Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Wellington Bake Club - Week Three - Slice

This week the challenge for bake club was to bake a slice - I feel sure that at some point in my life, I MUST have baked a slice! But to be honest, I can't remeber ever having made one before.

When I learnt the challenge was slice, I decided to stick to the classic and make a good old caramel slice.

The slice I made is actually a reduced fat and sugar version - that isn't to say it doesn't have a whole lot of fat and sugar (trust me - it has plenty) it just has less than a traditional caramel slice recipe. Which I think is a good thing as a traditional caramel slice is too sweet for me!

Caramel slice extreme close up! I think this week was my workmates favourite so far - I had so much good feedback and I was told it was the perfect level of sweetness. Very happy with myself indeed.

Also I note that I have 50 followers and thats pretty rad - I am even considering having a giveaway. I shall have to work on that over the next couple of weeks.


Helga said...

I've never made a slice! Mind you,they're usually too sweet for my taste...but yours looks rather divinely lip licking!!!

Trees said...

I am a sugar fiend and I often find them too sweet as well Helga - but this version isn't too bad at all.

I do remeber once Rich bought a caramel slice in an unnamed Wellington cafe and he could not eat it due to its sweetness - but honestly - the caramel was about 3cm thick!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm! i am drinking my morning coffee thinking a slice of this would be so delish :)

and PS i love that pixel pattern fabric in the post below!!!!!

cb said...

i have no idea what a slice is but i want every last one of those on that plate! they look amazing!
congrats on the 50 followers, yay!!!