Friday, April 28, 2006

Thank You Mariella!

As most of you know - I totally love postcards and the only thing I love more than a postcard is a completely unexpected postcard!

So I was really excited when I got home yesterday and I found I had a postcard from my friend Mariella who is on holiday in Kerikeri/The Far North at the moment with her mum.

Yah!! Thanks for the postcard of Tane Mahuta :)

Just before I forget - for you regular blog readers who have been thinking that my entries have been a little thin on the ground this's because we are on dial up not broadband and there is something wrong with our the phone sounds crackly and the internet super S L O W - so have given up on blogging for most of the week as it's just too slow!

But I do have some exciting news - Rich is graduating from his course tonight!! YAH:)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yah! Yah! Yah!

At Weight Watchers tonight I found out I lost the 800 grams I gained the other week!


Weight Watchers Tonight

I've got Weight Watchers tonight and I'm really not sure how I'll go because I haven't been for two weeks seen as I was sick last week.

I was feeling pretty good after our Easter holiday as we had done heaps of walking and I had been eating quite well.

This last week I haven't been eating quite as well and I know I had too much snacky food at Ange's Tupperware party last night and I haven't been to gym since last Friday (although as always I have done heaps of walking over the past 3 days).

I was hoping that Rich and I could go for a big walk today as it's ANZAC day and I'm off work but Wellington has put on some of it's famous liquid sunshine so I won't be going anywhere just yet - AWESOME. I don't need a huge sunny day I just want the rain to stop so I can get some exercise!

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Big OE

As some of you guys know we have been talking for a while about doing our OE, and this year I have been seriously trying to save some cash for it!!

We have had the idea that we will go at the end of 2007 - but really haven't given the whole idea any more thought or action....

So I have decided it's time we did some more serious thinking about it - mostly because I'm not the sort of person who works well towards "sort of" and "one day" goals.....I need definate goals - I need to know what I am actually aiming for!

So yesterday I bought a book called the OE Companion - and have had a flick though that to give me some idea (although it seems to be more aimed at 21 year olds going on the piss in the UK for a whole year it does have some interesting stuff in it) of what we'll need to do to get there.

So basically it's now time for some research - as geeky as that is - have a few choices of where we would like to do our OE (and none of these places are London!!) so now just have to investigate them a bit more and decide where we actually want to go.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

Is a book written by Tim Burton and was my Easter present from Rich (I told him under no circumstances do I want or need chocolate!!) - I love this book - the illustrations and the little stories are awesome!!

So far this is my favourite one...

The Boy with Nails in His Eyes

The Boy with Nails in His Eyes

put up his aluminum tree

It looked pretty strange

because he couldn't really see.

I totally LOVE this little book:D

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rich's Website!!

For those of you that are interested - Rich's website is now up and running! It includes a showreel of his work....which includes me in my acting debut :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Picton Pictures.........

Photo of me on the Ferry with Wellington in the background
Rich at a bay along the Queen Charlotte Walkway
Rich and I - Queen Charlotte Sounds Walkway
Little Bay on Queen Charlotte Walkway
One of the many beautiful scenery photo's we took along the Queen Charlotte Sounds Walkway
More beautiful scenery
Rich and I at the dock at Ship's Cove (a nice American tourist took the picture for us)
Photo of me at the dock at Ship's Cove

Monday, April 17, 2006

Photos from Picton Holiday

Me standing by Captain Cook Monument at Ships Cove
View from "Bob's Bay" track
Me on "Bob's Bay" track
Arty beach shot at "Bob's Bay"
Rich on "Bob's Bay" Track
Bob's Bay
Cheesy Mini Golf Shot by "Town Clock"
Cheesy Mini Golf Shot by "Mt Cook"
Picton Harbour

Friday, April 14, 2006


By the way - you all know I had a spazz this week because I thought I put on 1.8 kgs - which is a hell of a lot! Well my friend Jess who is the weigher at my Weight Watchers meeting rang me yesterday to tell me in fact I've only put on 800 grams - duh! So why 800 grams isn't good either - it's a lot easier to deal with than 1.8kgs!! So feeling slightly less bummed.

In fact at this moment feeling slightly anxious - not long until we leave for Picton - I'm at bit anxious about getting on the boat but it's been a beautiful Wellington day today so hopefully will be all smooth sailing...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's amazing how one little comment can make you feel so much better:)

My friend Karen from down South usually texts me on Tuesday to see how my Weight Watchers is going. When I told her of my disaster week this week she replied -

"I admire wot ur doing it takes a lot 2 do wot ur doing. I did ww and didn't get 2 the end didnt lose the weight either. Ur doing so great dude keep it up x"

That just made me feel so much better:)

On a completely unrelated note - we went to Corey and Steven's farewell drinks last night - they are off on their OE - very exciting for them!! But a little sad for me - but that's ok it's only a year....the way time moves they'll be back before we know it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last night

Was a real shocker - I have put on 1.8 kg in a week I can hardly believe it - so now I have to work double hard to get it off and get back to where I was before...grr...I'm pretty pissed off at myself but then I think at the same time I was put in a situation where all I could do was eat lots of crap.....

So I'm trying as hard as I can now to get back to where I was last sucks but what else can I do.....

At least Rich has said he never intended on buying me Easter Eggs for Easter so I won't have that temptation!! Phew!!

Last night I went to the Gym when I got back from Weight Watchers and this morning Rich & I went for a walk together - so if I keep up the morning walks and after work gym (along with all the incidental walking I do anyways) I should be able to get it back off before long...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Quickly...

It's only 3 more days till we go to Picton - I can't wait!!! :D

Not looking forward to tonight...

With what felt like an "eating spree" when Rich's parents were here, I'm realy not looking foward to tonight.

