Monday, June 06, 2016

The Nevermore Dress

I've named this one after the fabric its made from, the fabric is called "Nevermore" and its buy Micheal Miller. It's called "Nevermore" for obvious reasons....
This is more fabric that has been sitting in my collection of "good fabric" for far too long...basically fabric I'm too scared to use in case its a disaster! However, this year is the year of using the "good" fabric and I'm bravely cutting into fabric I'm scared of destroyed (after all, there will always be more cool fabric in the world for me to buy).
This dress is another "frankenpattern" the skirt is from the Peony dress by Colette and the bodice is from the Sigma dress by Papercut Patterns. For these photos I wore it with my Ouiji Board cardi from Hell Bunny.
I even got Rich to take a photo of the dress without the cardi, which was pretty brave of me to be honest as its freaking freezing right now (I'm over winter already).
I think even my selfie game is off due to the freezing weather situation! 
Seen as I was already wearing a slightly creepy dress and cardi I decided I should wear this AMAZING locket made for me by Vany - inside are some pictures of my true loves - Hello Kitty and Rich!

Hope you all had a great weekend and I hope it was warmer than mine, it was the first on winter on 1 June in my part of the world and its already feeling like a really long winter.