Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Cupcake Machine

First of all - thanks so much for all the comments on my last post! So delighted to recieve so much love for my crafting.

But today I want to share my new toy - my cupcake machine - "Pattie". I didn't name it "Pattie" the good people at Sunbeam did.

In our flat we don't have a regular oven, only a little convection oven. I know you can use a convection oven for baking but I just don't like using it that much. So I decided to buy a Pattie (plus it only cost me $50 on Trade Me).

Here's my first batch of cupcakes in the machine before I shut the lid - it only takes about 10-15 minutes to cook them. Here's my first batch of super pink and sparkly cupcakes!


Meghan Edge said...

What a neat little machine! If I still lived in my old place I would totally have bought one of those (studio= tiny kitchen)

cb said...

what in the what?!?!? a cupcake machine! they have thought of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so amazing i think i might die!!!!!


What Sadie Did said...

Great pink decos - very pretty! Did they taste nice too? :)

Sadie x

Trees said...

Meg - Our kitchen is so tiny, so I love this little machine.

cb - I pretty much had the same reaction when I found out about the cupcake machine.

Sadie - Yes that tasted great - maybe we should have a craft gathering based around Pattie. Cooking and decorating cupcakes:D

Unknown said...

i would live on cupcakes i think. tehe :D
Rosie xo

Lisa said...

A cupcake machine!! I am stunned. This is awesome.

Trees said...

I know - serious - who knew this much awesome existed in the world?