Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baking Queen - Wellington Bake Club - Week Four - Cake

This week was week four of Wellington Bake Club and the challenge this week was "Cake" - I was a little worried about this challenge as I really don't enjoy baking cake. Its a little weird as I LOVE to make cupcakes, they are so cute and tiny and perfect.

But the thought of making a cake kind of freaked me out - what if it falls in the middle? What if it doesn't bake all the way through? What if its dry? So many things that could go wrong!

In the end I decided to make an apple and cinnamon cake which took FOREVER to cook. In fact - even once I took it out of the oven I was pretty sure it wasn't cooked through. I went to bed thinking I'd wake in the morning and cut it to find the middle was filled with cakey goo rather than cakey goodness.

But I surprised myself as the cake turned out to be pretty much perfect! My team at work loved it and I got a whole bunch of perfect scores. I was pretty happy with myself.

I dusted the cake with icing sugar - it wasn't the sort of cake that needed icing (or frosting as some folks call it).

The best news of all is with this cake I am the "winner" of my bake club "Calorific" and what does that mean? Well the next challenge is cupcakes and this time it won't be judged just by my workmates (although I may use them for a trial run) this time it will be judged by some real life judges and I won't be judged against the other members of "Calorific" rather I will be judged against all the winners of the other bake clubs in Wellington! Nervous? Me? Never?

The challenge for the grand final of bake club is "cupcakes" normally I am a bit of a cupcake queen. But I am feeling rather nervous about this whole thing. What kind of cupcakes to people enjoy the most? What's your favourite cupcake?

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