Friday, June 30, 2006

Thank You Jess!!!

When I got home last night I found I had a card in the mail - I almost considered not opening it as I thought it might be another early birthday card and I already opened Navie's Birthday card early...but when I opened it I found it was a little card from Jess saying "Happy Anniversary" because we have know each other for around a year now!

Yesterday I spent up large and none of it for me. It's my Mum & Dad's 30th Wedding Anniversary this year so I thought I better get them a present. I ended up buying them a pearly photoframe - which is currently being engraved - I think that the will like it.

I also picked up a birthday present for Belle and and last night I made a HUGE Jelly for Belle birthday dessert night...mmmm...Jelly....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Save the Whales!

Check out this site - play the Whales Revenge Game and sign the petition!

Time to update my Blog...

Well I went to WW yesterday and I have gained weight again...bleh.....I was expecting it after spending the weekend in Auckland but it is still disappointing....I will try and lose what I put on this week but over the last few weeks my weight has been up and down so I serious need to get myself sorted!

Well what else have I been up too? Well Kat e-mailed me about a stall at Kraftwork - so I seriously have to get making some bead and fimo type crafts for the stall. I've been thinking about what I would like to make and have done a few sketches but I will have to get going and make some of the designs I have in mind.

Also when I was in Auckland I bought some SEA MONKEYS I used to have Sea Monkeys when I was at Uni but my pet ferret knocked the container over and they all died:( All I have to do is remeber to feed them once a week - it shouldn't be too hard hopefully....

When I got back from work today I had a really nice surprise - Navie had sent me a birthday card and present all the way from the UK - I should have waited till my birthday I know but I just couldn't help myself.

I also found out today that Alaina has started a blog of her own - yah go Ally! - I will have to include her blog in my links:)

Monday, June 26, 2006

And now for something completely different....

When I was away over the weekend Rich revamped his website, and he also has his own domain name now too....very's the link!

Keziah's First Birthday Party

On Sunday, Alaina and I went to Keziah's first birthday party and as you can see from the photo's she looked very cute!! It was a bit sad though as it was the last time I will see Ekant, Unicia and Keziah before they take off to the UK:( But all things going well Rich & I will be able to visit them while we are over there!

Teresa, Ekant, Unicia & Keziah

Teresa, Keziah and Alaina

Teresa, Ekant & Keziah

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday Brunch and Shopping

So on Saturday I went for brunch on the waterfront with friends and then in the afternoon Alaina and I headed out to Manukau so she could sort out her "Hoe" costume and I could catch up with Marth.

Marth gave me a big of treats from Japan which included some cool Japanese socks, a little paper Geisha and a beanie for Rich - yah! - Thanks Marth:)

Teresa & Marth

Teresa & Charlotte

Kim, Sarah, Dominic & Teresa

My Trip to Auckland

Well this weekend was a super busy weekend with my trip to Auckland - but it was a really great weekend! I got to catch up with heaps of people and also attend Conor's world famous "Pimp's and Hoe's" birthday party.

I also got to go to Keziah's first birthday party today and see Ekant, Unicia and Keziah for one last time before they head off to the UK for 3 years!!

Well being the "Crazy photo lady" that I am - I took a whole bunch of photos - and as promised here they all are published on my blog!

I just thought I'd include this picture as a bit of a random photo - it's a picture I took of Mt Egmont as the plane was flying over it today - just thought it was pretty cool.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ross' Birthday Photos

Here's a few photo's from Ross' Birthday Do last night.....

I think I deserve a medal!!

The weather is Wellington is totally terible today - I woke up at 5:45 am and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. I considered staying in bed and going to the gym tonight - but then I thought I prolly won't end up going tonight as I need to get sorted to head to Auckland tonight.

So I got up in the cold rain, wind and even thunder and lightening and went to the gym!

I totally deserve a medal.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's Ross' birthday today - we are off to dinner at Southern Cross tonight to celebrate!


