Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge:1970's

Today is Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge number two from CB at Citybirds nest - today's challenge was 1970's, which can only mean one thing - POLYESTER! 

Luckily I LOVE polyester!

Rich currently has lectures on Wednesday nights, so I bought a wee tripod to see if I could take some photos myself - but I have to admit they are pretty rubbish compared to the ones Rich usually takes.

Also I've decided after looking at the photos I took with the tripod that our apartment may be slightly lop-sided. These pictures turned out so wonky!

I guess that's what you get for living in an "old" art deco apartment!

Here's a close up of the fabric of this dress - which I love so much! This dress comes with a wee story actually, I seen a dress identical to this in one of the "vintage" stores in town, I LOVED the print, but the price they were asking just seemed silly. So I decided we weren't meant to be together!

Then a few weeks ago I was op shopping at opportunity for animals and they had the EXACT same dress for $7 and it fit me perfectly - I bought it straight away and left with a smile on my face.
Turns out I even have the perfect tights to wear with this dress - I haven't worn these tights for a long time as they are a bit breezy for winter.

But now its spring so they are just perfect.
I haven't worn this guy for a LONG time - so I thought I'd wear him today. Rich made him for me out of fimo (polymer clay) YEARS ago.
Here's an up close photo of me not smiling - yes, sometimes I'm actually NOT smiling - hard to believe I know.
Finally - here's a close up of the animal friends that came with me to work today - a giraffe and a deer.
So I was hoping by now that Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge would be back up and running - but it doesn't seem to be the case. So if you have any ideas for a wardrobe challenge do let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Next week I'll be taking up Helga's challenge - 'attire to be worn whilst beating off cannibals' (I'm thinking "bad ass chic" for this one).

I also still have challenges to complete from Sarah, Mary and Curtise.

So if you have any ideas - no matter how simple (for example wear green) or how weird - let me know and I'll see if I can complete them all.

Finally - before I sign off I thought I'd show you my swipe card seen as I usually seem to be wearing it in my outfit posts. At work we get the standard office swipe card with our name on it. I decided to pimp mine out with Hello Kitty - because I'm TOTALLY a grown up.


Shoes - The Big Shwop
Tights - Glassons
Dress - Opportunity for Animals, Kilbirnie
Belt - From another dress
Brooch - Made by Rich
Bracelet - Gift from my globe trotting friends Lisa & Aaris
Ring - Clothes Swap
Necklace - Diva


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Wow that's come proper opshop magic - you and that dress were clearly meant to be! Love it with the tights and the cute lil robot.

Hmmm, a wardrobe challenge. I like Helga's idea, looking forward to that one! I'm reading all the Stephanie Plum books at the moment - how about bounty hunter chic?

Curtise said...

How great to get the same dress but at a reasonable price. See, the universe does love you after all, despite all the sickness! (Btw, I totally know what you mean about feeling like the universe is kicking your arse, it's really got it in for me at the moment too!)
My pics are often on a slant, I just level them up on PicMonkey!
The frock and the tights are fabulous, and I love that giraffe bangle. xxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I LOVE this frock....the fabric is just fab, I love the colour & the print & for $7 you had to have it. You look gorgeous in the non smiling shot too....I feel like I look so silly when I don't smile in a photo, then again I feel pretty silly smiling too. I do hope posing for the blog gets easier in time. I thought of a Wednesday challenge for about clashing print? As in stripes & floral or something like that. I hope you're feeling much better now too. Xx

Meghan Edge said...

Love that dress, but I think the scene stealer for me is the deer ring! SO CUTE! And I think it's adorable that your man made you a robot. That is so freaking cute.

I might want to participate in that challenge- it sounds awesome!! If I were beating off cannibals, I think I'd need a weapon... (-goes to look for blunt instruments and knives-)

CityScape Skybaby said...

That's brilliant that you waited for the dress and it came to you at a much better price, must have been meant to be, and your tights do go with it perfectly so it was definitely meant to be. I didn't see Helga's challenge but it does sound a fun one, looking forward to seeing what you wear for that! And that robot brooch is super cute, I love it! xx

cb said...

I love that dress and the tights too! What a great pin rich made you! You two are so talented and crafty. I love hello kitty and i love her little pose, so cute.

alicia said...

cuuuuute little robot pin!!! <3

Louise said...

Outfit perfection! And what a bargain. Love the dress, and it looks amazing with those cute tights!

Unknown said...

LOVE that fab frock (and yay for red white and blue!) and your lovely accessories - especially the robot brooch :)

How about 'Space Odyssey' as a theme!

Sarah xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love op shopping karma stories like the one about your dress. The print is great. I have those same tights but in purple.

Vix said...

That is a happy story! I wonder if the over-priced vintage shop couldn't sell the frock and donated it to charity? that's happened to me before now!
Love the robot Rich made you! x

Stacey said...

I love it when things work out like that! Plus, this dress is supremely awesome - definitely an op-shop miracle! Love the print & it looks great on you. Taking photos with a tripod always takes a bit of getting used to. Just stick with it, and it will get easier!