Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First ever outfit post! Its a bit rubbish....

A lot of my friends have outfit posts on their blogs, in fact fashion and craft are my two favourite blog themes (with travel being a very close third).

So I decided it was time for me to try my hand at a few outfit posts - because I do love clothes, fashion and making my own accessories. Plus my friend Sadie has been encouraging me to do an outfit post, so I figured I may as well give it a go.

My friend Kat runs a weekly wardrobe challenge on facebook that I take part in (you can join in here if you would like too). Which I thought would be fun to blog about and a good start for this whole outfit post thing.

The weekly wardrobe challenge is pretty simple, Kat gives us a theme each week and we have to dress on Wednesday according to that theme. Its a good way remeber the long lost parts of your wardrobe and break out of your regular fashion routine.

Below is what I wore today for the challenge which was "I forgot I had this" - now I hadn't actually forgotten I had this dress (how could I! its so darn cute) but I hadn't worn it since I returned home as a button had fallen off and I hadn't gotten around to fixing it.

So here's todays outfit with an incredibly bad photo - we took it after work and as its turning to winter it was dark at about 4:30 today due to stormy weather and our apartment is dark. I think I need to take the photos (or that should be have Rich take the photo) whilst the sun is still up.

Here's the outfit details - for the record:

Dress - Broad Minded Clothing from Baby Girl Boutique

Cardy - From Glassons

Tights - Farmers

Shoes - Op Shopped

Necklace - Bling

Brooch - Bought from Craft 2.0

So fashion bloggers & regular bloggers that like to do outfit post can you please help me out with some tips, hints and advice on how to take a great outfit post photo. Clearly I need it!


What Sadie Did said...

YAY YAY YAY!! So pleased you're doing it!!! And love that dress - I bet there's plenty more gems like this in your wardrobe :)

I did the challenge too - even with such short notice! Good fun!

Sadie xx

PS i would offer you tips, but i actually need them myself!!! :p

Suzanne said...

I am so excited for MORE!! You are CUTE!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous dress!! I would suggest bigger photos and a couple detail photos thrown in c: x

Meghan Edge said...

Things I am jealous of- your dress, the fact that you have a solid white wall for a background, and your lighting.

I think you look totally cute. I'm crap at outfit posts so I don't have a lot of tips (notice, all mine are taken in my kitchen).

I wish I could join that challenge but I already have something scheduled on Wednesdays! Oh why can't these fun things be posted on thursdays?

Grace said...

Hi, Trees! How've you been? I didn't know you had a blog, either! I will now be blog-stalking you as well, haha!
I definitely enjoyed our chats, too, and wish we could have hung out more while we were in Korea. But NZ is high on my travel list (ever since my teacher, Mrs. Walsh, talked about her home country when I was living in Uzbekistan).
Your dress is super cute and I hope you keep posting pictures because I love your outfits! The dress+cardi look is timeless and you always put your own spin on it. Teach me how to dress! I'm always stuck in boring jeans and a t-shirt.
Here's to blogging and fashion! :D

cb said...

your silly! this isnt rubbish you look great! although i would LOVE to see a close up of that pattern on your dress!!! do more and you will find out what works for you! i'm still getting used to it, i always feel weird but i do love to share with everyone that you can wear normal cute clothes and ride a bike!


Victoria said...

That is a cute dress, and you look lovely:) xxx

* said...

that is a cute dress...i wish i could do something like this, but i wear a uniform to work, so i don't get to dress in cute things unless it is the weekend :(

Trees said...

Sadie - Thanks so much - you inspired me to FINALLY do it xoxox

Psycho Sue - Thanks so much - you make me blush!

Rai - Thanks for your tips, I really appreciate it. Your outfit posts always look so great.

Meg - I wish you could join the weekly wardrobe challenge too! Thanks for your kind words.

Gracie - Come and visit me! I love visitors and we can go shopping:D

Cb - I love your blog and you always look super cute on your bike. Good point though - if I am wearing a dress with a fancy pattern I should include a close up of the pattern.

Victoria - Oh thanks so much:D

* - Thanks for your lovely comment about my dress. Maybe you can do a weekend wardrobe post:)

Jamie said...

You are absolutely adorable!! That dress looks amazing on you!!

Unknown said...

cuuute! is that cake print? amazing! :D
Rosie xo

Macska said...

I so love that dress! (But then, I love all your dresses. :-)

I had an idea last night - I have a similar problem to you, with getting photos of the wardrobe challenge outfits. And then I thought - we're seeing each other at Crafty Foxes every second Wednesday anyway (with it's awesome decor), so we could get pics of each other's outfits then. And maybe we could meet for lunch/coffee on the alternate Wednesdays, and get photos in the daylight around the harbour. Whatcha reckon? Could be a Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge lunch group, haha!

Trees said...

Hey Ladies! Thanks for all your comments:)

SO much great advice & Yes Kat - lets sort out a Wednesday Wardrobe challenge lunch group!