Monday, May 09, 2011

Gifts from Asialand

Here's some recent gifts I've recieved from some of my lovely friends in asialand!

First of all here's some lovely things my friend Lisa bought me when she came to visit.

This cute big bow hairband - I have a lot of skull accessories, but this is my first skull headband. I really love it.

Next up is this kissing giraffe bracelet - this is my new favourite accessory. Super cute. Finally is this little Kuromi soap! I have had it for a while now but I just can't bring myself to use it. Although the wee Kuromi inside is actually a pencil topper so it won't melt away.

Next up are some goodies my friend Dani send me from Korea. A while back I sent her some Easter Eggs and she sent me some Hello Kitty cosmetics in return.

Here's my new Hello Kitty handcream and sparkly Hello Kitty eyeshadow. You can even see the inprint of kitty in the eyeshadow compact if you look carefully.
She also sent me a whole bunch of "service" items - basically in Korea when you buy cosmetics you get "service" which means you get a whole bunch of free samples when you buy something. Its pretty rad - I really miss it. Customer service in Korea is SO much better than here in New Zealand. I guess that's what happens when you have a big population and loads of competition. Finally - here's a portrait of me drawn by Dani - Super Kawaii.


Meghan Edge said...

I adore your kissing giraffes bracelet! HOW CUTE!

cb said...

wow what great gifts! i love the skull headband and that bracelet is just soo cute!


What Sadie Did said...

"service items" - I love that name!! :D Yeah we used to get stuff like that in the UK too - not allll the time but sometimes. I do love a freebie!

Cute presents!

Sadie x

Helga said...

Treats!! I love Asian goodies.
Ooo,hadn't realised you'd posted yesterday,loooove the Hello Kitty fairy bread!!! I would have swooned as a child,but hey,I'm swooning now! So bad but so good!
Broken Christchurch indeed-I was just looking at,it's a bit of a scary sight in places.

Trees said...

Meg - The giraffe bracelet is totally my favourite right now:) Lisa knows me so well! Funny thing is when she bought it in Taipei from a market stall a couple of Taiwanese girls were looking at these bracelets and couldn't work out how to open them;)

Cb - Both the bracelet & Headband rock pretty bad.

Sadie - Actually when Koreans say service, it usually comes out as "service-eeee". I love & miss Koreans!

Helga - I think the adults were more impressed by the fairy bread than most of the kiddies! That webcam is a bit of a shock - we have to get that lovely city of yours up and moving again. You know we'll be thinking of you up in Wellington.

Anonymous said...

These are all so beautiful!
I am really loving the bracelet ^_^