Friday, March 31, 2006

The Grand Premiere

It was so cool seeing Rich's music video on C4 last night even though it was on pretty late (I don't actually think the video screened until about 11!) so I am very tired now - thank God it's Friday!

The only problem was that Clark Gayford referred to Rich and Robert Robertson!! At least he got the family name right I guess and the credit on the video was right as well.

It was just so cool seeing his work on TV!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tonight's the big night

Because tonight Rich's music video is going to be screening on C4!

The Greenmatics have updated their website to include further news of the screening -


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last Night

Last night went ok - turns out I lost 300 grams which is alright - I wasn't expecting great things after the weekend.

I guess I have to look at the big picture as that means I've lost 5.7 kgs all up - only 300 grams more and I will have lost a total of 6kgs:)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday again

So it's weigh in day today.

I'm not actually sure how I feel about it - last week was ok - but I had a couple of slip ups in the weekend. It wasn't anything too dramatic - but could be enough to cause some damage.

But then I have had a pretty good week with exercise as I have been going pretty hardcore.

I guess I will know the answer to how I have gone this week soon enough!

Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm so not excitied about going to work today

My manager is away for most of the week so she has sorted out a big pile of work for me to do over the next few days - ew!! So it will be a very busy week:( Oh well I guess it will make time go quicker as long as I actually have time to stop for lunch I will be happy.

Yesterday afternoon ended up being quite good actually - Rich and I went to the City Gallery in the afternoon - I'd actually already seen both of the exhibitions on at the moment with Leanne but still it was worth going along and checking them both out because they were awesome.

We tried to go and see the Cezanne and Picasso exhibit at Te Papa but the cue was so huge to get into the exhibit we decided to flag it - I know that's pretty lazy but neither of us were really in the mood to wait so long to get in.

A bit later in the afternoon met up with Nankz for a coffee and a chat - it was good to see him and catch up on his gossip - I hadn't seen him since the Gay and Lesbian fair. He is going to come over and watch the screening of Rich's music video on Thursday night though (I can hardly believe it's going to be on TV this Thursday!).

A bit later on in the day we met up with Celia & Simon and went to the movies and saw "A history of violence" - It was a good movie - but some of the moments were a bit weird - and the ending was very weird. But I still enjoyed it and we found out there is an international film festical type thing coming up at Paramount - yah!! I love film festivals:)

At the end of the evening we just headed off to dinner - we went to Coyete - I actually really like it there. It's just so "reliable" it's hard to find a good basic restuarant like that in Wellington - everything always seems so ethnic, which is fine sometimes, but I do get sick of it as well. It must just be me though there are so many ethnic restaurants in the city that everybody else must love them.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lazy Weekend

This has totally been the laziest weekend ever - but after the stressed out work I had a week I think I needed it.

Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning which is my usual Saturday morning thing - then in the afternoon I just mucked around on the internet a bit and cleaned the house - how domestic - ew!

In the evening we were going to go out - but that didn't work out - so we watched the last three episodes of Twin Peaks - which turned 0ut to be totally frustrating as it ended in a total cliffhanger and the second season hasn't been released on DVD yet. You can't imagine how annoying that is.

So we have decided that we will get out and "do stuff" today - although it is nearly quarter past eleven and we haven't done anything yet.....nevermind will get there....I would like to go to Te Papa today and check out the Picasso and Cezanne exhibit before it closes.

Also going to try and catch up with Nalanka and also Celia and Simon seen as we bailed on them for dinner last night.

Well best get going and do something - anything - otherwise will be another day wasted at home!

Friday, March 24, 2006

This one is just because I need a laugh on Friday morning

Quote from St John Ervine (b. Belfast1883 d. London 1971)

"Every man should periodically be compelled to listen to opinions which are infuriating to him to him. To hear nothing but what is pleaseing to one is to make a pillow of the mind."

Just becuse I thought it was worthwhile thinking about.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Hardly any time to write this morning due to the fact that some fool who bought a top off me one trade me has deposited two lots of money - now I have to find a credit union to return her money...very peeved....especially because it's taken her over 2 weeks to pay me in the first place!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


and WIND!!

This is the second day of horrible weather we have had!

I so DON'T want to walk to work today:(

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have lost OVER 5kgs!!

I went to weight watchers tonight - I lost 500 grams - which means I have lost 5.4 kgs all up - YAH ME:)

OMG back to Weight Watchers tonight

So after my slight mental breakdown last week I am back to Weight Watchers tonight....I'm hoping to have lost that 100 grams so then I would have lost 5kgs all up - but wait and see I guess seen as last week was such a rite off.

