Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Melbourne, its been a while!

I have been thinking of visiting Melbourne over the past few months, I really want to catch up with my cousin Mel before her wedding. I also want to see one of my best friends Alaina that I haven't seen since 2008! I also want to catch up with my dear crafty friend Gracie.

As it turns out, today Air New Zealand was having a sale on Trans Tasman flights (for two days only!) with $150 off all flights to Australia. I just couldn't resist!

Some come September I shall jetting over to Melbourne - I can't wait!

Here's a few photos of my 2008 visit to Melbourne - its such an amazing city. I love it!

I may soon have to admit that I am a bit of a travel junkie - there are worse vices to have though!


Helga said...

Woohoo! I've never been to Melbourne,but I have heard nothing but good about that city!
G is going to be going to Adelaide for work,so I will have to try a jaunt over there,as I haven't been there either!AND I'm an Aussie!I ought to be ashamed!
Travel is a GREAT bug to have!

Meghan Edge said...

That does look like an amazing city. So fun that you get to visit again!

Trees said...

Helga - You would love Melbourne - its FABULOUS!! Although I am sure I will put on at least a kilo whilst I am there....SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!

Let me know how Adelaide goes - Its on my list of places to visit across the ditch:)

Meg - In my humble opinion - its the best Australian city :D

samecookiesdifferent said...

nice :)
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Victoria said...

Oh how exciting for you, I bet you can't wait. Lovely pictures too sweets xxx