Monday, August 29, 2011

Domo Pillow!

When we lived in Taipei, we visited the most EPIC craft store called "Mama Bear" - I didn't have a whole lot of the money at the time. But I did buy a few things from the store including a DIY Domo pillow making set.

I sat in our tiny apartment stitching away at my Domo pillow - I appliqu├ęd on his face and then started to sew up one side of the pillow. But seriously - have you ever tried to sew up a whole pillow by hand? At best its tedious!

So Domo was put away and I didn't see him again until my friend Lisa came to visit from Taipei and bought with her my few remaining bits and pieces - including Domo.

Now I own a sewing machine, I was able to finish up my Domo pillow pretty quickly and here it is as modelled by our couch.
The best thing about the Domo pillow? It doubles as a Domo costume - as modelled by me. Gotta love Monday night silliness.


Unknown said...

WANT! thats the cutest pillow ever ^_^
Rosie xo

cb said...


so glad you are in for the challenge! the best thing for beginners is to practice practice practice :D

Kendy P said...

So cute!!!!

What Sadie Did said...

Ahhh he is cute!! well made madame!!

And yes, get looking for hol clothes while the sales are on! I dont know if you like Valley Girl (I Dont normally) but they have a HUGE sale on with tonnes in it, (in the Mall) and it ends on Sunday I think!

Sadie x

Sadie x