This week has been pretty good although I didn't go to the gym as much as I would have liked too.

I have to admit I am not looking to stepping on those scales tonight. Although I have noticed some of my clothes are getting a bit big for me.

The weather here is a shocker today - it's pouring down!! Which makes me think I really must buy some more winter boots this month - my old ones are getting pretty manky and I have decided to sell my FM boots with the massive heals as sexy as they are they are just too impractical for all the hills around here - they were no problem to wear in Hamilton where everything was flat but here it's just too much drama.

So tommorrow (or perhaps even tonight) there will be either an elated entry as I would have lost the 100 grams or a majorly bummed entry!

Monday, March 20, 2006

I went to the Doctor

and she sorted me out with drugs - feeling a bit better now - still have a slight headache though - decided to take the rest of today off work to recover - bleh...

Sunday was a bad day

Anybody reading this blog over the past couple of weeks would think I am the queen of complaining...but things don't seem to be going my way lately....

Saturday was a good day I must admit - the sun was shining and I met up with my friend Jo and her friend Cindy for a coffee and general girl gossip so that was fun.

I went to the gym in the afternoon and when I got back I noticed what I thought was just a pimple on my nose near my eye.

Rich and I went to Corey and Steven's farewell that night but thank God I'll have another oppourtunity to see them again before they take off to the UK because neither Rich or I was feeling flash and we left early at 11:30.

Yesterday I was feeling worse and all around my nose and eye had swelled up and I spent all afternoon in bed with the worse headache I think I have had in my life - it was SO PAINFUL!

So we were meant to go for a walk and then hang out with Nankz in the afternoon but none of that happened. Poo.

The headache isn't too bad right now - but my eye is way swelled up (looks a bit like I was in a scrap in the weekend) - I'm going into work this morning but going to have a word to my manager and let her know and see if I can get to see a doctor this afternoon.

I so want to be well. Damn.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Savage Chickens

Just because I find this funny -

Farewell Summer........

Daylight Savings ends tonight, that means winter is well on it's way, soon it will be dark when I walk home from work at 5! "sigh" :(

Friday, March 17, 2006

New Zealand Badminton Team

My friend Malla sent me this e-mail today - I thought it was too good not to share!!

The "Black Cocks"

New Zealand

Some good humour with the NZ Badminton team and supporters,2106,3606089a15977,00.html who have eighty t-shirts and caps promoting the unofficial team nickname.

The t-shirts say "Black Cocks: Expect Big Things", the male caps are:
"Not A Soft Option" and the female caps: "Nobody Likes To Come Second".


I am sure some official somewhere is very upset.

Ironically the team plays Jamacia tomorrow!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

is Rich the next Greg Page??

Very exciting news at our place last night - Rich heard from "The Greenmatics" the band he made the music video for and the video is going to play on C4 - OMG how exciting!!!

It's going to be screened on "Homegrown Late" on the 30 March. YAH!!!

It's going to be so cool to see his work on TV:)

Here's The Greenmatics website -

They haven't updated it just yet but apparently they are going to put a little blurb onto it regard to the screening of the video in the next couple of days.

Now all we have to do is tell everybody we know to tune in on that night!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday again

I kind of like Wednesday - the week is a a halfway point and I can start thinking about the weekend and sleeping in.....

Mind you I always seem so busy at work these days that the week goes so quickly - which has to be a good thing:)

I didn't go to WW last night - I just really didn't feel up to it. I've been feeling quite down lately - I'm not exactly sure why, lots of other people seem to be in the same boat so maybe it's just the change of season or something. But anyway when I'm down I just seem to turn to food and I havn't done much exercise in the past week, so I was a little scared of what the scales might say so decided not to go, because I feel like if I find out something bad I am liable to burst into tears which just wouldn't be a good look in front of everyone at the meeting.

I also didn't go to bookclub on Monday as I didn't feel like I could face a room full of people - it turns out I wasn't the only one, apparently only 3 people were there...there must be something at the water at the moment. The three people that went decided the theme for next month should be "Chick Lit" - I'm going to read the Phillipa Gregory books I've been wanting to read for ages - I actually think they are more historical fiction than "Chick Lit" but they must have at least a few "Chick Lit" elements to them...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trade Me frustration

This latest trade is not going at all smoothly!!

