Monday, May 26, 2014

Blue Sunday Top

In my last post you would have seem my brand new top - until now unnamed and unblogged.
I have decided to call this wee top the "blue Sunday" top - because its blue and the first day I wore it was a Sunday. I'm extremely imaginative. 

I have to admit, this top almost didn't come into existance - I bought this fabric some time ago at fabric a brac and I was certain it needed to be a top. When the Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse was released, I was sure it was the perfect pattern for the fabric.

But it turned out I didn't really have enough fabric for the blouse, but I thought to hell with it, I'm going to make it work! Seen as the blouse is quite loose fitting I made a size smaller, cut a WHOLE lot of the length off and didn't make the binding. So its not EXACTLY a Belcarra - but its my version and I think it works. 
I DO really want to make this blouse again and next time actually make more of a billowy kind of top. But I love this one for what it is.

Earlier today Rich and I took a walk in central park and it was WINDY - I was brave enough to take my jacket and cardi off for a couple of photos (but only JUST brave enough). Turns out I hated both of the full length photos anyways.

Its the end of March now and very much feeling like winter rather than Autumn. Don't let the clear blue skies fool you, we nearly got blown away walking to the park.

 Here's evidence you should never doubt the strength of the wind in Wellington. I think this happened during a big storm we had last winter.
We saw this walking home and it made me smile - no doubt it used to say something like "Thank You for slowing down" and the rest of the sign has gone AWOL. But I like it just how it is.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Made May - Week Four

Well week three is nearly over.  What can I say that hasn't already been said - not much! Let's just get straight into it!

19 May
Made by Me - Easter Dress
Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights & cardi from glassons, belt from clothes swap, necklace bought in Philadelphia
20 May
Made by Me - A-Line Skirt

Other stuff - Shoes from Avon and tights from who knows where

21 May
Made by Me - Mask Dress

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from Equip, necklace from an op shop and cardi used to belong to Rich
22 May
Sorry - it was just a selfie kind of day (I think my photographer aka Rich was studying).

Other stuff - Brooch made by a friend

23 May

It was Friday and we were excited - can you tell?

Made by Me - Autumnal Dress

Other stuff - Cardi and necklace from op shops, brooch gift from Ria, belt from clothes swap, bracelet from Vany and tights who knows.
24 May 
I went shopping on Cuba Street and took advantage of the mirrors at Cosmic Corner.
Made by Me - Laurel Dress

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from who knows where, cardi from glassons and necklace from Melbourne.

So let's be honest, I don't shop for new ready to wear clothes often. I had meant to sew a costume for Armageddon new weekend but life got in the way and I haven't made one. So I decided to take the stress off myself and buy some new things.

I'm still not sure what my costume will be - but I'm sure Ria will help with hair and make up and I will end up looking terrifying (I hope).
25 May 

Made by Me - Brand Spanking new top - so far unnamed and unblogged

Other stuff - Necklace from and op shop

That's my week four Me Made May done! Only a few more days left and I have wore something I have made each and every day - go me!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Travel Diary - USA!

Tomorrow it will be ONE WHOLE year since I returned home from my three weeks in the USA - pretty crazy right? 

I'm one of those people that collects a whole bunch of random stuff whilst traveling to stick in my travel diary - so I thought I'd share some of my memories with you guys.

 Yes - this is a bag tag from my flight to NYC! How many times in my life will I get to fly into JFK?
 When we visited Coney Island there were amazing vintage postcards - I had to buy one for myself.
 I did the circle cruise whilst in NYC - we saw some amazing views of the city and of course I had a photo with the Statue of Liberty.

 When I was visiting Coney Island Voltar told my fortune - you know, like in the movie "Big".
 I kept my bus ticket from San Francisco - because I'm a total nerd. 
 When I was in San Francisco my friend Val and her girlfriend Jessi took me out to a Chinese restaurant and we had fortune cookies!
 Ok so maybe I LIKE buying postcards for myself - this one is from the amazing and completely gross Mutter Museum.
 My rail pass from when I stayed in Philadelphia with Meg!
 Alicia and I had buggy ride with a driver called Earl in Amish Country.
 I took a greyhound bus!
We stopped off at amazing place - it was more than a store, more than a cafe - it was Dutch Haven! I had my first even whoopie pie here.
 Remember that one time I went to Disney World?
 I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams by visiting Ripley's Believe it or Not in San Francisco and it was every bit as gross and tacky as I had hoped!

Visiting the USA was pretty amazing, not just because of the things I saw - but because I had the chance to meet up with so many of my friends from the big country.

As for my next adventure? Well as it turns out its just around the corner and this time Rich is coming too! In late June we are leaving for a two week adventure in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia! It's pretty exciting stuff (I am SO looking forward to the holiday).

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend xoxox

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Week Three

So this week I've  been thinking, wouldn't it be great to have an alternative Me Made May for us southern hemisphere folks in our spring? Mostly because taking photos in the dark is a pain in the butt.

As for noticing wardrobe gaps in my wardrobe this week? Well its the same lessons over and over, I need more skirts and tops and cardis and generally warm things.

Also, I'm basically going to kill this pair of  brown boots and I'm wearing them pretty much every day. I need more boots I think.....

So here we go - Me Made May - Week Three

12 May
Made by Me - Folksy Lady Skirt

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from who knows where, top from glassons and scarf from Asian import shop in Left Bank Arcade

13 May
Migraine Tuesday - it was a bad time. No outfit post here folks.

14 May

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights and cardi from glassons, skirt and necklace from op shop

15 May
Made by Me - New Job Skirt

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from glassons, cardi from Emi's wardrobe clear out one time, Tom Baker Scarf

16 May
 Made By Me - Sailor Moon Skirt

Other stuff - Boots from Avon and tights from glassons

17 May
I went to the most excellent DIY High Tea at my friend Celia's house. Fancy.
I wore this dress I made on my trip out to Celia's place in Porirua.

Other stuff - boots from Avon, tights from Farmers, Necklace from Rose Street Markets in Melbourne and Kuromi from Hong Kong Airport (you guys know she will be in any photo she can!)

18 May
Today was a beautiful winters day, so Rich and I went for a walk around town and went to the National War Memorial.

I should have asked Rich to take a photo of me whilst I was at the war memorial, but I kind of forget. Sorry guys it another "legs" photos day.
Made by Me - Squirrel Dress 

Other stuff - Boots from Avon and tights from glassons.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dr Who Swap

I recently finished up another swap on Craftster - this time it was a theme close to my own geeky heart, Dr Who. The name of the swap was actually "My favourite Doctor" which meant you had to craft a few things based around your partners favourite elements on the show. For example - favourite Doctor, favourite monster, favourite quote and favourite episode.

Here's what I made for the swap for my partner - two cross-stitches which were created by Rich.

Her favourite monsters are cybermen, so it only seemed right I made her a cyberman cross-stitch, this guy is a little bit friendlier that the average cyberman.
My partner was also a big fan of the tardis - so I made her a tardis cross stitch. Home is in fact, where the tardis is!
What did I receive in the swap - well as some of you know,  my favourite doctor is Tom Baker, so first up I received a Tom Baker scarf!

I also got this tee shirt with my favourite Tom Baker quote, although I'm considering turning it into a hoop to display. What do you guys think?

Finally, I recieved this pretty amazing bag - my favourite Dr Who monsters are ood, so I think this is pretty great!