Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wellington Baking Challenge Week One - Biscuits

Well right now I am suppose to me away for a girly weekend, at a bach (or holiday home as some people would call it) near Otaki. But its not meant to be - I've been struck down with one of the numerous winter bugs that have been afflicting everyone lately.

I have been struck down only days after I thought my epic consumption of kiwifruit an oranges was warding off all the sickness about me!

Luckily, I have very lovely friends and they said we should postpone the weekend until I am better - very sweet of them.

So today, I am at home and feeling a little sorry for myself, so I thought I'd take the chance to blog about last weeks baking challenge which was biscuits!

I haven't baked biscuits for a long time, but I do love to make sweet things (because I like to eat sweet things) so I thought I should be ok with this one.

For part of this challenge we needed to include at least one ingredient from the Wellington Region and here's mine.
It's some awesome plum jam made in Upper Hutt. I bought it at the Waitangi Park markets.

I bought the jam first, then I had to decide what to do with it! I thought about it for a while and decided to make some Jam Biscuits - if you want to try and make some yourself you can find the recipe here.

Here's the first batch of biscuits shortly they came out of the oven - its quite a relief that they came out well. You see we only have a small bench top oven in our flat that, until I baked these biscuits, had only been used to grill things. I was worried there might be some kind of problem with the temperature or something. But they came out just super.
Here's the final article - two plate filled with Jam Biscuits! I was pretty proud of myself. Finally all packaged up in a wee striped tin ready to go to work for my "tasters" to "mark" them. I have to admit over all my marks were pretty high so I was pretty happy.

This weeks challenge is savoury muffins, which I will admit as a sweet tooth is a bit more of a challenge for me - I hope I feel well enough to bake tommorrow.


Julia said...

YUM, they look delish! No wonder you got top marks :)
I'm terrrible at baking!
Good luck with the savoury muffins.
Hope you feel better soon xxo

Trees said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Julia :) I am about to get some ingredients to make cheese, sundried tomato and pinenut muffins - wish me luck!

cb said...

yum yum yum! i have never had plum jam but i am sure it is super yummy! the cookies look delicious! and how cute are you?!?!... answer: VERY!


Trees said...

Awww.. thanks cb!