Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: 1960's

So as you may have noticed, I wear a lot of vintage. But I'm not one of those girls who spends a whole lot of time working out what clothes come from which era. I mostly buy vintage because I love having something different from everyone else and also because I love dresses a lot and "back in the day" dresses were a lot more exciting then they are now.

I thought this dress may have been from the 1960s - but when I look at it again in the photos and see the HUGE collar I think its more likely to be a 1970s dress. I actually mostly just wanted to wear this dress this week as its the one that I picked up when I was shopping a recycle boutique with Ria at the weekend. I think its kind of rad - plus I am back into my usual habit of buying clothes to match my extensions. I quite like this wee cardy, its a Hell Bunny one, its so cute but its made from fabric that's meant to look like mohair and its kind of scratchy so I don't wear it too often.This is the necklace I wore - as you can see subtle isn't something I ever go for in my choice of accessories.I wore red shoes and black tights and for so reason I really love black tights and red shoes. It just seems like one of those perfect combinations. Finally my ring - its a little birdie! I think its equal parts cute and just plain silly. I like it a whole lot.


Dress - Recycle Boutique, Wellington

Cardy - Hell Bunny - From a NZ website called "Rock n' Ruin" that I think must have closed down because I can't find it anymore

Necklace - Uijeongbu Underground Mall, Uijeongbu, South Korea

Tights - Glassons

Flats - Cotton On

Ring - Bling


Meghan Edge said...

I love the dress but I have to say the details on this outfit just make it for me. The necklace is amazing. Those shoes are brilliant. I love the detail on your cardi. THE RING IS GORGEOUS. What a beautiful outfit. Love it.

cb said...

i love that dress on you! such a beautiful color. that bird ring is adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That ring is to die for!!!

Helga said...

Gorgeous frock,you've conquered the 60's,no worries!Yay! XXX