Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Birds

Today's Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was "Birds" - I do have one frock with birds on it, but I put it onto day and I realised I just don't love it. So straight onto the clothes swap pile it goes! 

Instead I wore a dress which has a pattern that kind of reminds me of feathers and I added some bird accessories. I don't think this photo of me is the best - but sometimes you just got to work with what you've got!
I added some bird themed accessories - a brooch and a necklace.

I was very lucky today - I received a Valentines package from Alicia,
including stickers, chocolate and jelly beans (oh and Hello Kitty of course)

You read that right folks - smokehouse BBQ potato chips chocolate! We haven't tried it yet, but it is intriguing. 


Shoes - Number 1 Shoes
Tights - Glassons
Dress - From a Clothes Swap Party
Belt - The Warhouse
Brooch - Bought in Whanganui
Necklace - Gift from Rich


alicia said...

so many things i love about this post!

first of all, i love that dress and the swallow accessories! i have swallows on my wedding ring and a swallow tattoo! ahhhhh!!! that necklace is amaze!

i'm SO happy your package arrived! i think it's a rule that i can't send you a package WITHOUT hello kitty! the jelly belly tin was a particularly exciting find! i hope you and rich enjoy the chocolate - i couldn't resist the packaging!

happy valentine's day!!!


Vix said...

That is a fabulous dress, love the retro print! Your necklace is gorgeous, too. x

Monsterchen said...

ooooh i loooove psychodelic prints! what a beautiful dress darling! and the necklace is amazing too!
big kiss,mary

Helga said...

Love love LOVE that print!
I don't have anything with birds on it either! How remiss of me! Damn.

Unknown said...

I'm wearing birds today!

Love your necklace darling - and YAY for VD treats!!!

Sarah xxx

Wait Until The Sunset said...

I love that brooch! Gorgeous! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh well, if the frock doesn't feel right, it simply MUST go!! I always think of it as a gift to someone who will love it just as much and me, but the colour/fit etc might be better on her. Win-win:). I do think this lovely green number certainly does look like it's printed with feathers and you've done beautifully with that STUNNING brooch!! I would love to have a gander at the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge, where do I find the link for it hon? xoxo

Curtise said...

I love the print on your dress and your birdy accessories.
I can't say the idea of that chocolate is filling me with joy, but I look forward to hearing your review! xxxx

Penny-Rose said...

I think thats really cool to see the feather pattern in the dress as inspiration for your outfit - pity the bird dress in the swap pile but I love this outfit. Birds and swallows are very romantic - hope you have a great day!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I actually think that chocolate could be really nice Trees, I love chocolate covered pretzels, they're addictive, and I imagine it will have that savoury and sweet kick too. Your dress has a peacock feathery feel to it I think, and I love your necklace and brooch, you always have really cute accessories! xx

MILEX said...

I like your way of thinking