Sunday, July 31, 2011

Instax Sunday: Wellington Waterfront

Hello All! Today was a stunner of a day in Wellington - sure its winter, but the sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm.

Rich and I went for a walk along the waterfront and it was super busy. I took a photo at Oriental Parade of the sea and sand but I think it came out a little over-exposed unfortunately. I still kind of like it though.

I took some other photos today which I will post tommorrow - as I've just come back from another film festival film and its not long till bed time.

Hope everyone had a super Sunday!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taipei Postcard Quilt

I FINALLY used my sewing machine, the project may be small, but its the first step to sewing stardom - right?

A long time ago I made a couple of postcard quilts with various postcards I picked up around town at various places. Postcard quilts look kind of cute, they don't have to be perfect and they take minimal time to complete.

Earlier this week I was sorting through some craft stuff and I came across a package of postcards I had bought when I attended the Taipei International Floral Expo. I bought the postcards because I thought they were cute as they featured the mascotts of the expo. I really wanted to display them somehow, I just wasn't sure how and then it hit me - POSTCARD QUILT!

The thing I love about postcard quilts is the they don't need to be perfect - which is good for me as I try to build up some confidence with the machine.

You may be able to see from the picture each of the mascotts are am emissary of something. But my favourite is the "Emissary of Hope". I think he is meant to signify new growth - but to me he kind of looks like poop.

You will all be glad to know that while I am not feeling 100% I am feeling so much better! I went and spent some time with my friend Ria today which was pretty awesome (scored a cute new vintage dress even) and in the evening I went to a movie with Rich and a couple of other friends at the New Zealand International Film Festival. So here's hoping in a few more days I will be back to my old self. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nail Triangles

I am home sick again today, feeling sorry for myself and I think I've watched all the DVD's we have in the house. So I have been browsing the interwebs to keep myself entertained.

I was reading the lastest post from The Dainty Squid, which was a nail tutorial and I thought - hey I can do that!

In a recent post I noticed that Kaylah was sporting some particulary amazing nails with a triangle pattern, but I figured that it was done with either some kind of fancy nail kit or an incredibly steady hand.

But turns out all you need are two different shades of nail polish, sticky tape and some top coat.

Here's most of the tools involved - except for the sticky tape of course. I chose dark blue triangles over a light blue slightly metallic colour. Here's the final result, its not perfect for sure and I won't be giving up my regular job to become a nail technician - but I think they look pretty good.

Will I do it again? Maybe - I kind of like the idea of using sticky tape as effectively "masking tape" for nail polish.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A return to Swap-Bot

So the bad news is I'm sick, well, actually I've been sick since last Friday which makes it six days of feeling rather sick.

I finally went to the doctor today and he confirmed that my illness was some kind of infectious throat infection and that I should take antibiotics and stay at home for the next couple of days to recover.


I really don't want to be sick - I have too much to do both at work and in my life in general but sometimes your body says STOP and you have to listen to it I suppose.

Moving right along, in today's post I wanted to share with you some recent swap-bot goodies. I am usually more of a Craftster Swap kind of girl - but I have been reading some good things online about Swap-Bot so I thought I'd give it another go and I was very plesantly surprised!

Here are the goodies from two of the swaps I have done recently, firstly a Kawaii Swap. If you didn't already know - I am kind of Hello Kitty crazy - so my partner made a Kitty themed Kawaii package.

My favourite recent swap package, however, has to be the cupcake swap package!
I am especially in love with this package because of this magnet - I love creepy cute and think this is just so amazing. It makes me giggle a little each time I go to open the fridge.

Also - I am rather in love with this little Hello Kitty Cupcake Lolly Tin - I actually have a few Hello Kitty/Sanrio lolly tins from my time in Taipei (which I need a way to display - suggestions?) but nothing like this - its a welcome addition to the collection.

Here's a photo of the lollies that were inside - not sure how well you can see them but they are tiny cupcakes and they smell divine - like vanilla. However, they kind of don't taste like anything - actually they do taste a bit like those hard lollies that lolly necklaces are made from.
Any other fans of swaps out there? Anyone else been swapping on swap-bot or Craftster?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Green!

Today's wardrobe challenge was a little easier for me than last weeks - green! I already have green extensions in my hair! Easy peasy.
I also wore this cardy which I think in mint green, Rich thinks its grey though.I wore one of my new obi tie belts today - another creation from Meg. So simple yet so clever! I have two of these wee belts and I love them lots. I wore my animal print flats today - rawr!! I want more shoes in fancy colours and patterns. I wore a chain and ribbon necklace I made myself today, I really love this simple necklace and would love to make more. But the chain is a CRIMINAL price at Goldings. I can most likely get it for less if I actually leave the city and head for Spotlight. Last night I decided I wanted to paint my nails and decided green was the most sensible colour given this weeks theme.
Finally, a big old chunky ring that I bought for the grand total of $3 - I bought this a few weeks back for our friends "Green Themed" party and I really like it lots.

