Saturday, May 14, 2011

It makes me giggle

It seems that blogger is doing all kinds of weird things right now - including deleting some of my comments! So if you left me a comment and its not here - its not because I don't want it to be, its because the internet ate it!

Now on to something completely different, at the moment the NZ International Comedy Festival is on in Wellington. Last week we went to see my friend Hilare, who was taking part in a "freshmeat" comedy show called On a Boat. I saw Hiliare in town last night and she told me that they have been asked back to do more shows. So if you live in Wellington look out for it!

Last night we went to another show buy a local Wellingtonian - Beyond Emotion - Matt Mulholland. Which was pretty darned hilarous, basically he just sings a whole bunch of silly songs. He also plays the recorder - I forgot how horrible the recorder is!

My fried Shelley first told me about this guy - I was introduced via his version of Rebecca Blacks "Friday". I am no fan of Miss Black, but his version is well worth a listen. Seriously.


Helga said...

Darling,I'm a cock and missed that first ever outfit post on the day!
I love it!You look gorgeous,and the frock is heavenly!!!
Ha,didn't it freak us all out,blogger being offline and generally weird beforehand!?
Comedy fest=FUN!!

Trees said...

Aww.. thanks Helga - a long way to go before I reach the level of your outfit post awesomeness though!

Becky said...

That ice cream necklace is totally cute!

Trees said...

Isn't it adorable! Thanks for your comment xoxo