Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last Friday I took the day off work - because its was my birthday and its against the law to work on your birthday (well, maybe not, but it should be). Rich took the day off too which was just super. In the morning we went out for brunch and Rich gave me this fancy necklace for a birthday present.

The bird is a Fantail or Piwakawaka - whilst I love all native New Zealand birds, the fantail is my absolute favourite. So I am very happy with my necklace.

After my birthday brunch we went to the zoo, I was pretty excited because I hadn't been to the zoo since I returned home. I was a little worried though, the problem with having your birthday in the middle of winter is outdoor plans often change. But I was so lucky because even though it was a cold day, it was beautifully clear.
First up was a visit to the kunekune pigs - this little guy was super cute because he had the hiccups!
We do have some more exotic animals at the Wellington Zoo as well! I think the meerkats have to be one of my favourites. I love the chimps too - although they were more interested in sunbathing on the day we went.

But my favourite animal last Friday was the giraffes - why you may ask?

Why you may ask? Because I got to feed one! It could be anyone's hand in this photo - but its mine!
In the evening I went out with a few close friends for cocktails at "The Library" one of my favourite places in Wellington.I had a few fancy cocktails - I can't remeber the name of this one, but it was Japanese themed and came complete with chopsticks and a black doris plum in the glass. A few of us also tried the "Randy Savage" which tastes like gingerbread. This is a cocktail my friend Nankz got - fancy!

After cocktails we headed to one of the Korean restaurants in town that has Norebang - which was one of my favourite things to do with friends when I lived in Korea. Although the price in New Zealand is much more expensive. Although it was worth it - as Jess and I did an epic version of "Lady Lumps" by the Black Eyed Peas.


Unknown said...

happy belated birthday! :D
a gingerbread flavoured cocktail?! im so in.
I looove zoos, they are so much fun and my favorite animals are the gorillas :)
Rosie xo

alicia said...

awww happy birthday! <3

cb said...

what a spectacular day! happy birthday sweet pea! that necklace is really pretty! i love birds oh so much <3 that pig is the cutest thing ever! i love how furry he is! and yes i agree it is totally against the law to work on your birthday!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Happy belated birthday! These are so sweet. x hivenn

Helga said...

Ooo,the necklace is gorgeous!I love fantails too,and we actually had one turn up in our garden last week!
Yep,working on your birthday should TOTALLY be illegal!
Hurrah for such a splendid day!

What Sadie Did said...

Ahh I am glad you had a great day - I love Wellington Zoo, and I love the baboons there!! so funny!

Those cocktails look delish!

Sadie x

Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! (Sorry I haven't commented in ages!)
I love zoo's too & the kunekune pigs at Welly Zoo are super cute.
I miss the Library!!! That was one of my favourite spots when I lived in Welly.

Trees said...

Thanks for all the birthday love guys xoxo

Ria said...

awww wish I was there, looks like you had a great time :) Can't wait to see you soon!!

Trees said...

I wish you could have been there Ria - lets go to the Library soon for fancy cocktails! (They have a really good non-alcoholic menu too!)