Outfit Deets:

Shoes - The Warehouse

Tights - Farmers

Dress - Bought in an Op Shop in Sydney

Belt - From Meg at Meg's Ragged Edge

Cardy - Glassons

Necklace - Made by me

Ring - Equipt

Nail Polish - Bought in Uijeongbu, South Korea

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wellington Bake Club - Week Two - Savoury Muffins

This week the theme for Wellington Bake Club was "Savoury Muffins" - I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever made savoury muffins. I am more of a sweet than savoury kind of girl so it was a bit of a challenge.

However, I was pretty happy with the end result. I made cheese, basil, sundried tomato and pinenut muffins. Rich said they tasted even better than fresh muffins from a cafe, of course he may be slightly bias. However, today one of my workmates gave me full marks for my muffins so they must have been pretty decent. EXTREME MUFFIN CLOSE UP!! OM NOM NOM!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Instax Sunday

When I lived in Korea I bought this wee fuiji instax camera - they were hugely popular whilst I was there and although it wasn't exactly cheap I had always wanted a polaroid camera.

Since I have returned home, I don't think I've used my instax camera once which is a little sad.

Recently I've been inspired but The Dainty Squid Blog and I have decided its time to dust off the instax camera and put it to good use.

So starting from this week I am going to have a regular feature called "Instax Sunday" where I'll take and instax photo of someone or something that's been on my mind or that I just find cute or interesting and tell you all about it.

Here is instax photo number one - my sewing machine! I bought this sewing machine a few weeks back as a birthday present to myself, but I haven't had a chance to use it and to be honest, I haven't used a sewing machine for a couple of years due to travelling so I am feeling a little intimidated by it and I just don't know where to start!

I have had a few ideas of what I could make - a simple skirt, a fabric belt (I just never have enough belts in fun colours) and I have even been considering doing an online course just to get me back into the swing of things, this one looks amazing. My friend Ria is also going to help me get my sewing skills in order.

So I do have lots of options to get sewing again - its just a matter of taking the first steps and sewing things again.

So I know a lot of ladies out there are crafty and very handy with a sewing machine - so I would appreciate and tips that will help me to get my sewing/crafty groove back.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wellington Baking Challenge Week One - Biscuits

Well right now I am suppose to me away for a girly weekend, at a bach (or holiday home as some people would call it) near Otaki. But its not meant to be - I've been struck down with one of the numerous winter bugs that have been afflicting everyone lately.

I have been struck down only days after I thought my epic consumption of kiwifruit an oranges was warding off all the sickness about me!

Luckily, I have very lovely friends and they said we should postpone the weekend until I am better - very sweet of them.

So today, I am at home and feeling a little sorry for myself, so I thought I'd take the chance to blog about last weeks baking challenge which was biscuits!

I haven't baked biscuits for a long time, but I do love to make sweet things (because I like to eat sweet things) so I thought I should be ok with this one.

For part of this challenge we needed to include at least one ingredient from the Wellington Region and here's mine.
It's some awesome plum jam made in Upper Hutt. I bought it at the Waitangi Park markets.

I bought the jam first, then I had to decide what to do with it! I thought about it for a while and decided to make some Jam Biscuits - if you want to try and make some yourself you can find the recipe here.

Here's the first batch of biscuits shortly they came out of the oven - its quite a relief that they came out well. You see we only have a small bench top oven in our flat that, until I baked these biscuits, had only been used to grill things. I was worried there might be some kind of problem with the temperature or something. But they came out just super.
Here's the final article - two plate filled with Jam Biscuits! I was pretty proud of myself. Finally all packaged up in a wee striped tin ready to go to work for my "tasters" to "mark" them. I have to admit over all my marks were pretty high so I was pretty happy.

This weeks challenge is savoury muffins, which I will admit as a sweet tooth is a bit more of a challenge for me - I hope I feel well enough to bake tommorrow.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Footless Tights - Fail

This weeks wardrobe challenge was a fail for me - footless tights.

I did try to do it really - I even began to pull on a pair of tights but then I realised:

1) It's winter

2) I hate the cold

3) I have kind of short legs and look pretty silly in footless tights anyway and the only ones I own I bought by mistake because I thought they were regular tights.

Hummm.....I look kind of sleepy in this photo, maybe its because Rich took it just before we headed off for work for the day.

I am especially happy with this outfit as pretty much everything I'm wearing was free!

The skirt and necklace I recieved this week in a package all the way from the USA via my friend Meg at Meg's Ragged Edge - will post pics the other goodies from the package soon, they are pretty rad.