I had forgotten

I had simply forgotten what an absolute nightmare it is to apply for University - I began my Massey Extramural enrollment last night.

Now I have to arrange to have about a million things certified by a solicitor and have a passport photo taken....yuck...

I did have a thought last night though - I am enrolling in an extramural course so that means a student ID and a student ID means cheaper movies and other things. What a bonus!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I can't beleive....

That I set my alarm for 6:45am instead of 5:45am last night so I didn't get up till late and now I can't go to the gym this morning which is a total pain considering I have to be weighed tonight! Rich has suggested going for a walk at lunch which I will do but a walk doesn't get your heart pumping like cardio does...grr....

Well - as for the rest of my weekend it was ok - didn't do much really as trying to conserve as much money as possible at the moment.

On Saturday morning I did 2 hours of gym then came home and got dressed and did a wee bit of shopping to buy Conor's birthday present for this weekend.

The did my weekend waterfront with Ange - it was freezing but so beautiful outside!

On Saturday night Rich and I just went to the movies and saw a really cool film from Chile called something like Machura - but it was so SAD:(

On Sunday I really wanted to go for a day walk again but the weather was really dodgy as again so Rich and I went for a waterfront walk and then up into the town belt a bit and headed for that old military post. It was a good but not exactly the walk I was hoping for.

We then decided to go to the movies again and saw "The Aristocrats" - which was ok - but really making a documentary about a dirty joke is a bit of a push, it's a bit of a DVD movie actually I don't think the cinema really added anything too it and the humour was a bit American....I find the English sense of humour much funnier.

Decided to spend the rest of the evening at home because it WAS SO COLD!

Well I have a pretty busy week this week as well it seems - last night had a coffee with Annabel to hear about her new job, tonight it's Weight Watchers and then grocery shopping (joy), then Wednesday it's Ross' birthday celebrations, Thursday it's Indie club at Curve and Friday I'm flying out to Auckland and no doubt when I get home from there I will be tired - I always feel tired after a weekend away.

Plus I really have to get my application for Massey sorted this week - I know what I want to do and even the first paper I want to do all I have to do now is full in the dreaded application form - I swear forms are the worst thing about university study. Maybe I'll try and do that tonight after groceries - I also told Carolyn I'd try and ring her tonight but at this stage that may not be till Sunday evening....grrrr.....

Plus Rich and I still need to get a birthday present for Ross for tommorrow! I realised the other day Ross and I have been friends since we were 18 - so we have now been friends for like 9 years which is crazy!! Same for Conor and Sue - how bizarre.

Last night Rich arranged our accomodation for Christchurch - on Jess' advice we have decided to stay at The Occidental - looks like your ususal backpackers - I'm not too worried as long as where ever we stay is clean and warm because we won't actually be there much.

I also heard from Karen yesterday - she said she has a couple of childminding job interviews coming up so she is stoked because she loves kids and she also said that she and Ade are able to come to my birthday do in a few weeks (I can't believe I'll be 27 in a few weeks...).

Well I best be off - dry my hair and get pretty and all that....for work...bleh!

Friday, June 16, 2006

So I haven't blogged in a few days...

....and I've just come home from having dinner and a few drinks with Jaimee and Sam - it was good to catch up with them as I didn't see Jaimee at bookclub last Monday and it's always good to catch up with Jaimee for a yarn.

So what have I been up too - well - surprisingly for me not much!! I'm just still getting used to getting up early for the gym so I haven't really done much else this week it seems.

Although I did catch up with Celia, Jess and Ange for lunch one day which was cool - although I can't believe that Celia is going to Christchurch this weekend - she's going to be frozen.

I have finally gotten my costume sorted for Conor's birthday next weekend - I've got my "bad cop" outfit all sorted, including my white tie thanks to Conor:)

So what am I up to this weekend -very little as it turns out - I'm going for a walk with Ange (and possibly Jess) tommorrow but other than that I have no idea what I'm doing - apart from going to the gym.

