Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Local Flavour

This weeks wardrobe challenge was "local flavour" which is a bit of a difficult one - I thought either I could wear some things made locally or wear the colours of the Phoenix Football Club (yellow & black). In the end I decided to go with some locally made items.
I REALLY don't like this photo of me but its the only one I have showing the full outfit! I didn't get Rich to take photos in the morning and I went out for dinner and a lecture (that makes me sound much more intellectual than I am) with my friend Emi and I didn't get home until about 9:30 or maybe even later. By this stage I didn't really feel like having photos taken but I did it for the good of the challenge!

In this outfit the cardy is made by a local boutique called Frutti - I don't wear it very often as its cropped and I kind of struggle to wear cropped things well.
My friend Grace made this brooch - she's actually Australian and had long since returned to live in Melbourne. But she was living in Wellington at the time she made it so I figure it fits into the "local flavour" catergory.

I also decided to wear the fantail necklace Rich gave me for my birthday this year, its by Jo Luping design which is based out of Petone (I think) but their store is in the city pretty much across the road from our apartment. Their designs are pretty amazing you can see more here.

I also wore my metallic flats with the little bows again - because they are cute.

Outfit deets:

Dress - Pagani

Cardy - Frutti, Wellington

Brooch - Made by my friend Grace

Tights - Farmers

Necklace - Jo Luping Designs, gift from Rich

Shoes - Number one shoe warehouse

I was wondering if any of you out there who have fabulous outfit posts could offer me any advice for making my outfit posts a bit better. I just feel like mine are a but *bleh*, I don't really know how to pose or anything and I am not sure our hallway is the best place to pose. Any and all advice would be most apprecited lovelies xoxox


Kc said...

That necklace is very pretty! I bought a top from frutti awhile ago too, I remember there were some pretty dresses there as well...
Oh and I finally have the award you gave me up on my blog :) thanks!!
Look at lots of other style blogs for posing inspiration, I struggle too it's hard to look natural sometimes!


Meghan Edge said...

I really love that Cardi on you, girl. And I love that fantail necklace! SO CUTE! ^_^

cb said...

i love that necklace sooo much! i need a good birdie necklace, i don't have one! eek!

Trees said...

KC - Yes I love frutti but it tends to be a bit on the pricy side - I don't buy stuff there too often. I just wish I could pose a bit better in pics - I feel like I always look silly :P

Meg & Cb - Thanks for your lovely comments, I do love my lil' birdie necklace too ^^