Outfit Deets:

Skirt & Necklace - Gifts from lovely Meg

Cardy & Lacy top - Given to me by my friend Fiona when she was having a wardrobe clear out

Tights & Belt - Glassons

Shoes - The Warehouse

Cute Little Felt Brooch - Gift from Rich

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last Friday I took the day off work - because its was my birthday and its against the law to work on your birthday (well, maybe not, but it should be). Rich took the day off too which was just super. In the morning we went out for brunch and Rich gave me this fancy necklace for a birthday present.

The bird is a Fantail or Piwakawaka - whilst I love all native New Zealand birds, the fantail is my absolute favourite. So I am very happy with my necklace.

After my birthday brunch we went to the zoo, I was pretty excited because I hadn't been to the zoo since I returned home. I was a little worried though, the problem with having your birthday in the middle of winter is outdoor plans often change. But I was so lucky because even though it was a cold day, it was beautifully clear.
First up was a visit to the kunekune pigs - this little guy was super cute because he had the hiccups!
We do have some more exotic animals at the Wellington Zoo as well! I think the meerkats have to be one of my favourites. I love the chimps too - although they were more interested in sunbathing on the day we went.

But my favourite animal last Friday was the giraffes - why you may ask?

Why you may ask? Because I got to feed one! It could be anyone's hand in this photo - but its mine!
In the evening I went out with a few close friends for cocktails at "The Library" one of my favourite places in Wellington.I had a few fancy cocktails - I can't remeber the name of this one, but it was Japanese themed and came complete with chopsticks and a black doris plum in the glass. A few of us also tried the "Randy Savage" which tastes like gingerbread. This is a cocktail my friend Nankz got - fancy!

After cocktails we headed to one of the Korean restaurants in town that has Norebang - which was one of my favourite things to do with friends when I lived in Korea. Although the price in New Zealand is much more expensive. Although it was worth it - as Jess and I did an epic version of "Lady Lumps" by the Black Eyed Peas.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog awards & 15 of my favourite blogs

My friend Sadie who I know in the real world and the world of the blog-o-sphere gave me an "One Lovely Blog" award. Sadie has a lovely wee blog where she talks about fashion, craft and life as a Welsh girl living in New Zealand. I have recieved a couple of these in the past, but never really "played the game" as such. But I decided this time I would - so here we go!

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 15 blogs
4. Drop them a note to tell them about it

I have to admit the reason that I haven't done these kind of awards in the past is that it seems difficult to find seven interesting fact about myself - but I shall try:
1. I'm one three children and the oldest as well, I have two younger brothers. I am a whopping 11 years older than my youngest brother. Together Rich and I also have a who bunch of nieces and nephews - Kauri, Daniel, Eden, Nikau, Ryan, Sophiia and Lukah.

2. At High School I played the drums and then later on the flute - but I can't remeber a thing now!

3. For those who don't know me in the real world, I am kind of geeky and I have two degrees which I completed at the same time. Maybe I should be honest and say I am super geeky - for those interest I have a Law Degree and an Arts Degree (as in humanities not Fine Arts) in History and Politics. It won't suprise you then that in the real world I am a public servant.

4. I've lived in Stratford, Hamilton, Wellington, Uijeongbu (South Korea) and Taipei and now I'm back in Wellington.

5. I meet Rich when I was the 22 - so next year we will have been together for ten years - blimey!

6. I have endometriosis, which kind of sucks. I've had surgery twice for it and I am so thankful we have such a good universal healthcare system in New Zealand - sure we have waiting lists and all, but speaking to people from other parts of the world we really are so lucky. I try not to let the "endo" get me down too much, sometimes it makes life hard, but I can generally manage it now.

7. I'm a feminist - which these days sadly seems to be a dirty word and is so often replaced by negative tags like "femi-nazi". I just think woman have every right to be equal to men. That idea doesn't seem to be too radical to me.

Also in the same week I recieved an award from Sadie I also recieved one from Rosie who lives in the UK and had a fab wee fashion blog - she is also the most amazing photographer. Rosie gave me a best blog award which has pretty much the same rules except for you have to answer some questions about yourself as well - so here it goes:

Whats your favourite colour?

I like red a lot and of course black (although I remeber once someone telling me its not a colour - its a tone) and also blue.

Whats your favourite song?

I don't seem how anyone could have one single favourite song - that's just crazy! But some of my favourite artists are Nick Cave, The Smiths, The Cure, Pulp, TV on the Radio, Modest Mouse, PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes.

What is your favourite dessert?

Anything that includes chocolate - I'm not to fussy as long as chocolate is involved.

Whats pissing you off?

The fact the international bands keep missing Wellington!

When you're upset you... chocolate....

Black OR white?

Why black of course! White is just not me.

Biggest fear?

Heights - I really hate heights. But it depends on the context - I'm totally happy to got to the top of Taipei 101, but the thought of abseiling or anything like that makes me feel a little sick.

