Monday, August 22, 2011

The Great Wellington Bake Off!

Sorry folks, I have been very busy over these last few days with all kinds of things! I've been crafting quite a bit - but also out enjoying the sunshine at long last.

But I am now back and will hopefully be able to catch up with all my blogging. Starting with the Wellington Bake Club finals last Thursday. Which was a night of EXTREME baking.

But lets start on Wednesday night with the baking of the cupcakes - Rich took a few photos to document the occassion.
Rich also made me a stencil for my cupcakes - seen as we had snow last week he made me a snowflake one, rather than using my previous heart shaped one. Here's a trial run with the snowflake template. I thought it looked pretty good. So on Thursday after work I had to rush to the Wellington town hall in order to set up my plate of eight cupcakes, plus one for the judge. It had been a busy day at work and I didn't manage to get away as soon as I would have liked too. When I got there I stencilled all my cupcakes - we were supposed to to be all set up and ready to go by 6pm and I didn't have long to get organised. Here's some of the other cupcakes at the competition - I have to admit I felt totally out of my league at this competition. So many fancy cupcakes!

For the purposes of the competition, we had to provide nine cupcakes and whilst the judges were tasting cupcakes - everyone else at the competition got to eat as many cupcakes as they wanted. I think in the end, Rich and I had two each. So much cupcake goodness!My friend Alice, who was also in my bake club also came along for the big night and she even gave me a wee cupcake themed present. This is a little mirror compact. Super cute!


Kc said...

Yum yum you got to eat the cupcakes?! Lucky! :)


Meghan Edge said...

Excellent! Your cupcakes are so cute! I have to say after working in a bakery and tasting the "fancy" icing there that yours looked the most appealing. The apple ones look kind of like they'd taste of food coloring.

cb said...

i wanna go to a cupcake competition and eat as many cupcakes as i want! how much fun!

Jamie said...

your cupcakes are adorable!! i've never been to a bake off but I certainly need to find one...just to stare at and eat all the pretty cupcakes lol

What Sadie Did said...

WOW!! So many awesome cupcakes! Yours looked cute and I love the snow-themed stencil! :)

But you can definitely see those people who spend a LOT of time baking! Those gingerbread men are so cute! Who won? And what ones did you taste?? Well done on participating!

Sadie x

Trees said...

Kc - I don't think we could quite believe it when we were allowed to eat any cupcakes we wanted too!

Meg - Mine were certainly less "extreme" when it comes to icing;)

Cb - It was pretty fun - and delicious but dauting too!

Jaime - It was a whole bunch of fun! If you even have the chane to head along to one, you should totally do it!

Sadie - I love the gingerbread me too:) They did announce the winners - but they didn't say which cupcake they baked! So I'm not sure who won. :(