Although this weekend I do want to get my extramural study at Massey sorted out....there are a lot of cool courses so I am a little unsure where to start...but at the same time I can't wait to start!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm finally going to Christchurch

I just booked tickets for Rich and I to go to Christchurch in July for my birthday - I can hardly wait - I love going places I have never been before:)

Good News

I just got back from Weight Watchers - turns out I lost 1.4 kgs this week - WICKED!!

Turns out that getting up super early really paid off.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Brrr...Damn it's cold, wet and miserable...

But at least I don't live in central Auckland where the power was off for most of the day and I am very proud that I managed to get my butt out of bed at 5:45am to go to the gym first thing so I am very proud of myself:)

Tonight it's off to bookclub - although it would be very easy just to stay at home snuggled up - but I didn't go to bookclub last month and I am quite passionate about the subject (Africa) and it's always good to catch up with the bookclub girls.

I recieved a few e-mails from Tabitha today and among other things she asked me why I wanted to do a graduate diploma in Women's Studies.

Well, it's like this - although I like my job I'm not passionate about it - some days I just feel like a drone heading off to the hive again. I know I can't give up my job and totally go back to uni at the moment - but decided that I needed something in my life to challenge my brain that I am really passionate about.

I am really passionate about feminism/women's Lib - so that's why I have decided to do the grad diploma - it will be a lot of work - but it's something I really want to do and I know I will put my heart and soul into it.....and once I finish my grad diploma - who knows what may happen!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I know I haven't been updated my blog as much as I normally do

But I have taken to going to the gym in the morning instead of at night - which means getting up at 5:45 in the morning - which means I'm generally not left with much time to update my blog in the morning (although I had time on Friday but for some reason blogger was down....)

So what have I been up to for the last week....hummm.....just a quick run down....on Thursday went with Nankz and Paul and some of their other mates to a film at the "Outtakes" film festival - it was set in World War II and one of the saddest films I have even seen - but it was really thought provoking and interesting.

Friday was a really good day - I found my dream boots - Doc Martins' 20 ups - I didn't think I would ever find them in New Zealand. They are $340 - ouch - but they will last forever. But I had to put them on layby "sigh" I can hardly wait till they are payed off.

Friday night was also Simon's birthday so a few drinks at Mac's Brewery and then dinner at an Indian/Malaysian restaurant...was good to catch up with everybody....but I was way too tired to go out - still getting used to the whole getting up early and going to the gym.

Yesterday I went to the gym and then for a walk (and gelato) with Ange and Jess along the waterfront - it was such a beautiful day and the habour was so calm - a good day for walking.

Last night Rich and I were going to head off to Happy to see a couple of bands but in the end decided to have a quiet one in and catch up on some Dr Who by watching some of the Dvd's that James loaned us.

Today was another quiet day - Rich and I just went up to the Kelburn Cafe for lunch and then for a walk around the botanical gardens.

Rich has now taken off to an experiemental music workshop so I'm just catching up on a few e-mails, my blog and a whole bunch of interweb type stuff.

Well I'm now off to do some web surfing - I've decided that I would like to do a graduate diploma in Women's Studies (extramurally) so I'm hoping that I can do that through Massey University.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Nankz

It was Nankz birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANKZ!

Wellington Fringe Festival

Good News!!!

Rich's animation "Moth and Boy" has been accepted into the Wellington Fringe Film Festival:)

The only problem is the screening is on the 15 July (My Birthday!) so we have to delay our holiday to Christchurch by one weekend.

My Poem

Well - here's my attempt at poetry - I'm sure that Belle and Tabitha with their poetry skills will be able to give me some feedback - but be kind girls - I am just an amateur!!