Your best feature?

Thats a tough one! I guess my eyes or my smile? Its really hard to see the best in yourself.

Everyday attitude....

Pretty happy - whats the worse that could happen?

What is perfection?

Cold days home crafting, film festivals, hanging out with Rich, Monday night film society, watching a great band, amazing op shop finds, attending markets, hiking, travelling, amazing exhibitions - so many things!

Guilty pleasure..

Cookie Hot Chocolate from Butlers Chocolate Cafe on Willis Street on pay day - they even give you a free chocolate. It's amazing.

FINALLY - award 15 blogs - I don't think I can award 30 blogs! So just choose which award you prefer:

1. A Sparkly Silver Lining

A blog from another New Zealand Blogger - full of fashion and baking goodness.

2. An Exercise in Trivial Pursuits

Chole is a girl living in Singapore who blogs about fashion and other things and has a wardrobe I am very jealous of!

3. Blargle Fargle

Rai is a UK blogger who blogs about fashion, does amazing outfit posts, has rainbow hair and does amazing illustrations.

4. Button Eyed

Its Ria's blog! She's my friend in the real world - an Aussie girl living in Kiwi land with mad sewing skills and pretty blue hair!

5. Crafty is awesome

Jaime blogs mostly about crafts but also about her life in general, I really enjoy reading her writing. Lately she has been doing a granny square swap which is worth checking out.

6. Crafty Pirate

Thera Joyce has the most amazing style and she has load of great tuts for crafty projects. Also, one time I commented about some Kiwi bands on her blog and she devoted a blog post to Kiwi band HLAH.

7. CraftyKatt

A girl with the most amazing craft skills, lately she's been doing some porcelain painting which I think is pretty rad!

8. Eat, Bake, Love

Check out this blog by Sarah-Rose for all kinds of baking goodness.


Helga is completely FABULOUS and lives in Christchurch, NZ. If you haven't been to her blog before then you are missing out!

10. Meg's Ragged Edge

Meg crafts, upcycles, hoola hoops and shares her own view of the world. She's one awesome lady.

11. Porcelain Complexion

A fellow New Zealand blogger with the most amazing sense of style - do check out Julia's blog!

12. Sew Misunderstood

Sue sews dresses to die for AND she plays in a band. Check out her "vintage chubbies" posts too - awesome.

13. The Citybirds Nest

Cb is a lady who loves her bike and has amazing crafty talents. I find myself feeling especially jealous of all her photos lately taken in the summer sun - seen as its winter down here at the moment!

14. The Cookie Button

Sammy is based in the UK and makes all kinds of cute things - I especially love the cake rings she posted recently.

15. You will, won't you?

Courtney blogs about her life which includes gaming, crafts, journalling - but my favourite is her Make Up face charts - as someone who is pretty useless at make-up I am completely in awe of them!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wellington Bake Club - Week One

I am taking part in the "Wellington Bake Club" as part of "Wellington on a Plate" (a once yearly food festival in these parts). Our team name if "Calorific" and we have one baking challenge each week which we all complete on the same day, we then take the baking to our tasters (my workmates don't know it yet, but they will be my tasters, to honest I don't think they will mind!)and get graded.

Here's a brief you tube clip about week one's challenge which is biscuits (or cookies for my American friends)which we have to make using at least one ingredient from the Wellington region.

I'm not sure what I will make yet - but I am hoping its fabulous!

The Bake Club runs for four weeks with a different challenge each week - I'm pretty excited about the whole thing and can't wait to get started. Its been a long time since I did any serious baking!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft 2.0 - July 2011

Recently Rich, Ria and I attended Craft 2.0 - what's Craft 2.0 you ask? Well the best darn craft market this little city has to offer. Its only on a few times a year, but its well worth the wait as they are so many amazing crafters/artists that attend.

For some time now, Craft 2.0 has been held at the New Dowse Gallery in Upper Hutt. I really love the New Dowse, but I don't go there as often as I should because its not in Wellington.

One of the current exhibitions they had included this - I was completely in awe of its awesomeness.

I also like this rather a lot - its like the love child of a penguin and a kinder surprise.One of the things I love at Craft 2.0 is that there are always a few stands selling the most amazing cupcakes - like these ones! There are no words to describe cupcakes as incredible as these.I can also confirm, these cupcakes ARE delicious, because I ate one! If you're not from NZ you may be confused at what's on top - its a very kitsch tiki - wikipedia will explain more.Ria and I alse decided to make use of the photo booth at the market and the silly hats that come with it. I think that the animal print hat looks so good with Ria's blue hair. I just love doing cheesy stuff like this. You're most likely wondering what I bought at the fair - well a couple of things but this is my favourite - a cute little owl for our apartment. I like him a whole bunch.