Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft 2.0 - July 2011

Recently Rich, Ria and I attended Craft 2.0 - what's Craft 2.0 you ask? Well the best darn craft market this little city has to offer. Its only on a few times a year, but its well worth the wait as they are so many amazing crafters/artists that attend.

For some time now, Craft 2.0 has been held at the New Dowse Gallery in Upper Hutt. I really love the New Dowse, but I don't go there as often as I should because its not in Wellington.

One of the current exhibitions they had included this - I was completely in awe of its awesomeness.

I also like this rather a lot - its like the love child of a penguin and a kinder surprise.One of the things I love at Craft 2.0 is that there are always a few stands selling the most amazing cupcakes - like these ones! There are no words to describe cupcakes as incredible as these.I can also confirm, these cupcakes ARE delicious, because I ate one! If you're not from NZ you may be confused at what's on top - its a very kitsch tiki - wikipedia will explain more.Ria and I alse decided to make use of the photo booth at the market and the silly hats that come with it. I think that the animal print hat looks so good with Ria's blue hair. I just love doing cheesy stuff like this. You're most likely wondering what I bought at the fair - well a couple of things but this is my favourite - a cute little owl for our apartment. I like him a whole bunch.


Meghan Edge said...

I would really like that tiki on a tee shirt. It's a cute little critter.

That looks like so much fun! I want to go to there.

cb said...

i actually one day would like to be just a buyer at a craft fair rather then a vender! i feel like a miss out on a lot of cute new product. oh i just love photo booths, one of my favorite things! you too are so cute in those photos too!


Trees said...

Meg - You can get a whole bunch of "kiwiana" (like Americana) icons on T-Shirts - including Tiki - perhaps I can send you one next time we swap:D

CB - Rich and I used to do a lot of markets so I know EXACTLY what you mean! Although having a market stall is fun too - but sometimes its just great to have a look around & it can be really inspiring!