One of the people has contacted me once to ask where the money was to be deposited and I haven't heard a brass razhoo from them since.

The other person's (who bought the more expensive top!) e-mails keep on being returned to me like their in-box is full or something - and they haven't made any attempt to contact me!! Grrr... If I've not heard a word from them by next Sunday I'm going to give them bad feedback and put the top on again.

It's so annoying!!!

At least the bidding has already started on one of the items I put up to auction this week.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Trademe this week!!

I made about $30 from selling two tops this week - although one of the people has given me a dud e-mail address so I'm not sure what to do there........hummmm..............hopefully something works out.

I've got bookclub tonight - the theme being 1980's - the book I bought off the internet arrived way to late for me to read:( But it's ok I have another 1980's book "Tales of a Heavy Metal Addict" which I find too funny:) So at least I have something to take along.

Another Monday already - bleh - I'm already feeling unmotivated and I know this is going to be a huge week.

It's my friend Karen's birthday today though - yah - happy birthday Karen!! Hopefully her present arrives in time but it did have a long way to go and I only sent it on Friday (it has to go all the way to Ranfurly in the South Island).

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Falling off the wagon

I feel like I have really fallen of the wagon this week with my food and exercise.

It's the second bad week in a row so I really feel like I have let myself down.

I've eaten too much of the wrong stuff this week and not gotten nearly enough exercise - so I am pretty disappointed with myself.

So I'm feeling a bit down at the moment but I guess I'm just going to have to make a big effort to pull myself out of this rut over the next few days/weeks.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gay & Lesbian Gala

It's Saturday and I feel so tired already - I think it's due to being out it the sun all day.

Unlike the rest of the week - today it was absolutely beautiful!! I even got slightly burnt!

Today my friend Nankz asked me to go out to the Gay & Lesbian Gala in Newtown today and it was a pretty cool day out:)

The weather was fabulous - and the performances were very cool.

Before I went I had never seen a drag show before - now I am totally drag showed out.

Some of them were just incredible - in particular the "Time Warp" - mostly because I love Rocky Horror show:) But it was a pretty cool rendition. Plus there was audience participation which is always fun.

I kinda blew my points today though - but I'm not going to get too hung up on long as I have lost 100 grams this week - I will be happy:)

I'm not sure exactly what I'm up to tonight......we did have plans to go out to dinner and to a movie - but not sure if that's going happen now - have to see how Rich feels when he gets back from work - he's had a really full on week.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Planning Day

Today we have a plaaning day - I have to say I feel a bit weird being involved in a planning day when I am still on contract. But hopefully I will be permanant soon - perhaps the fact I have been invited to planning day is a good sign?

But planing day is catered which means will be hard to monitor what I eat today which is always a bit frustrating!! Especially if they go and put triple chocolate muffins in front of me or something!!

But at least I don't have to start until 8:30 today - yah me:D

Today Greg, Ross and I are going out to dinner and then going to see a play called "Don't feed the models" - it's a one woman play but it sounds too funny - apparently the actress used to be an international model herself.

Anyways better dry my hair and put on a face otherwise I will be late!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Nicky text me yesterday to say that you for the birthday card - awww....

It's nice when people say Thank You and not be an old nana but I totally notice that thank you is an art that has been lost!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Ever going to go supermarket shopping by myself after work again!! My GOD how stressful....argh..

Then I tried a new recipe for dinner that just didn't work out.... to the gym to work off the stress......

Hump day already

Since I started at my new job every week seems to fly by - I can hardly believe it's Wednesday already!! At least it's payday Wednesday:D

Rich booked the accomodation for our holiday to Picton yesterday - we are staying in an actual motel opposed to the backpackers we usually stay in! flash for us!

It's my friend Nicky's birthday today - I'm hoping my card gets there in time. I sent it on Monday but that doesn't mean it will get to Hamilton on time! I have sent stuff to Auckland and sometimes it's there the next day and other times people don't see it till a week or more later!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It turns out that I lost 400 grams this last week despite "falling off the wagon" - I'm so stoked!! Only 100 more grams till I have lost 5 kg woohoo!!

I also made it to and from Weight Watchers on the bus - without Jess' help and I didn't get totally lost or end up on the wrong bus or anything!! I know that's no big deal for some people but I am easily confused by such things!

Filled in my census form tonight, my God they wanted to know everything about your job and yet only give you a few lines to explain it! Geez! Nevermind - it's all been done now.