In the distance

I sit
Surrounded by silence
No one speaks a word
As the bus with it's interior dated and heating struggling
Snakes around and up and down

Through eroding hills
The trees that once covered them long gone
Past clay cliffs
Which will once again slip and block the road with the first winter rain

Past old farms
The enthusiasm for the land long lost
Some of the homes would have once been beautiful
Built by the weathly
Who asked themselves what went wrong

Past huge hills
Nearly mountains
That feel as if they could smother you

Past rocky land
I wonder whose Christian spirit lead them to write "Jesus Saves" on a boulder in the middle of nowhere

I begin to think of this place swallowing me
Of how I don't belong here
How no person could really belong here

My mind drifts away
Thoughts which fill me with a loneliness for this place
This empty place

Until the bus finally moves towards a coastline
The day is clear and the sea is turbulent, the sand black, the trees grow sideways in the strong wind

I look beyond the ocean
A near perfect snow cone in the distance
I'm going home

So my poem is about going on a bus between Hamilton and the Naki - not that exciting - but I couldn't think of anything else to write about.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome Back to the North Island Karen

I nearly forgot to say - my friend Karen who has been living all the way down in Ranfurly is finally back in the North Island and about now she should be spending her first day living in Masterton! Wicked! It means I can make day trips over on the train and visit her:)

So I decided to have a very long weekend

I decided to take yesterday off work - I just felt like I really needed a break, and I haven't had one forever because I work on contract. So I figured I would take yesterday off and I pretty much did nothing - apart from going to the gym and seeing Celia and Greg for a coffee after work.

I just haven't been feeling my normal self lately - getting tired very easily and finding hard to concentrate at work. So hopefully taking four days off work will help me feel a bit better - although I still feel tired today despite sleeping in forever yesterday!!

Anyways what else have I been up to in the past few days....

On Thursday night - Rich, Ross, Greg and I went to see another Comedy Festival thing. We saw "Cameron Blair - Gifted" - it was basically a guy taking the piss out of all those TV mediums like Colin Fry - it has some really funny moments and just some plain cringe worthy moments.

Greg didn't enjoy the show that much though as he got sucked into playing a part in the audience participation part of the show - poor Greg:(

But as I turns out I had a much more traumatic night than Greg. After the show - the guys left and Rich and I decided to go out for a drink at Midnight Expresso seen as I wasn't going to work on Friday and I wouldn't have to get up early the next day. Anyways - the drink was fine - but as we were walking along the footpath there was a whole bunch of homeless people doing push-ups (I guess you're pretty limited in what to do with your leisure time when your homeless - after all - leisure time is all the time...). We walked passed them - not thinking anything of it as it is the same group of homeless people that are always on Cuba Mall and as I walked past them one of them wacked me on the butt - like REALLY hard - I was like in total shock and Rich was pretty angry. But we decided to walk away - I mean what point is it reporting that kinda stuff to the cops - it was just a bit scary and generally pretty damn gross.

Anyways on a much less disturbing note tonight is the release of Belle's Zine "Goody two shoes" and of course her poetry reading as well. We are heading along with Jaimee and Sam - it should be a good night out. I'm looking forward to seeing my "Good Cop" review in print. I'll prolly grab a couple of copies of the Zine so I can send it to the Htown/Aucktown people and also send a copy to Marth to check out.

Speaking of Marth - as it turns out she has been shouted a trip down to Wellington by one of her mates to check out some Kapahaka the weekend I am heading up to Auckland. But it's ok because she is going to head down earlish on Friday so we can spend the day together and then I can fly to Auckland in the evening. Sweet - means I can still go to Conor's birthday party and catch up with all of the other people in Auckland.

Well I should really head off - I've got to go to town - I have to pick up something I have put on layby for Rich as it's our 4 year anniversary tommorrow!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last night

So last night was our "Welly-versary" drinks at Syn - it was so awesome. Most of our mates turned up and I had a really great time catching up with everybody.

Jess also bought us a present - a book of walks in and around Wellington - how cool - that will get put to good use.

But I am tired now - the night didn't run super late or anything - we got home about 11ish I think - but I get up relatively early - I'm so looking forward to the weekend so I catch up on my sleep.

I'm off to a comedy festival thing tonight as well and it doesn't start till 9:30pm - so it will be another late night out tonight.