Friday, July 29, 2011

Nail Triangles

I am home sick again today, feeling sorry for myself and I think I've watched all the DVD's we have in the house. So I have been browsing the interwebs to keep myself entertained.

I was reading the lastest post from The Dainty Squid, which was a nail tutorial and I thought - hey I can do that!

In a recent post I noticed that Kaylah was sporting some particulary amazing nails with a triangle pattern, but I figured that it was done with either some kind of fancy nail kit or an incredibly steady hand.

But turns out all you need are two different shades of nail polish, sticky tape and some top coat.

Here's most of the tools involved - except for the sticky tape of course. I chose dark blue triangles over a light blue slightly metallic colour. Here's the final result, its not perfect for sure and I won't be giving up my regular job to become a nail technician - but I think they look pretty good.

Will I do it again? Maybe - I kind of like the idea of using sticky tape as effectively "masking tape" for nail polish.


cb said...

I love them! I want to try it out to! Wll try this weekend!

Emma Litton said...

Ohh, I like these so much! I want to try them.


Trees said...

Love to see how both of your nails turned out - its actually surprisingly easy!

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I want to try this :)