Friday, August 12, 2011

Gifts from the Land of Morning Calm

If you've read my blog for a while you will know that I have spent a year living and teaching in South Korea. It was an amazing experience and I still miss life in Korea a lot.

Recently my friend Dani sent me a package from Korea, Dani is from Florida but we met in Korea (obviously) and we have become pen friends (as well as just general friends) in recent months.

The package Dani send me reminded me of a lot of things I miss about Korea, so I thought I'd share what I'd recieved with you all and also what I miss about Korea.
1) I recieved this pot scrubber which reminded me that in Korea EVERYTHING is cute and I mean everything - from road signs to restaurant signs. I am a sucker for kawaii and I miss the cuteness of Korea a lot. Things in New Zealand just don't reach this level of cute.

2) I recieved these "couple set" hangers which reminded me how Koreans are a little bit obssessed with the idea of "couples" and "couple sets". It was really common in Korea to see couples dressed in the same hoodie, tee shirt or shoes. Sometimes they would be dressed in completely matching outfits. In some of the underwear stores you would even see displays with "couple set" underwear. It made me giggle so much. I can't imgine the couple set concept ever catching on in New Zealand.

3) Dani also sent me this Hello Kitty stamp and another thing I miss about Korea is Hello Kitty is everywhere! In New Zealand its pretty hard to come across Hello Kitty things, you can really only get Hello Kitty stuff in asian import stores. In Korea I could buy Hello Kitty stuff everywhere from the chemist to the supermarket to the bookstore. I even went to a Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae once. I feel there is now a lack of Hello Kitty in my life - although I think Rich would say there is still WAY too much Kitty for his liking. 4) I also recieved some make-up from "Skin Food" - I really miss Skin Food store, they have such great beauty products for such cheap prices compared to New Zealand but they are good quality too. There were a few other chains like Skin Food in Korea which had really good quality beauty products at a really minimal price compared the New Zealand prices. I miss that a lot. 5) I also got these completely random lollies and I'm not sure quite what to make of them - but that's ok - because that pretty much sums up my time in Korea, I didn't really understand what was happening a lot of the time, but that didn't really matter as I still had a fabulous time.


AHH said...

Aww, I'm glad you liked it all! So silly that me sending you a bit of things would excite you like that! I think maybe I'll feel the way you do when I leave Korea T.T. But that's okay, I'm going to send you cool stuff from the USA next! :D

Meghan Edge said...

All of those things are so cute!!!If I see any Hello Kitty around I'll be sure to send it your way. ^_^

Helga said...

Ha,a friend of mine spent a year teaching in Korea,and she also said there were a lot of random,hard to understand things going on all the time!
The couple set thingy is amaaaazing! I reckon G and I would embrace the concept,should it arise here!! xxx

Trees said...

Dani - Its really strange what you miss when you finally leave SoKo!

Meg - Oh yes! I am happy to have any kitty goodies spent my way ^^

Helga - You & G should totally START the "couple set" craze in NZ!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift!!! Cute things, love love love!

Trees said...

Cute is best:)

cb said...

the couple hanger is awesome and so hilarious! what could you possible hang on them? i guess something light..heheh

Trees said...

Cb - We hung them in the shower ^^ One has a SMALL facecloth hanging off it. I love them!