It's that time of the week again...

Yes - it's time for my weekly weigh in which I am more than a little scared about given my crappy run in the last week - I was tempted not to go but I thought I have to bite the bullet and just do it - who knows what may happen when I step on the scales - I have been extra good with my exercise this week too.

Almost as stressful as the weigh in is going on the buses without Jess, we usually go to Weight Watchers together but she is over in Australia at the moment. I'm not too worried about getting out there - it's getting back which is stressing me out a bit as Jess' boyfriend usually gives me a lift home - it should work out ok.....if not will be a long walk home tonight!!

It was super windy yesterday and today - so glad I got my winter coat drycleaned yesterday and today is the first day of the year that I am wearing boots to work - maybe the good weather has passed already.

I put two more tops on trade me on Sunday - but so far no bids or watchers on either!! Hopefully it's just the calm before the storm. At lunchtime today I'm off to post the stuff I put on there last week to a lady in Christchurch who bought both items. Yah:D

Also off to post a postcard to Martha - might be the last postcard I post to her in Japan as she is back in the first week of April.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Twin Peaks

We watched two more episodes of "Twin Peaks" last night - I love that series - it's just so insane but in a good way!

Monday morning again - bleh - and the worst thing is I no longer have an office so I am all out in the open now. I'm just hope that I don't find my new posse too distracting.

Had a look back at my first entry - my new years resolutions - have only really made an effort to accomplish one of these so I have decided I better make a real effort to do some of the others real soon!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Planning our holiday to Picton:)

I've just booked our ferry tickets to Picton.

Now I just have to wait to hear from the motel I have e-mailed to see if they have a room for us.

We also have to book our "swimming with dolphins" tour:D


Turns out I missed the rest of my friends heading out to Newtown for the carnival because I wasn't ready in time - poo:(

But the good news is - when I said earlier that I got $14 odd dollars for my top on trade me - when the auction did actually finnish I got $30! So all up $60 odd dollars for my dress and my top - not bad really - I hope it's not beginners luck! I've put another couple of tops up for auction now have to wait and see how they go:)

I haven't really done anything today - I went down to Metro before to get some food for lunch at work next week and also to get a card for my friend Nicky back in Hamilton - it's her birthday on the 8th.

There was something really weird in the paper today - apparently "blanket man" has made it to Wikipedia!! If you live in Wellington you will know who blanket man is because he's pretty much a Wellington icon - if you don't know who he is - well just read wikipedia and find out!!

Is that INSANE or what??!!??

The sun has finally come out!

Well the cold snap seems to have moved on finally......

Last night we went out to Heavenly Burlesque and man it was so COLD! I think it was one of the coldest nights since I have been living in Wellington which is not a good thing considering it's only March - but it appears it's just a "cold snap" - thank god.

Last night we ventured into the cold cold night to finally see Heavenly Burlesque - wasn't actually sure what to expect but it was pretty incredible - a lot of the acts had a really "circus" feel to them but with Moulin Rouge type costumes. I like the girl with the hula hoops and the people with the acrobat type moves.

I am so glad the weather has cleared up as I am going out to the Newtown Carnival with a bunch of friends today as my friend Celia is singing in a choir and we are all going to watch her - I was not looking foward to standing about in the cold all day with the threat out rain at any given moment....but now the sun is shining I am looking foward to it - I get to see Celia sing and check out all the craft stalls - I love craft stalls!!

My first trade me auction of my bigger clothes has just finished - I was a bit worried about what I would get earlier in the week for my stuff but in the end I got $22.55 for the dress and $13 for the top I was selling so pretty stoked - it's $30 odd dollars I didn't have before and good to get some money back for all the money I spend on clothes:P

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My GOD it's cold!

Yesterday when I was at the office an e-mail came through by someone on the HR team advising that a big storm was coming - just warning everyone to be careful as it was due to hit at 5pm when work finishes.

As it turns out - it was REALLY cold when I finnished work - but not yet raining and stormy.

So went out with a few friends after work and after we had been out for dinner the storm set in - the rain was totally freezing - I'm so glad I didn't get stuck in it - I would have except for the fact my friend Celia gave me a lift home - yah Celia!

Today is REALLY cold as well - it's says on the news on the internet that it's 11C today - but it has to be colder then that - and it's raining too!! I'm all ready in my gym gears to go to the gym but I don't know if I can actually handle going outside just yet.

