Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pink & Purple!

This morning I went to the hairdresser, for my usual hair cut, colour and of course new extensions! This month the colour of choice is a pink and purple blend. I knew today I was going to get pink - to start with I was thinking maybe a mix of bright pink and cotton candy pink. But my hairdresser suggested this mix of cotton candy pink and lavender (well - its sort of lavender). I really like it! Its so much fun getting new extensions each visit to the hairdresser and I love the far extensions don't fade - synthetic hair rocks.

After I had finished at the hairdresser I headed to the Fringe Markets. It seems to be a little post hairdresser ritual I have developed - visit hairdresser then head to the Fringe markets to pick up something which matches my new hair. This time I picked up this adorable hand knitted cardy - the photo doesn't do it justice. It is so warm which is what I need with the winter setting it and its so cute. After the Fringe Markets I headed to Ghuznee Street, I needed to go the the craft store but on the way I stopped here. This little caravan has been around since I returned to Wellington in December. I have never ventured inside before and decided today was the day to check it out.
I'm glad I did because this wee store in a caravan is super cute! Most of things in the store look like they are imported from Asia and are very cutie cutie.
I am the sort of girl that could go a little crazy in an accessory store - but I managed to limit myself to only two necklaces. I especially like the bunny.


Meghan Edge said...

Um, OMG I need a shop in a trailer! That is my new dream. Not just a shop but a shop in a trailer. AHH!

Cute hair and SUPER cute cardi. We are full on summer here, so I don't know when I'll get to wear my beloved cardis again. -_-

Helga said...

EEK! I LOVE the new extensions!Gorgeous,darl!
The cardi is a weetie,I so adore cardis.Practical and pretty!
That caravan is a dream,I can't believe how awesome it is inside!!! I could go crazy in a place like that too.I don't know how you managed to get out with just 2 adorable necklaces!EEK!

Trees said...

Meg - I know! How cute is a shop in a caravan:D I really love the idea. I have decided this winter I need more cardi's in more colours. I only had 2 black ones (that are IDENTICAL)and one red one. In the last few weeks I bought a blue one, ruby red and now pink. I'm on a roll.

Helga - For reals - how awesome is the caravan inside. I think the only reason I managed to restrict myself to only two necklaces is because I am going to Sydney next weekend. Otherwise I am sure it would have been quite out of control!

cb said...

wow the extensions look so cool! have you seen the feather ones yet? i really want to try them! i am a huge feather girl ;D that trailer shop is so cool too! i think there are some like that in portland and we totally need some shops like that here in the pay area!

about the nz flag...first the flag is totally RAD and second, the mister and i have distant relatives in kati kati and the mister spent 3 months there on their farm helping out and helping with our niece who had retina cancer. now she can see and is about 13 years old! i would love to go and visit them.


Trees said...

Hey CB - I think one of the girls at my hairdressers may have had feather extensions? Looked kind of cute.

Oh that's exciting you have relations in Katikati - you should come on down for a visit sometime! :D

Unknown said...

wow! awesome hair!
im jealous ^_^
Rosie xo

Trees said...

Thanks Rosie xoxox