Friday, May 05, 2017

Fundraiser Tea Ceremony

A few weeks ago I read about a fundraiser at the innermost gardens, the fundraiser was to repair a castle damaged by earthquakes in Japan. 
The fundraiser included a traditional tea ceremony and lots of Japanese goodies so I had to come along and Ria was happy to come along with me!
When we first arrived a tea ceremony was already underway, so decided to check out the stalls which we selling a lot of cute treats.
Sorry the picture is slightly blurry! I thought these rice balls were so cute, once you bought one you could draw a face on the glad wrap that they were wrapped in with a felt tip pen.
Ria bought one of these bears and drew a face on him, I looked up this character and he's call "Kumamon" and is "Japan's most popular bear".
There was a bit of a wait before we could join the next tea ceremony, but it was ok to wait as there was cute stuff to look at including these cute cranes.
As part of the ceremony we got to have the most delicious matcha ever and these crunchy sweet biscuit things (no idea what they really are!).
The team ceremony itself was pretty amazing to watch, there was so much ritual involved. I just wish I knew more about what each movement and action actually meant.

Before leaving we decided to explore the innermost gardens where the event was held which is a community garden, it's a little over grown, but that's part of it's charm.
Before we left we asked a couple of the ladies if they would mind having a photo with us in their beautiful kimono.
It turned out all the people in traditional Japanese clothing were just as excited as we were about photos, so for the second photo a bunch more people joined in!
I just thought I'd finish up this post with a Selfie, because that's who I am! Ria made her adorable dress and mine is from Lindy Bop. I'm also wearing a bunny because this was the weekend before Easter!

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I think its going to be a chilly one here in Wellington x