Monday, May 16, 2011

Sydney Calling!

Our trip to Sydney now is just around the corner, I'm pretty excited! My first trip out of the country since I arrived home in December. Plus I'm going to a city I've never visited before. Its going to be pretty awesome. We've made a list of places we want to visit - the list may be a little ambitious for a four day visit though!
One thing I am especially excited about on this trip is seeing a show at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE! Its going to be amazing! We are seeing Bat for Lashes and I can't wait for this show.

So does anyone out there have any tips for Sydney? Shopping? Eating? Things to see and do?


Mel Makes Pretty said...

Yay, your coming to Sydney!
Which weekend because I've always wanted to go to these markets, but never had a chance to. I think you would love it.
I hope you have a great time while your here and if I think of anywhere else you should go I will let you know.

Meghan Edge said...

Alas, being from the other side of the world, I cannot give you any advice. But I am jealous that you get to go to a show!

I wish you could come to Philadelphia and thrift with me, too. You'd have to bring an empty suitcase though. ^_~ You know, for all the stuff you'd be taking home.

cb said...

can you somehow stash me in your suit case so i can come along? i have always wanted to go to sydney! and then if i come i will get to see NZ too! killing two birds with one stone! brilliant! well i know you will have a fantastic time, sooo jealous!


Trees said...

Mel - Sadly we don't arrive till June. Which kind of sucks. Because that market looks super rad!

Meg - At some time I WILL make it to Philly and we can thrift like crazy women. Maybe I'll just bring an empty suitcase:)

Cb- If you even want to come to NZ I can show you round for sure. Its pretty cheap to travel between NZ and the East Coast of Aust (Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney).

Mel Makes Pretty said...

Oh well. If I hear of anything else interesting happening I'll let you know!

Trees said...

Let me know if you want to catch up Mel - would be great to meet you in the real world:D