Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going Green

My extensions we getting a little bit past it, so this weekend it was time for a trip to the hairdresser and for the month of July I've decided to go green. The colour I have is actually a blend of two different greens and I am pretty happy with it. Although I do wear a lot of red - so here's hoping I don't end up looking like a Christmas Tree.
Today Rich and I went to the Waitangi Park Markets for a spot of lunch in the sun. Wellington has a reputation for having terrible weather, and as I am from further up north originally I have to admit that at times the weather is a bit much to take. But then in the middle of winter we have a day like this and it makes it all worth it!


Julia said...

The green looks great! I'm sure you won't look like a christmas tree!!
I lived in Welly for 2yrs & the weather isn't as bad as everyone makes it sound.
Thanks for your lovely comment xox

Meghan Edge said...

I love the green!

What Sadie Did said...

Ooh like the green -and yes I hope you don't look too festive in a red / green combo :)

We've had funny old weather havent we - either raging wind or glorious sunshine!

Sadie x
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cb said...

i love the green on you! so much fun and you don't even have to dye your hair either! hmmm, i think i might need to look into that!


Helga said...

I can think of worse things than looking like a christmas tree,darl!

What Sadie Did said...

Gave you an award on my blog!!

Sadie x
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Jamie said...

Ooo I love the green with your dark hair, wonderful combination! I've never had extensions before, I don't really get how they work Ha!

Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks awesome! Serious love for the green :)

Trees said...

Thanks for all the love for my crazy green hair - to start with I wasn't too sure about the colour, but I'm really starting to love it!