Monday, October 24, 2011

13 Days of Halloween Swap - Part II

Its time to share more amazing Halloween goodies with you all - here's some more of my Halloween swap with Vany.

What's inside? MUCH chocolate! I am going to set aside most of these goodies for Christmas. I especially love the "Ritter Sport" chocolate, Vany has send me this brand a few times now and its awesome. I also love dark chocolate and she has included pretty much all dark chocolate. DAY FOUR

On day four I received these amazing wee skeletons all handmade by Vany using those fusing beads. I bought a set of these once but I never managed to make anything quite so epic as a skeleton! Unfortunately the white skeletons leg got damaged on his way from Germany to New Zealand, but I can fix it easily - I love these guys. I strung them all up together in our hallway - they are a permanent fixture, not just a Halloween decoration.

Here's the packaging for day five - which I love! I just knew from the zebra print it was going to be AMAZING!
So day 5 wasn't too creepy but it was full of something else I LOVE - Hello Kitty goodies. However, Vany did manage to find a creepy kitty pez dispenser and charm. Vany also left a special note for Rich on Hello Kitty Day - to acknowledge his further descent into Hello Kitty Hell.

Today I received four amazing handmade zombie bookmarks - I haven't had a decent bookmark in literally YEARS and I always end up using a bus ticket, envelope, flier or whatever else I can find lying around so these bookmarks will make for some happy books.
I love the beads on the bookmarks!
It was hard to pick a favourite - but I think I like this one best of all!
Finally the note that came with the bookmarks - it made me smile.

That brings you all up to date with my swap package so far - I can't wait to find out what else is inside. I love surprises!


Vix said...

Those gifts are just fabulous! The skeletons and the zombie bookmarks are such cool things to have. x

Kendy P said...

the perler skeletons are awesome!

alicia said...

such a fun idea!!! i LOVE the pez dispenser! you have more halloween treats coming, but they'll probably be there in mid november... :S

cb said...

i LOVE the skeleton garland! i used to love using those plastic beads! i didn't know they still made them! how AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Haha this is so cool! What the heck do you guys do for Christmas?! It must be a present fest!

What Sadie Did said...

This girl puts all of my craft swapping to SHAME!! She has come up with some amazing ideas!! Those skeletons are fab, glad they're a permanent fixture!!

Sadie x

Trees said...

@ Vix - I love them both! I shall never be short of a bookmark again:)

@ Missmuffcake - Pearler Beads! I was wondering what they were called. We can't buy them in the shops here, but now I can look them up on ebay.

@Alcia - How AWESOME is the pez dispenser? I can't wait for my Halloween treats, I love creepy things all year round so I am happy whenever they turn up:)

@Cb - I know how cool are these beads, now I know what they are I shall hunt some down on the internets:)

@Cosmia - We don't usually do Christmas - although perhaps I can convince Vany to do a Christmas swap with me -fun!

@Sadie - Vany is pretty much my craft idol - I want to be like her when I grow up!

Jamie said...

The zombie bookmarks are amazing!!

Trees said...

@ Jamie - I know and its actually quite a simple idea too! All I need is a laminating machine:D