Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Instax Sunday - Accessory Storage

I am a sucker for jewellery and accessories. When I say jewellery I don't mean flashy diamonds, gold and pearls and mean big and loud statement necklaces with robots and skull and big chunky rings.

Last Sunday's instax photo is a very small part of my collection, which is organised in an on the wall hanger.

But I thought I'd use this post to ask all you folks out in blog-land how do you store your accessories as I am in urgent need of storage ideas! Especially for my belts and scarves. HELP!


Kc said...

Hey! :) Thanks for your nice comment about my cake! :D Hmm I've got the same problem as you! I've recently got a whole bunch of vintage belts and I need to hang them up somewhere...


Helga said...

Yeah,I don't like flashy diamonds ect either!I think we have sort of similar tastes!My jewellery needs reorganising desperatly.Some hangs on a corkboard,but most is jammed into a coupel of boxes! Naughty!
Scarves and belts I just keep on a couple of coat hangers.Nothing flash-that too could be improved!xxx

Trees said...

KC - seriously your cake was AMAZING!!

Helga! I have often admired your "bling" I have a whole bunch currently just sitting in a bag and need to suss it out! Also have a whole collection of wee silky scarves in a bag. Its annoying because when you don't see it, you forget it and don't wear it!