Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Post - Purple

Here we go - outfit post number two! This weeks wardrobe challenge was purple. I actually don't own many purple things - which is weird. I don't dislike purple or anything, I just don't seem to have many purple clothes.

But I do have a pink, purple and blue dress that I bought from The Fringe markets for about $10 one weekend. Here's the fabric.

Next - here's the dress (with me in it of course!). Its a shirt dress - although its hard to tell under the cardy.
The photo this week is taken by my friend Kat outside Meow Cafe where we have Crafty Foxes, our craft group every second Wednesday. I think the graffiti behind me is pretty rad. I love street art.

Kat and I have decided to do our outfit photos together each Wednesday - we are hoping that our photos and outfit posts will improve over time.

Last time I tried this whole outfit post thing, some more experienced bloggers told me it was a good idea to have some close up shots. So here we go! My "Little Ghost" brooch which is handmade by me, I like this guy a whole lot. I don't make accessories for myself that often - I usually end up making things for others or just giving them away. But I love this guy so much. Here's a photo of Kat and I inside Meow Cafe, where we have craft group, you can see a whole lot of her purple dress and pretty much none of mine - opps! But you do get to see some of our lovely Meow cafe - its delightfully vintage. I like it a lot. Finally - just for fun! Although my slip is showing in this pic - eek!

Outfit Deets:

Dress - Op shopped - Fringe Markets

Belt & Cardy - Glassons

Tights & Slip - Who Knows?

Little Ghost Brooch - Made by me

Black Necklace - Diva

Doc Martins - Bought in South Korea

I would love to hear your thoughts - hopefully these outfit posts will improve each week.

Our Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge for next week is the 1940's - which I have to admit will be a bit of a stretch for my wardrobe. If anyone has any tips for 1940's style I'd love to hear them.


Unknown said...

again - super cute! :D
if you make your pictures a bit bigger, we'll be able to see even more of the cuteness ^_^
Rosie xo

Meghan Edge said...

I love it. I just, I love it. Great outfit. ^_^

cb said...

you're wearing the ghost pin, so so cute!


What Sadie Did said...

Ooh you've improved LOADS! Yes, good idea with the detail shots - and next time perhaps a close up of the shoooes? :)

I missed it this week but came to work today and one girl is in head to toe purple as she missed it yday! Awesomeness!!!!

Sadie xx

Trees said...

Rosie - You are so right. When I saw these I thought they needed to be closer.

Meg - Thanks so much:)

Cb - So glad you like my little ghostie pin. I like him a whole bunch.

Sadie - Shoes close up - good idea! Glad you're home in Wellington. Looking forward to seeing you soon xoxox

Nikki Mortham said...

Diggin those boots! I wish there was a craft meet up here in Sacramento, I tried to organize one once, but I think it needs to be more of a weekly event that involves booze... then girls would REALLY come out!

Trees said...

nikkibit - Thanks so much! I love my boots:) I need more boots for this winter.