Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sewing Saturday

I have been blogging a bit recently about how I really want to learn to use my sewing machine.

I bought it back in June and although I love crafting a lot I just haven't used it much. I need to make friends with it and quickly!

I have been working on a rather amazing cushion this week, that I hope to show you all by the end of the weekend. Its pretty amazing.

But I decided I need to do something to motivate me to sew more, I have so much going on I really need to set aside time to sit down and sew.

So I have decided to do an online sewing e-course with Red Velvet - I love Red Velvet, its one of my new favourite blogs. The course starts off super simple - with a bow and then moves up to skirts, dresses and even includes a cardy and a bag.
I could most likely make some of the most basic things in the course by myself - but I figure its good to start off making really simple things to build confidence.

If you would like to check out the details of Red Velvet's D.I.Y Dress Up course you can find them here.

Also a little later this afternoon, I am heading over to my friend Ria's place. She is going to help me start sewing a frock from some crazy fabric I bought at recent fair. I'm not sure how it will go - but I've got to start somewhere right?

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


Meghan Edge said...

You know, even though I sew I'm considering taking this course. It just looks kind of fun.

Especially because I'm crap at stuff from scratch.

Helga said...

I'll be keen to hear how you like the Red Velvet course! Good girl,though,you're getting yourself into it! Yep,you do gotta start somewhere,and you'll be so proud of your first frock!So will I!!!You'll be hooked,and I BET you pick up skills really quickly!