Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Red & Pink

Today's wardrobe challenge was all about breaking one of those "fashion rules" and wearing red and pink together - you know - those two colours that don't "go" together.I have had this vintage dress for a while, I picked it up from the Fringe Markets one Saturday and see as it was already pink and red (and blue) I figured it was perfect for the challenge!

The I mixed it up with a whole bunch of red and pink accessories and of course my red shoes and a pink cardy. The fabric of the dress also includes some little blue flowers - so I decided to wear a blue belt - just for a little something different. Outfit Deets:

Dress - Vintage, Fringe Markets, Cuba Street

Cardy, belt & tights - Glassons

Shoes - Cotton on

Necklace - Made by Meg

Brooch - Made by my friend Fiona


Meghan Edge said...

Ahh! I logged in purposely to tell you that I love that color on you, because I don't remember seeing you in anything so light before, and then I saw the necklace I made you! My heart jumped a little bit. ^_^ You look so pretty in pink (giggle- I love that movie).

Dammit I need to have a flats collection like yours. And could you please come give me a makeover? I need to know how to wear vintage like you.

cb said...

omg so cute! the color combo is one i would never think of and i LOVE that you added that blue! you look fab!!!!

Helga said...

I adore red and pink together!! And red & orange....and pink & nauseum!This is a lovely frock,love the styling,LOVE the necklace!!
there's an old saying "blue and green should never be seen" aswell,which I think is bollocks! xxx

Ria said...

pretttyyyy...teresa is preettyyyyy *creeps away*

Julia said...

LOVE this on you!! It's feminine & fun. I've always loved pink with red <3

Trees said...

Meg - Thanks for your lovely comments:) I have lately been acquiring quite a collection of flats. Yah for pretty shoes!

Cb - Awww...shucks

Helga - I've seen you rock the red & orange before & its awesome!

Ria - You're a crazy lady ;)

What Sadie Did said...

Ahh I am so bummed I missed this - i'd been looking forward to it!! :( With so much going on lately i've been pants at the WWC!

BUT you pulled it off great - love this vintage dress. And the necklace your friend made is awesome.

Sadie xx

Trees said...

Julia - thanks so much. I really wasn't too sure about this outfit, so its nice to have such lovely comments.

Ssdie - Thanks so much, I was a bit worried when I left home as I thought maybe it just looked like I was wearing an old lady house dress. Are you doing next weeks challenge? Its shiny! I think I have a plan - but then I think that then half the time I end up changing it on the day :P