - which SUCKS as I have been looking forward to going for such a long time...I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer *sigh*

Yesterday Rich and I did a walk over to Thorndon to drop off our lava lamp and disco ball for the "Rad Red Ross" Party which is on Saturday night - so looking forward to that - I have a cute red dress, red shoes and also bought some red fingernail polish today so I'm all set to go. They also have 24 Hour Party People on at the San Fransico Bath House the same night.

Rich and I are going to help Ross set up party central on Saturday - in exchange for lunch:) Seems like a good deal (Plus I quite like setting up for parties - it's the cleaning up afterwards I can't stand!!).

Tommorrow I'm meeting Nankz at the Ministry of Food for lunch which is great because I haven't seen him or Paul since new years...but I get to hang with them both at the Rad Red Ross party anyways:)

Also having some drinks out with Celia and other tommorrow to celebrate her birthday for the second time (because lots of people were away on Monday due to it being a public holiday and all).

Enough ranting for now...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Years!!

Yes - I know - new years was a day or two ago now - but I just hadn't had the chance to put the photo's up till now!

That said - I had a really AWESOME new years this year - we had a "posh frocks" cocktails party at our place (I'm still not sure how we managed to fit 17 people into our living room - but hey we did it!!).

We had a lot of friends from up north come along to our party too - which was fantastic!

Anyways - here's the photo's from my best new years in about 5 years:)

Further Naki Photos!

Seen as we were in the Naki we felt like we should do a bit more walking at Mt Egmont National Park - so here's a few more photo's - these ones we taken when we were walking along the Curtis Falls Track.

Christmas Adventures - Episode 5 - In the Naki

Our holiday in Mokau didn't go completely as planned - in a turn of events Rich referred to as "The Nightmare Before Christmas" we both ended up sick with a not too nice stomach bug at about 3 in the morning on Christmas Eve. But luckily, my mum is lovely, and drove all the way from Stratford to Mokau and back to pick us up as neither of us could have faced the perils of Mt Messenger in our ill state of health!!

Luckily - we were "ok" on Christmas day - still a slight bit on the dodgy side though - which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing to happen on Christmas day as it stopped us from completely pigging out!

But it was a good Christmas and we recieved lots more lovely presents whilst visiting my family.

Also whilst we were home it was a chance to get out and about and check out some of the day walks at Egmont National Park.

The first walk we did was just up the road from where my family lives - and it was called the York Road Loop track - back in the day there was an old quarry up there so it was a really interesting historical work as there are still the remains of a lot of the old machinery up there. My little bro Jacob came along for the walk too. Here's some of the photo's we took -

I'm offically wisdom-toothless - and feeling more than slightly dodgy...

Yes - my wisdom teeth are finally all gone!!

Yesterday at the dentist was ok - I think it was a case of nothing can be as bad as you imagine it to be....

I had to arrive an hour before the "extraction" and take some pills to sedate me - the pills left me a wee bit dizzy put generally ok. After the sedation it was time for the injections - I swear I must have had at least 10 injections (one side of my mouth just refused to go numb!!).

Having the teeth actually taken out wasn't too bad - just a lot of pressure (but two of the teeth did break when he was taking them out which wasn't so fab).

However, after the operation the dentist gave me a script for some hard out I'm doing "ok" today - not fantastic though - pretty sleepy and the 2 minute walk to the dairy left me feeling a bit iffy so I think the next few days will be inside days for me - no San Fran Bath House tonight...

Oh well - Ross said he would come over and visit at about 2pm and Rich should be home from work soon so at least I'll have someone to talk too soon!

The Veils Gig

Last Saturday Rich, Ross and I went to see The Veils.I never got around to blogging about the gig due to problems with blogger (surprise surprise!!).

I know that it's very early days in the year but I have to say that The Veils gig was the best gig I have been to this year - in fact it's the best gig I've been too in months and months - their performance was awesome and everyone really got into it and they played an encore as well (with some encouragement from the crowd).

So anyways - if you ever get a chance to see The Veils - you TOTALLY should - here's a (slightly dark) photo that Rich took at the gig (his height gives him an advantage over me when it comes to gig related photography!!).

Friday, January 19, 2007

And whilst Jacob is having his best night out in 17 years.....

I may well be having the worst day of my is the day I have avoided for some time and I have been trying to forget it's going to happen for sometime - but I guess there's no denying it's going to happen now - what the hell am I talking about you may be asking? Well today is the day I say farewell to all of my wisdom teeth:(

I have become a bit attached to them in the past 9 or so years (yes I'm an early bloomer - I had all four wisdom teeth by the age of 18) but now they must go...

I'm so NOT looking forward to having them pulled - in particular not looking forward to the pulling of the teeth, the injections, the recovery period (ok I'm just not looking forward to any part of it).

I can't help but as myself - why did my body even grow these apparently useless and extremely painful teeth?

My Baby Brother is 17 today!!

Yes it's true - my "wee" baby bro Jacob is 17 years old today and having his first every "real" party in one of the sheds on the farm with his brand new video camera (combined pressie from the whole family) in hand.

I hope he has the best night out he has had in 17 years!

Photo of me and my "wee" brother Jacob taken December 2006

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rich & I are going to Craftwerk..

As stall holders this time:)

We found out yesterday that our label "mofire" has been accepted to have a stall at Craftwerk - now all we have to do is get making more fimo's - we figure we'll need about 40 or so fimo's so I guess we'll be pretty busy over the next few weekends and in the evenings making fimo's.
If anyone is interested in visiting us and giving us much love on the night of the market it's going to be held at Southern Cross Bar (Able Smith Street) on 15 Feb from 5pm - 9pm.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas Adventures - Episode 4 - Mokau

There's a fair bit of road distance between Tauranga and Taranaki - especially if you're travelling via bus! So we decided to stop overnight at Mokau and relax. For those of you who don't know Mokau is a little seaside town about an hour and a half from my parents place. It's a fantastic west coast beach - black sand and rugged - and the "Whitebait capital of the North Island". Here's some pictures of us on our Mokau mini break!