Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Japanese Scrapbook Part II

Rich and I have now finally finished the scrapbook of our Japanese trip! Here's the final pages of the book.

1. Maid Cafe - A rather strange and Japanese concept! Japanese "maids" (girls dressed in anime style outfits) serve you cake and coffee in a super cutesy cafe.

2.Akihabara - This is an area of Toyko famous for it's anime stores and gaming. You can even visit the "Toyko Anime Centre". 3. Mejei Shrine - This is a beautiful shrine in Harajuku - even though we visited on a Wednesday afternoon it was still incredibly busy! 4. Harujuku - It's an amazing place - but it would have been even better to visit there if I had more spending money!
5. Asakusa - An era of Tokyo which is trying to preserve the Edo period history of Japan. It's an incredible place!
6. Tokyo River Cruise and Tokyo Tower - It's all great cheesy tourist fun!
7. Travelling on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and eating bento - the perfect way to travel! 8. Visiting the Japanese Snow Monkey - This was the most amazing day of our trip. 10. Visiting Kyoto tower - mostly because if I see a tower I have to visit! 11. The beautiful streets of Gion in Kyoto at night.12. Our final day in Kyoto - visiting temples and palaces.
13. Back in Tokyo and spending time hanging out at our capsule hotel.14. Our last day in Tokyo - it's back to Harujuku again!15. Visiting the Imperial Palace.16 - Goodbye Japan - everything was just super!


Jamie said...

this is such a beautiful scrapbook, thank you so much for sharing it! The places you visited all look so amazing, your hotel just blew my mind!!

Trees said...

Thanks so much for your comment. That hotel was pretty crazy! There is so little room you have a locker to keep your bags in!

Victoria said...

This scrapbook is so cool, I wish I had the patience and imagination to do something like this. That capsule hotel looks crazy, did you get claustrophobic? Looks like you had an amazing time! xxx

Trees said...

It took a while to complete. We collected all the things WAY back in January and only finished it now:P I worked on it with my partner Rich so it's a two person effort. I can't take all the kudos.

Oh the capsule hotel - it's a truely Japanese experience! It wasn't too bad when we were there, mainly because it was the weekend and it wasn't too busy.

Traditionally it's Japanese business men that say at these places (when they are away working during the week). In fact it's only recently that women have been allowed to stay at them and we couldn't find many places with "couple" capsules.

It actually feels a little bit like you're a tent when you're inside but I image if all the other capsules around us were full it would have felt very claustraphobic!

Thanks for the comment^^

Laura said...

Your scrapbook is really cute :) my friend visited Japan before and has three photo albums FILLED with pictures. It looks like a fun place. :) Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

doraemon and ghost at school anime series are the best of japans anime!
<3 u anime
nicknamed by friends as satsuki

Kura Carpenter said...

Jealous! A place I would love to go.
& the "maid cafe" Suddenly I understand where my niece has got her desire to have me make her a maid's outfit - she reads a lot of manga. I guess it's all about context.