Sunday, August 07, 2011

Instax Sunday: Chocolate!

I just couldn't get a good shot of this instax photo - no matter how hard I tried! I think its time to invest in a scanner.Its a picture of a box of chocolates! My Mum visited some family in Australia recently and sent us some chocolates from over there.
We also recieved these Ned Kelly "Outlaw Mints" - Ned Kelly is pretty badass. I always thought his home made armour ruled pretty bad - also the fact that when he was about to be hanged his last words were "such is life". A few years ago I visted the old Melbourne Gaol where Ned Kelly was held and excuted. Its a pretty creepy place (as is to be expected) but there is a Ned Kelly set of armour for kids (and maybe adults) to try on.


Helga said...

Ned Kelly Outlaw Mints?! Hilarious!!!
Yeah,he was a pretty badass dude allright!

Trees said...

I know! Its crazy - I love it!!