Jess suggested I use my "No weigh" pass if I'm really worried about what is going to come up on the scales. At this stage I am determined to still get on and see what damage has been done but who knows I may get there and just decide I can't do it.

Rich knows I'm worried about it and he says that he thinks I have still lost weight this week but I think he is just doing the supportive boyfriend thing.

Anyway - if I have gained I can handle it as I know the reason's why and I know it's not entirely my fault and that I can get it all off again!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

I put a wicked dress on layby today!!

To help recover from my mega food hangover today I put a wicked Misery dress on layby - it's so damn cool - it's worth a lot more than I would normally spend on a dress - but it's so worth it - it's so cute:D

Is it possible to have a food hangover?

I feel so terrible - I think I may have a food hangover.

Rich's parents were here for the weekend so we ate out heaps - now I feel so bad - like actually physically sick bad not guilty bad (although I do feel guilty bad as well).

I'm pretty positive I would have gained this week with all the bad food I ate - but the worst thing is - I did honesty try and make healthy choices - but eating out healthy is a lot different to home made meal heathy.

I felt bad last night and I still feel bad this morning - bleh....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter Eggs

I can't believe I'm up this early on a Saturday - it seems almost criminal....but I have a million and one things to do today including Easter Egg shopping for my family.

Easter seems like an unfair punishment when I am so obssessed with chocolate and trying to lose weight - I know I am allowed some chocolate and mashmallow eggs are only 1.5 points and those tiny chocky eggs are only 1 point on Weight Watchers - but I want much much more chocolate than that!!!

I will just have to be strong - and buy the chocolate and put it in the post to Taranaki as soon as possible before I'm tempted to rip open one of the packs and have a few.....

Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Easter

I know it's not Easter yet, but Celia sent me this in a foward today and I just had to share it with everybody!

Thank God it's Friday!

I think I am heading for series burn out from work and I really really need a break.

Not that I'm counting or anything but it's only 6 days till our Easter break to Picton! YAH:D

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some Good News....Some Bad News....

The good news being I have found out my contract is going to be extended until October - the paperwork just needs to be done to confirm this:)

But this means I can't go up to Auckland/Hamilton when I had originally planned and will have to leave my intended holiday until much later on in the year:(

My other good news is I totally fell in love with a skirt at the Triangle Fashion Show - I went to buy it but it was too big - but the designer has said she will make me one in my size. I will have to wait two weeks to get it but that's ok - I'm just stoked she can make me one!

I nearly forgot.....

I got an e-mail from my friend Martha today to say she has arrived safely back in New Zealand:) Admittedly she does live in Manuwera so I won't see her for a little while yet - unless she heads down here for a visit - but still it's good to know that's she's back in the country and not all the way over in Japan anymore:D


I lost 500 grams this week which means all up I have lost 6.2 kgs - yes - so stoked!! Now all I have to do is manage to keep it off through Easter and Rich's parents visit this weekend (there will be lots of eating out and I always weaken when I go out for dinner).

But the good news is I managed to go to the gym last night with no side effects - maybe I was just dehydrated yesterday or something?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's my favourite day of the week

Not really - it's weigh in day - argh! I'm pretty anxious about how I'm going to go due to wine and chocolate eaten during Rich's video release celebrations - but then I figure how often does Rich get a music video on TV? I can indulge sometimes right?

I was hoping to lose 300 grams this week to bring my total loss up to 6kgs - but will see - I'd like to lose that much - but if I haven't I won't cry about it as long as I have lost something.

I had a bit of a yuck night last night - came home - cooked tea and all that then I went to the gym as per normal and partway through my cardio I just started feeling REALLY sick - I got off the machine and wasn't really sure if I was going to make the walk home!! When I finally got home I just rested for a bit and then decided to go to bed and feel ok this morning so who knows what that was all about - I just hope it doesn't happen again tonight:(

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rich's work on the big screen

Yesterday was the final screening of Rich's work for the course he has been doing at Natcoll - as of Friday the course finished which seems pretty crazy - those 9 months have really flown by.....

Rich's whole classes work was shown at the National film archive which was pretty cool - I always love seeing his work on the big screen and he got a lot of really positive feedback from his classmates and tutors.

Although - I was in for a big of a shock when I saw his work - he didn't tell me that in his showreel he was including his six shot which, of course, I was the "star" in - so I saw myself on the big screen which wasn't quite as traumatic as I thought but still a shock nonetheless!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

We are going to a Fashion Show tonight!

To see Celia, Simon and Ross model - Yah for Triangle fashion show:)

"Happening on Saturday the 1st of April, at Curve Bar in Edward St, the Grass is Greener fashion show will present the autumn/winter 2006 collections of 14 emerging designers from around New Zealand. With styles ranging from the Westie-influenced tight jeans and tees of Involved through pretty feminine skirts and dresses by Macska and Ihana,work wear for the lads with a difference by Armure, and culminating in the gorgeous dresses and wraps by Willmott-Dalton, there is sure to be something for everyones wardrobe tastes! Why not use the show as a great excuse to get out of the house and brave the colder weather? Get all dressed up in your pretty clothes, grab a friend or two, and head down to Curve for a night of fashion, music, and general frivolity. (And probably get to see various people you know up on the catwalk. ;-)Doors will open at 7pm, with the show itself starting at 8pm. Groovy tunes will be playing both before and after the show, and we're encouraging everyone to stay around and party with the models and designers afterwards.Tickets are $20 each and are available now from Triangle. There will also be limited door sales available on the night for $25. Not bad for a look at the collections of 14 designers, with a bit of entertainment and lots of lovely music thrown in as well!"

Should be a fun night out!!