In fact I wish I could stay in all day and watch the rest of "Twin Peaks" 0n DVD all day. But my parents and brother are here from Taranaki today to watch wrestling tonight so I'm going out with them to lunch today and tonight I'm going out to a play with some friends and my friend Greg has already bought the tickets so I can't pike out!! Plus it's the last night this play is on and I really want to go (it's Heavenly Burlesque the one I missed out on last week because I was sick...).

Yesterday was pretty busy at work again - and I lost my office! It was only a temporary space and the woman who's office it was needed it back.

So now I have no view and my office is a space kind of outside my manager's office!! I've been told if I can't handle sitting there that there is an alternative space but it's not near where the rest of my team is sitting. So maybe I will take that office - my new accomodation isn't that flash.

I'm feeling a lot better after my food meltdown earlier in the week - my friend Jess gave me a ring before she went to Oz to check I was ok, which was really nice:) Carolyn also really supportive via e-mail.

Well I will now brave the "winter" cold & rain to go out to the gym.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Very Hungry Caterpiller

Remeber "The Very Hungry Caterpiller" from primary school? I have decided that I will be the very hungry caterpiller.

I remeber how on day he ate through a whole bunch of bad stuff - a lollypop, ice cream, some salami, a cookie and that night he had a tummy ache.

The next day he eats through a nice green leaf and feels much better.

So despite my huge and horrible blow out of eating utter crap yesterday - today I am going to get back to my heathy eating TODAY.

I remeber in that documentary "Supersize Me" a doctor talks about chocolate being like a drug because it sends certain chemicals to the brain - so you're not actually in love with the taste but it's the chemicals.

Maybe I just have a sugar addiction I have to control - like how an ex-alcoholic can't even have a glass of wine at a wedding because they know if they do they will totally relapse.....

It seems that if I have only one high sugar thing then all I want to do is eat more and more and more - even though my food crisis was yesterday I still find myself craving sweet stuff this morning and I know I will have to stick to my points for a few days yet before I will stop craving really high sugar stuff again.

Why do I have to put on weight every time I even look at a cake!! And why oh why is it SO damn easy to put on and so hard to get off???

Also - Why is the media and big business so determined to make everybody fat by mass producing high sugar/high fat food? I see crap food in every shop I go into, every time I turn on the TV and every time I read a magazine......

Well enough food drama for now.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A really bad day

My day began with tripping over when walking to work and ending up with two grazed knees and huge holes in my stockings (and having to go any buy new stocking from Starmart where one pair of stockings costs the same as about 4 pairs anywhere else).

It just got worse from there - although I already have heaps of urgent work - I got some even more urgent work that had to be done today.

Then things got really bad we had a whole office meeting with heaps of sweet and savoury dodgy food and I just couldn't help myself because I was already feeling really bummed out so I just ate heaps....Then I felt bad for eating what I ate but I figured I had screwed my points for the day so I had chocolate as I figure I won't lose any weight this week even though it's a week until I weigh in again....I guess now all I can do is work hard and try not to gain anything...but I don't think I will lose the 500 g I was hoping to lose this week:(

I think the entry in my food journal today kind of explains how I am feeling -

"Today was a total blow out - we had morning tea and I ate too much - then gave up on my healthy eating for the rest of the day - hit a brick wall. My whole day is a rite off"

Well I'm going off to the gym now because I feel terrible about my day - I want to work hard so I don't gain any weight this week. Man I just wish today didn't happen!! I should have stayed in bed!!!

The Day After...

Well I had the weigh in yesterday and I only lost 500g - but that's ok - brings my total weight loss to 4.5kg. A doctor once told me that you shouldn't really lose more than half a kilo a week. Since I have started at Weight Watchers that amount I have lost per week has slowly dropped (I can now hardly believe in my first week I lost 1.8 Kilos!) so hopefully as long as I stay on track I hope I can keep on losing about 500g per week.

Rich said I won't see to much of him over the next couple of days - industry project type stuff - nevermind it will all be over by the end of next week!

I'm going to a play with Greg ad some other people tonight - I'm not actually sure what the play is called - all I know is that it's up at Uni somewhere and it's part of the Fringe festival. So that should be interesting....will post more details when I find out exactly what I am going too!!

I got a text from my Aunty inviting me to my cousin's 21st last night - which I have a bad feeling is the same night as Corey and Steven's farewell party - I'll have to e-mail them today and ask - Why do events keep on clashing! So annoying! It means I generally have to let somebody down by not going to their party and I hate letting people down:(